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COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – It’s an event that could temporarily double the Midlands’ population. On Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, people in and around the Columbia area will experience a rare phenomenon.

At 2:41 p.m., total darkness will set in and the temperature outside will plunge. During that afternoon, Columbia will be in the moon’s shadow for about 2 minutes and 36 seconds, as the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. The area will experience the longest period of 100 percent total solar eclipse for a metro area on the entire East Coast.

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“The astronomy community here in Columbia, and really the entire country, is going nuts over this,” Matthew Whitehouse of the South Carolina State Museum Observatory said.

“Experts estimate that this total solar eclipse will be the most watched eclipse in the history of the world as we know it,” the Columbia area’s “Total Eclipse Weekend” website reports. “It will be the first total solar eclipse to make a path all the way across the U.S. in 99 years, while the last total solar eclipse to pass over a portion of the continental U.S. was in February 1979.”

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Only a handful of spots in the entire country will have a good view, and Columbia is one of them.

“Only those in the ‘path of totality’ will have the extremely rare, awe-inspiring experience of witnessing a 100 percent total eclipse,” the website reports.

Columbia is directly in that path, and Midlands tourism officials are already planning a full weekend of events ahead of the eclipse.

Merritt McNeely, the South Carolina State Museum’s Marketing Director, expects the eclipse’s economic impact for the Midlands could be “bigger than football” and could create “the largest economic impact the city has ever seen.”

She said NASA has told the State Museum and other coordinators that the eclipse could attract a million additional people to South Carolina. McNeely and others are hoping to lure the majority of those people to the greater Columbia area.

McNeely said other areas of the state, like Charleston and Greenville, will experience the eclipse. But, she said the duration of darkness will be larger in Columbia.

The website reports that only a few small communities in the Central United States will experience the eclipse for a longer period of time (by roughly five seconds) than Columbia.

Ultimately, it’s a short event that Whitehouse and others have been anticipating for years.

“Excitement level is just ramping up and ramping up as we get closer to the time,” Whitehouse said. “It’s really kind of now, as we cross into the New Year here in the next few weeks, really ramping up to fever pitch.”?

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PAUL BEGLEY (Preacher) reveals prophecy 2017

Sun Transit In Gemini 2017 (June 14, 2017) – Unveil Its Impact On You

In Vedic Astrology, Sun is also referred to as ‘Ravi’ or ‘Surya’. Administering the sign Leo, Sun is exalted in the sign Aries and is debilitated in the sign Libra. Sun is also called as ‘ATMAKARAKA’ ; Atma means ‘soul’ and Karaka means ‘indicator’. So being the indicator of soul, Sun is the giver of life. The planet Sun exemplifies father, status, respect, power, ego, heart and the eyes. The planet Sun gives us spark and immunity to stand firm in the adverse situations. It is the planet Sun which is responsible for our physical built or the personality. Sun gives will power, intellect, wisdom, prosperity, and wealth.

Sun transit in Gemini 2017

On 15th of June 2017 at 05:47 AM, Sun will enter the Gemini zodiac and will be positioned in the same till 16:38 PM on 16th of July, 2017. This transit of Sun in Gemini would have a significant impact on all the 12 zodiac signs. So let us have a glance over the impact of this transit on all the zodiac signs.

Know about the planet of optimism and individuality: Planet SUN.

The below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign. Calculate yours through: Moon sign Calculator

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें


Considering the Aries sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your 3rd house. During this transit period, there might be an upswing in your determination. Your aggression at work might not help you in achieving your milestone, so try to be calm and composed. There might be some health issues to your siblings. Moreover, you might get indulged in some virtuous pursuits. There might be some differences in you and your father’s opinions. It would be your sincere efforts that would help you in earning. A start of a new relationship is probable. During this transit period, your love life would improve after some confusions.

REMEDY: Worship your ancestors with utmost devotion.



Contemplating the Taurus sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your 2nd house. During this transit period, your earnings would increase and you might receive gains through land or property. You need to be calm and composed, as bitterness in your speech might lead you in hot waters. In this transit period, yours and your spouse’s health might decline. Moreover, you might have some issues within your family. You need to take proper care of your diet and hygiene. Apart from this, you might receive gains by renting out your property.

REMEDY: Worship little girls as goddess and take their blessings.



Analysing the Gemini sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your own sign. This transit would bring about aggression in your behaviour and harshness in your speech. Therefore, you need to be calm and composed, as it might affect your relationship. There might be some tiffs in your marital life, and you might dominate your spouse. During this transit period, your health might decline and fever, headache might occur. Your siblings would support you and they would enjoy their progress in their lives.

REMEDY: Donate jaggery on Sunday.



Assessing the Cancer sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your 12th house. During this transit period, you might go abroad or you might plan for the same. You would supercede your opponents and legal cases might fall in your favour. In this transit period, huge expenses is presaged. You should not avoid any of the minor health issues, as it might trouble you. Moreover, health issues to spouse is also probable. Apart from this, you might also invest somewhere in abroad.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him wheat grains.



Pondering over the Leo sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your 11th house. During this transit period, huge gains are probable. You would witness an enhancement in your social status. You would also enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. In this transit period, your relations with the eminent people of the society would get established and you would receive benefits through them. You might also receive gains through government. Trouble and problems in love matters is also presaged. Moreover, children might feel pretty irritated and may get down as far as their health is concerned.

Remedy: Apply saffron tilak on your forehead.



Observing the Virgo sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your 10th house. During this transit period, a higher position at workplace is presaged which would indicate an elevation in your professional status. You might receive gains through foreign collaboration or you might get work in MNC’s in a foreign country. Probability of tiffs in your domestic life is there, and health of your parents might get considerably affected. In this transit period, you might have to work hard and you might give your priority to your work.

REMEDY: Chant Surya Mantra before 8 Am everyday.



Deeming the Libra sign, it can be inferred that Sun will move into your 9th house. During this transit period, there would be a rise in your income and this time period would be favourable for your father. In this transit period, long journeys would prove to be beneficial for you. Moreover, you would experience a rise in your name and fame during this transit period. You would also experience an elevation in your professional status. However, there might be some issues with siblings, but your determination would be pretty high. Apart from this, gains from government or government officials is also presaged.

REMEDY: Offer water to God Sun.


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Considering the Scorpio sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your 8th house. During this transit period, you must take better care of your health. There is a probability that any perineal disease might develop and you need to avoid chillies, spicy and oily food. Harshness in the speech of your spouse might increase, so you need to refrain yourself from getting into arguments. Tiffs in your family is presaged and undesired travelling is also probable. In this transit period, you might experience loss of money and you would go through the ups & downs as far as your career is concerned. Moreover, you need to work hard in order to remain in the vision of your seniors.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and offer him jaggery.



Contemplating the Sagittarius sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your 7th house. During this transit period, you would have gains through your spouse. Your social status would get enhanced and also you would receive gains through the government. In this transit period, you would get the support of your seniors. Ego clashes in your marital life is presaged, and if you are planning for love marriage then you might get success in that after going through big disputes and problems. Moreover, health issues to spouse is probable. This transit period would bring about an elevation in your professional status.

REMEDY: Offer water to God Sun in a copper vessel and mix kumkum in it.



Esteeming the Capricorn sign, it can be said that Sun will move into your 6th house. During this transit period, you would be pretty exuberant and high spirited. You would dominate your enemies and opponents, and they may not even dare to confront you. During this transit period, you may be able to pay your debts or loans. Moreover, you might get affected by one of the perineal diseases. In this time period, you need to drive carefully, as injuries might happen. Also, your expenses would increase, but you would be able to get away with legal cases. You need to abstain yourself from getting indulged in any kind of dispute. You would be successful at your workplace if you would work hard.

REMEDY: Feed ox on Sundays with wheat grains and jaggery.

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Taking the Aquarius sign into account, it can be said that Sun will move into your 5th house. There might be some health issues to the children in this transit period. Ego clash and quarrels in your love matters is also presaged. You might think of giving a name to your relationship, but it would be a tough call and you would have to face opposition as well. Your spouse would receive huge gains and also you might think of changing your job. Moreover, health complications might trouble you.

REMEDY: Donate copper on Sundays.



Observing the Pisces sign, it can be deduced that Sun will move into your 4th house. During this transit period, there might be tiffs in your domestic life and also there might be some health issues to your parents. There might be ego clash at your workplace, but you would be able to cope up with all the challenges with your firm determination. Your spouse might gain in position or authority at her workplace. Moreover, you might try to dominate others at your home, and this could create some issues. But on the contrary, this transit period would be a progressive period for you as far as your career is concerned.

REMEDY: Donate wheat on Sunday.


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We at AstroSage, hope to have helped you to reveal the mystery of this transit and how it would pan out for you.!!

NATO 2017

​”Sed alia fuere, quae illos magnos fecere, quae nobis nulla sunt: domi industria, foris iustum imperium, animus in consulendo liber, neque delicto neque lubidini obnoxius”

Translated (from Latin into English)

“But there were other things, things that made them great, which we do not possess at all: work at home, in the streets of a just rule, the mind in the way of counsel, a free man, incapable of crime or misconduct, be liable to “


PAUL BEGLEY (Preacher) reveals prophecy 2017 

ANONYMOUS WARRIORS (Memo to Future Generations…)


Did you NOT remember the sign Virgo and the position of the sun in that sign at the time is the reason for this “METAPHOR?”

Step OUTSIDE of the box!

Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this area on average between August 23 and September 22, and under the sidereal zodiac the sun transits the constellation of Virgo from September 17 to October 17. So you are right. This is why.



18 Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! to what end is it for you? the day of the Lord is darkness, and not light.

19 As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him.

20 Shall not the day of the Lord be darkness, and not light? even very dark, and no brightness in it?

21 I hate, I despise your feast days, and I will not smell in your solemn assemblies.

22 Though ye offer me burnt offerings and your meat offerings, I will not accept them: neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts.

23 Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs; for I will not hear the melody of thy viols.

24 But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.

25 Have ye offered unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel?

26 But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

27 Therefore will I cause you to go into captivity beyond Damascus, saith the Lord, whose name is The God of hosts.




Trump walls? Israel walls? BUILD BRIDGES (Hoover Dam/Thor rainbow bridge)

HOROSCOPE 5/22/2017 Bridge 





thursday, new moon in gemini 4, venus

Can the droopy lip so-serious  possible purchase a huge beaker full of your awesome energy? oh yeh,  it wouldnt do any good anyway. We travel a solitary tao journey, narrow at the top of the mountain, room only for 1. Thank you for the reminder. Namaste Starseed Siblings

I’m seriously vexed over the fact that no1 has commented something beautiful about this knowledge presented so beautifully done. What happened? Are sheeple so perplexed they cannot comprehend or is it the fact of  ignorance is Bliss, therefore the genius teacher group of spiritually enlightened divine sign/symbol reading language cyphers the ONLY beings making the attempt, as warriors of original truth, to heal this planet the sheeple call home?

Jeremiah 1:5/John 17/Matthew 13; Psalms 69:8/Acts 2:17-21 

we are NOT of this world and we are hated. Wake UP sheeple!



DAVINCI CODE (scene Friday 13th Knights Templar) 


​NUMEROLOGY 5/22/2017- Friday 13th (Templars burned @ the stake/knowledge hidden vs Revelations REVEALING)

Thursday, May 25th

Venus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, both at 19°

12:44 PM – New Moon at 4° of Gemini

Sunday, May 28th

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces, both at 14°

Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, both at 25°

Life is equally inspiring as it is painful. Equally full of truths as it is deceit. Equally as loving as it is brutal.

This week the new moon in Gemini asks us to understand the importance of witnessing life in all its diversity. From every side. Angle. Dimension. It reminds us of the wisdom we miss out on when we forget to investigate a situation.

Pain can be prohibitive to our education at times. Biology tells us to recoil when an open wound is touched, and our psychology often follows this formula. However, we must learn to push past the survival brain’s signals sometimes so that we can get to the deeper meaning that a situation holds.   

This week gives us plenty of opportunities to put this kind of reasoning to use. On Thursday, the day of the new moon, Venus squares Pluto. As the planet associated with love, beauty and cultivating connection lands in a tense square to Pluto, the planet associated with the underworld and long-lasting transformations, we catch a glimpse of what heartbreak can damage when left unhealed. This is a quick transit, but the sometimes hellish realms of Pluto have a lasting effect. Deep feelings arise with this transit, feelings that may have been unconscious until this point. Feelings that may be overwhelming in their intensity. Feelings that can be destructive to react to, but extremely constructive and informative to pay attention to.

When we transform our relationship to something, the very nature of the partnership changes.

As Venus goes through hard times, so too does its current ruler, Mars. The weekend ends on a particularly tough note as Mars opposes Saturn late Sunday night. As the two planets that tend to cause us the greatest pain, as well as help us to achieve the greatest productivity, come to a stand off, we are asked to balance the meanings of both. Mars is the red hot planet of movement, courage, and bravado. Saturn is the cool-headed planet of tradition, austerity, dignity and discipline. Mars says go. Saturn says stay. Mars interjects. Saturn rejects. Mars inflames. Saturn calcifies. When they come into a hard aspect with one another the tension is tremendous, as are the contradictions.

But both planets together have the ability to teach us an invaluable amount about being determined enough to stay the course of our lives, no matter the challenges we face on it. Both planets together ask us to conjure up a conviction that cannot be countered. Both planets together ask what is worth this kind of mighty effort.

Building the world as we know it could be, glorious and free, takes an act of defiance so great we need to know that there is no other option for us. Mars and Saturn help us to clarify the importance of each struggle, making it impossible to ignore our mission and clearly foolish to fight for anything less.

*This week’s horoscopes are written affirmation style to be used as a means of working with new moon. Please change the words as you see fit so that the affirmation rings true for you. meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest. If you find inspiration here we love and appreciate donations. If you want to share this work you must quote it and link it to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around, we really appreciate it and you!

Aries & Aries Rising

Thursday’s new moon wants to remind me that my schedule might be a little more chaotic than it needs to be. It reminds me to pair back what is non-essential. It reminds me that roadblocks need to be respected. It reminds me that detours need to be dealt with.

If I am being rerouted I know it’s for the best. If I am being stopped completely I know it’s time to rest. If I am being challenged to let go of some activities for the sake of my health, I know it’s a temporary adjustment to respect.

I’m not in the business of burning out just to feel important. Busy isn’t boss if it’s just running around because I have been asked to. I take charge of my schedule for the benefit of my entire life. Work. Relationships. Emotional, physical and psychological health.

This week my relationships might need a little extra attention. This week I might need a little extra support. This week my moods might make it important to give myself a time out. Getting to the heart of an issue can be like that. Getting to the core of a partnership dynamic is hard work. Getting to the underlying emotional issues that influence my ability to experience intimacy in all of my relationships is intense. It’s cause for reflection and may mean I need a little time for recuperation. I’m channeling energy that wants to delve deep into relationship dynamics and I respect the need to balance that with light-hearted, self-loving activities.

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Care is my greatest currency. I generously spend it. Cultivate it. Allow it to seep into every aspect of what I do, who I am and how I live my life.

Even when life feels a little ruthless. Even when abundance seems to evaporate. Even when there is no proof that life cares for me back. I remember that with care I can create anything. With care I create everything. Without care I can win things, but I will carelessly spend the prize, leaving me feeling emptier than when I started.

I let care guide my recovery. Thursday’s full moon asks me to remember my worth. Regardless of who proclaims their love for me. Regardless of how much I am still working on manifesting, healing and revealing. Diamonds are made from pressure. I use whatever pressure I am under to focus on the brilliance of what it can produce within me.

This new moon is asking me to recognize the way in which I might devalue this process, making it harder to appreciate its process and eventually accept its riches. This new moon is asking me to purge the ways of relating to my life that keep me feeling disempowered. This new moon is asking me to truly value my contributions, without need for outside approval. This new moon is asking me what pressure I need to apply to some of my life goals going forward, so that I feel the urgency of rising to their challenge.

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

I have learned from my elders, peers and companions not to enter into a debate about my right to exist. I have learned from my elders, peers and companions not to beg for acceptance, but to accept myself as a work in progress. I have learned from my elders, peers and companions that the only gaze I should be trying to catch is my own unconditionally loving one.

I have learned that it is better to relentlessly strive towards the most authentic expression of myself than to try and be like anyone else. Therefore I take Thursday’s new moon as an invitation to recommit to that marathon. Endurance is a greater gift than a single success, so I commit to cultivating more of it during this new moon. I am not afraid of the work of becoming. I do not expect only praise and ease along my path. I know that there are moments in life that seek to thicken my skin. I know that there are moments in life that seek to soften my heart. I know that there are moments in life that can do both simultaneously.

This is one of those moments.

I thank all of Creation that I am psychologically ambidextrous. I can learn to let negativity roll off me, while letting the appreciation sent to me sink in deeply. I can let the lessons of my life be just that, lessons, not life-long penalties for the growing pains that I must go through. I allow myself time to sort through what feels challenging. I accept the call to use the challenges I face to get a better grip on my ability to meet them and stay focused on my pursuing my goals. Great things lie ahead, no matter the obstacles in front of them.

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

My greatest strength comes from within. It comes from an ability to know how to listen to my life and learn what I can from the signs that I receive. Knowing when to act is as important as knowing when to slow down and be patient. Knowing when to push myself to my limits is as important as knowing when to back off before I burn out. Knowing when I am not fully conscious about what is bothering me gives me the opportunity to check in, instead of acting out.

Thursday’s new moon wants to help me manifest better self-care strategies. So I cultivate ones that help me to reach and exceed the goals I have set for myself in my work. I cultivate ones that help me to remember the things that I need to have in place in order to reach and exceed those goals. I cultivate ones that help me to acknowledge the psychological strength that it takes to redefine my story for myself.

Thursday’s new moon wants to make sure that I am not carrying forward any unhelpful tales about my weakness or my invulnerability. I am resilient and impacted. Durable and sensitive. Structurally sound and susceptible to the instability of emotional earthquakes. I am earth and I am light. Thursday’s new moon reminds me of all the ways in which I am now able to take care of my body, mind and spirit. I have survived a lifetime of lessons. I value them by making sure I take extremely good care of myself so that I can integrate their wisdom in all I do.

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Leo & Leo Rising

Thursday’s new moon initiates my friendships and partnerships into a new cycle of growth. What I want to manifest in this area of my life needs to be met by my ability to understand the limits, boundaries and contexts of each partnership. Each person. Each hope and dream I have for these collaborations.

The dreams that I want to make manifest must be met with an uncompromising courage and a sense of relentless patience. This is a moment that calls for an incredible strength of character. This is a moment that calls for my commitment to the process. This is a moment that asks me if I am willing to fight with all that I’ve got, for what I want, knowing it might not come about in my lifetime. Can I be that generous? Can I have that kind of faith? Am I able to sacrifice my immediate gratification for my long-term ideals?

I seek out futures that will make me proud to have lived in pursuit of them. I seek out the people that persist towards the same kind of destiny. A destiny that has a longer road than we can travel across in this lifetime, but a road that leads to a life of fulfillment, meaning and purpose nonetheless.

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Thursday’s new moon is an invitation to refresh my relationship to my career. It asks me what I am willing to work for. Work really hard for. It asks me what I am willing to give up for my career, and what I am not. It asks me to pursue what I have an intense desire to accomplish and has me pausing to contemplate what is more work than it is worth.

Thursday’s new moon makes clear the kind of passion that I need in order to move through the obstacles that precede me. Thursday’s new moon reminds me to call on the power of the accomplishments of my elders, ancestors and trailblazers in my lineage. It reminds me that I am not in this alone and that I do not do this for myself alone. Whenever in doubt I must remember to call on their memory, surrounding myself with their words, their stories and their encouragement. Incredibly difficult things have always been accomplished by incredibly strategic minds and incredibly determined hearts. I call on that kind of strength to guide me. I call on that kind of wisdom to walk with me. I call on that kind of vision when I have a hard time imagining ways forward. I don’t have to know how I’ll live this out. I just have to know that it’s my destiny to do so.

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Libra & Libra Rising

I ignore the gravity of expectations, giving myself the freedom to fly my way. I honor the effort that it takes to live my life my way, never underestimating the energy I’ve got to give out in order to do so. I refuse to have my life’s path dictated to me, I’ll find my own way, honoring the stamina I need to succeed.

I use Thursday’s new moon to recommit to the plans that can stand the test of time. I use Thursday’s new moon to appreciate the fact that not all journeys are meant to last, but the one’s that are take a tremendous amount of determination. I acknowledge the fact that Thursday’s new moon is inviting me to get clear on what I am focused on bringing about, and what I actually don’t want to put forth that much effort for. 

Who accompanies me along this journey becomes a sacred part of it. The relationship lessons that come up for me now need witnessing. They contain kernels of truth that I don’t want to pass by. These heart-sensitive issues make themselves known so that I can understand the work that needs doing. I willingly release myself from needing to get relationships right, and instead do my best to get as sincere as I can about how I show up for them. 

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

I start the movements that I most want to join. I collaborate with folks that respond to these calls to action. I work on what I know I need to, whether the powers that be have given me pessimism or permission. I give myself the authorization I need to succeed.

Anything less would be blasphemy.

Thursday’s new moon resets the potential of my partnerships. I can give myself permission all day long, but if that kind of freedom doesn’t extend past myself, I’m left without a system of supportive souls to work with. I am interested in collaborating with those that are invested in evolving. I am interested in collaborating with those that are invested in a future built on mutual freedom. I am interested in collaborating with those that are invested in sustainable growth and expansion.

I use Thursday’s new moon to address any difficulties that come up with with my current collaborators. I do this to be fair. I do this to be honest. I do this so that I can be clear about who is here to build this movement with me and who here is unable to do so.     

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

I put effort into the relationships that can commit to the unending effort it takes to build and sustain progressive partnerships. Any union worth its weight will demand a rigorous effort. Any union worth its weight will call on all parties to come to the problems they face with hearts ready to search for solutions. Any union worth its weight will keep me feeling held by the fact that honesty is a necessity. 

Under this week’s astrology, the unions that have no weight reveal their flimsy faults without fail.  And that’s alright by me. 

I side-step any wars that others try to wage by tackling issues that arise promptly. Not all people are able to deal with all problems, however. I do what I can with the people in question, but I don’t question the fact that some folks aren’t yet psychologically structured to cope with the truth. In those circumstances I do the work that I need to on myself, for myself. If I can’t get right with you, I start by getting right with me. I know that when I do my own healing it shifts everything that gets in the way of my progress. I trust that process. I listen for the cues to move and to pause. Pausing moves me inward, which is still progressive movement towards solution.

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

My projects need my patience. My mental, emotional, and physical wellness need my caring commitment. My ability to strategize around difficulties I face in my work is a life-saving coping mechanism which I will generously employ this week. 

I promise to not burn myself out by forcing solutions that don’t work. I promise not to punish my body by working past its limits. Especially when my work load feels punishingly hefty. I promise to be gentle with myself, especially if things get hard.  

Thursday’s new moon wants me to reset my commitment to working through the issues at work that need a little extra attention. I patiently delineate between the opportunity to apply my determined ambition to a situation and the opportunity to refrain from using up all my energy in pursuit of what I don’t have enough passion for in the first place.

This week I awaken my steely resolve to put my healing first. I will watch for and interrupt any propensity to push past problems and force a solution. I commit to researching the issues that I face. I promise to gather the information that I can and I vow to be patient when I am not sure what to do next.

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

My creative self-expression is not worth pursuing if I am not able to be authentically me. Being authentic takes work. It takes commitment to push back against the voices of conformity. It takes a commitment to myself to outshine the dullness of comparison. It takes a fierce commitment to myself to remain honest enough to move through the dishonesty of wanting to be respectable. 

I might worry that I am never going to fit in. I might worry that I am weird. I might worry that I am different. I am all of these things, but I don’t need to worry about it.

I am my own kind of intelligent. I am my own kind of loving. I am my own kind of creative. I am my own kind of creature and I own that completely. I set myself free to see what being me might bring about. I choose to create a world where that kind of honesty is met with more of the same. I relieve myself of the pressure of having to create my life the “right way” and instead challenge myself to create it in the most genuine way that I can. I am grateful to Thursday’s new moon for helping to reveal some of what stands in the way of me pursuing my truth and for showing me how to relentlessly move towards it.  

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Thursday’s new moon reminds me of the commitment that it takes to build and maintain the foundations of my life. Ground is easy to take for granted. My inner-life is easy to leave last on the list of important things to take care of but m roots need reserves of water and rich soil to draw from. I remember to offer these to myself.

I use Thursday’s new moon to get clear on what my self-care currently requires of me. I make peace with where I am at. With myself. With my life. With the deeper issues that are hard to resolve. I don’t have to be above any aspect of my process. I am not here to try and be fancier than my feelings. I don’t have to understand exactly why something bothers me, but accepting that it does is the first step to understanding why it does.  

This week asks me to balance home and high hopes. It asks me to balance hard work and tough love. It asks me to work as hard on my inner life as I do on my outer success. And vice versa. This week asks the difficult questions that require my decisive dedication to the solutions that will help my family life and my career trajectory. I dedicate my energy and my heart equally to both. 

*This Thursday’s new moon in Gemini is the perfect new moon to learn how to use astrology as a tool for living life in accordance with the universe. I’ve got astrological readings and new moon rituals specific to each sign in New Moon Manifestations: The New Moon in Gemini & the Astrology of the Lunar Cycle from May 25th – June 22nd.

AI (Artificial Intel)= Go! (Go-ogle= Gog & “Ma”-gog/ “EL” (mesengers=angels)

Everybody just wants the Star Trekcomputer.

We all know how it works: an ambient AI that’s available everywhere, knows nearly everything, and is responsive to our personal needs and desires. It’s always listening, yet it respects our privacy. It’s a computer you don’t need to think about because no matter how you interact with it — voice, typing, or touch — it just does what you want.

That’s exactly what Google is trying to build.

It’s just that, like Star Trek, the future is barely hinted at by our current reality.

All of the updates to the Google Assistant announced today at Google I/O are just hints. Taken individually, they look a little like the Assistant is playing catch-up: a feature here, support for a new device there, a new developer API over on the side. Assistant is becoming available on the iPhone. Google Home can make outgoing calls. There’s new camera and keyboard features. You can buy stuff directly. And a long list of other minor additions.

Each individual thing is a small convenience today, but none of them — or even all of them taken together — come anywhere close to the Starship Enterprise. But step back and you can see the foundation coming together. Instead of trying to rush out big promises about the future, Google’s relentless machine is taking a surprisingly measured approach to building the Assistant, betting that AI will slowly overtake everything over time instead of falling into place all at once.

It’s an approach shaped by fierce competition and early missteps. Google wants to be everywhere, including the iPhone, and it’s willing to fight a long fight to get there.

The machine is learning.

  Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

The iPhone revolution taught us one good lesson and one potentially bad one about how technological change happens.

The good lesson: it solidified the cliche that revolutions in computers are driven by a change in the user interface. The command line meant users could see the results of their code immediately. The mouse made those computers widely accessible to non-experts. Multitouch created a world of powerful, always-connected devices that fit in our pockets.

In each of these cases, the revolution happened because the gap between input and output got smaller. Interface changes didn’t just make computing faster, they made it more immediate, literally removing layers of mediation between you and the computer. The command line meant you didn’t have to wait for your punch card to get processed. The mouse meant you could just point to what you wanted. And multitouch on the smartphone meant that the very thing you’re tapping — the screen — is the thing that presents information to you. You’re touching the information itself.

Two of those three input revolutions were popularized by Apple. With Assistant, Google is trying to lay claim to the next one: creating an interface out of AI. If you just look at the new features of Assistant individually, you might miss that they’re just emergent features of a larger vision — reducing the gap between input and output to a mere sliver.

The Google Assistant is meant to someday supplant the icons and text boxes and swipes you currently use, but the AI and machine learning behind it are going to do more than just give you answers: they’re going to participate in the interface itself.

In a sense, every input revolution was a reduction in the abstraction between you and what the computer is “thinking.” With an intelligent assistant, instead of thinking how the interface works or what app you might need, the AI just does it for you. The metaphorical distance between what the computer is doing (AI) and what you’re doing (interacting with the computer) will approach zero.

Which brings us to the possibly bad lesson the iPhone taught us: that technological revolutions happen quickly. Smartphones took over so fast and so pervasively it made our collective heads spin. But that pace might have been a one-time fluke. It has made us expect intelligent assistants like the Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana to develop and take over at the same rate.

Given how complex intelligent assistants are, that’s probably not going to happen. So it isn’t surprising to see Google slowing things down and tempering expectations. Scott Huffman, VP of Google Assistant, admits that his ambition is still to build that Star Trek computer. “We’re aiming that high again.” But don’t expect it to happen tomorrow, or even this year. As Huffman puts it, “It will take a while to realize the full fruition.”

  Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

An intelligent assistant that you can use everywhere needs to be available (or at least within shouting distance) of everything. And so Google clearly needed to put it on the most popular single smartphone: the iPhone.

Using the Google Assistant on the iPhone is simultaneously an exciting and an underwhelming experience. If you’ve been using Siri (or, just as likely, have basically been ignoring it), you will be pleasantly surprised at how much better Google is at grabbing information. It knows all your Google stuff, it can control your smart home devices, and it can even send iMessages.

But it’s not all that different from Siri, and you have to open an app to use it, rather than just holding down your home button. You’ll also hit weird limits — Apple doesn’t make its clock app available to third-party apps, so you can’t set alarms. “Siri is pretty good and it is right there,” says Huffman. “Things like the alarm clock and things close to the phone, people are going to use Siri.”

So why would you use the Google Assistant instead of Siri? Mostly because you’re already a heavy Google user. If you already use Gmail and Google Calendar and even Google Home, the Assistant on the iPhone is automatically tied into that whole ecosystem. When you ask for directions, it takes you to Google Maps and when you set a reminder, it appears in your Google Calendar.

Google also made an interesting — and somewhat surprising — choice in bringing the Assistant to the iPhone: it’s a separate app from Google search. That’s partly about changing expectations, and partly about Google’s new strategy of building a foundation for the Assistant that eventually leads to that futuristic computer.

“Search is mostly about public information,” says Huffman. Google has made some half-hearted attempts to get people to use the search box for their personal information, but it never really took; it’s just too weird for people. But the Assistant is designed from the jump for personal information, so it was important to separate it from the main Google app. It also works differently. “The interaction model being a conversational UI from the base is very different from the well-honed, well-oiled UI of search,” says Huffman.

It also probably doesn’t hurt that if the Assistant becomes popular, it’s another app that Google can get on the prized real estate of the iPhone home screen, alongside YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other heavy hitters. Google can’t do anything about the iPhone home button being tied to Siri, but it’s shipping the Assistant app with an associated home screen widget, so you can quickly jump directly to it with a swipe from your home or lock screen.

  Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

There are a ton of new updates coming to Google Assistant, the Google Home intelligent speaker, and the Chromecast TV stick later this year:

  • The Assistant will accept keyboard input on phones now.
  • The Assistant will have a new camera input that can identify objects and let you ask questions about them.
  • Google Actions — the thing that lets the Assistant talk to third-party services like Alexa skills — are going to be available on phones.
  • You can call any phone number for free in the US and Canada with Google Home.
  • 70 different smart home manufacturers will work with Google Home now, with an open system to add more themselves whenever.
  • Google Home can add calendar events and reminders, and will pulse a light when a reminder is waiting for you.
  • Spotify’s free tier it coming to Google Home, as are Deezer and SoundCloud.
  • “A bunch” of third-party hardware makers will announce Google Home speakers.
  • The Chromecast is going to have a bare-bones television UI you can use to pick what show you want to watch.
  • You can stream your Nest security cam video to Chromecast.
  • You can also tell Google Home to watch HBO or Hulu on Chromecast.
  • Google Home will be able to send visual search results to the Chromecast when appropriate — so you can ask to see your calendar for the day, and it will just show you.
  • You can finally set reminders and calendar events on Home, too.
  • Google Home is coming to more countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan.
  • Google Assistant will work in more languages: Brazilian, Portuguese, French, German, and Japanese. Later this year Google will add Italian, Korean, and Spanish.

For the time being, Google isn’t going to get in the game of trying to take on Alexa in a heads-up battle for the biggest number of apps (or, in home speaker parlance: skills or actions).

Instead, it has a radically different idea for the foundation of how an assistant should work: the web.

“Rather than managing apps and installing things,” Huffman argues. “I think of it a little bit like the web. You never say, ‘Do you have website x?’ … I have a browser so I have them all. That’s the way it should work.” Rishi Chandra, VP of Google Home, agrees. “Our context is always the scale of what the web can do … Otherwise everyone’s thinking way too small.”

“What do people care about?” asks Valerie Nygaard, product manager for Google Assistant. “They care about what [assistants] can help them do.” So instead of a big list of skills you look for and enable like you do on Alexa, the Assistant just tries to be ready to give you anything you ask for, sort of like a web browser.

“We want to look at the whole spectrum of what we can do. We look at what our competitors can do, and what we can do, and we take that very seriously,” says Nygaard.

So Google’s argument is really that while Amazon has a commanding early lead with specific skills, what it’s really trying to do is build the beginnings of an entirely new kind of AI-assisted internet that’s more open than Alexa or Siri — though not nearly as open as the web itself. Rather than try to craft partnerships with every single app maker like Apple does for Siri, Google is just opening up a place where any smart home device maker can register their product to work. Rather than ask everybody to make a custom “skill” like Amazon does with Alexa, Google is hoping its Assistant can figure it out using Google’s own ranking algorithms and what it knows about you.

Nygaard showed me a demo of how that system will work by ordering delivery from Panera. She asked the Assistant to do it, and Panera’s chatbot — not dissimilar from what we’ve seen on Facebook Messenger — spun up. She could speak to it normally to order, but that conversation was augmented by the Assistant. Google knew her address, so she could just tap it to send to Panera. And rather than setting up some kind of weirdo Panera account, she could just pay with the credit card information Google had on file. “I’m in control of that, and I’m absolutely in control of what I share with Panera,” Nygaard said.

All of this means that Google has a wholly different problem than Amazon or Apple: most users might not even realize what they can do with it. “The biggest thing I’m worried about [is] how do we educate people about what you can do?” Chandra asks.

The answer, honestly, is still really unclear.

  Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

This is not the first time we’ve seen grand visions of the future of intelligent computing from Google. First there was Google Now, which attempted to provide proactive information before you even asked for it. Then there was Now on Tap, which tried to put Google’s intelligence to work understanding apps so you wouldn’t have to manage the information inside them.

Both failed to live up to their promise. Both have been quietly and somewhat unceremoniously folded into Google’s latest effort, the Google Assistant. “The assistant umbrella gives us a place to put all those things that makes sense,” says Huffman. The problem with Now and Now on Tap, Chandra says, is that on their own they didn’t comprise a complete vision for what an AI computer should do. Instead, they were just “features of that broader vision.” Huffman calls them “different aspects of what that AI-based UX needs to do.”

Hopes are higher that this time around, the Assistant is the right foundation. For one thing, it’s more flexible. You can interact with it on multiple devices: Android phones, iPhones, watches, televisions, and cars. It will show you your history of conversational interactions so you don’t lose what you were looking for. You can speak to it or (finally) type to it.

Later this year, you’ll be able to hit a button and use the camera to identify things and ask questions about it. In the demo Google is showing, you can point it at a theater marquee, it will identify the band scheduled to play, and you can choose to do whatever you want with that information, like buy tickets, save it to your calendar, or watch music videos on YouTube.

Another reason that the Assistant has a better shot is that Google is being more careful about building it out. It recently added multiuser functionality to Google Home, so it could identify who was speaking to it and take action based on that person’s Google account. The company waited for that before it launched reminders and calendar events, rather that put those features out earlier. Reminders won’t make noise at first; they’ll gently pulse the light on the Home.

And for those of us who use Google Apps for work, those will eventually come to Home, too — once Google can work through some of the thornier legal issues of making your work information available on a personal home device.

People tend to be more skeptical of Google when it comes to privacy. And for good reason: this is a company that fundamentally tries to learn everything it can about you so it can serve ads. But the company consistently insists that neither ads nor other revenue plans are on the radar just yet. “We want to build the great consumer ecosystem and developer ecosystem before we’re worried about our cut,” says Nygaard.

Privacy concerns also apply to the calling feature — you can dial out, but the Home itself won’t let people call it. When you do call, it defaults to a private number unless you specifically tell Google to use your mobile phone number. Incoming calls may happen later, but “it’s one of the things we only want to do once we can get it right,” according to Chandra.

All of that caution doesn’t mean that Google deserves a free pass, though. Even when it’s not about privacy and security, Google has already shown it can make mistakes with Home. The Assistant’s tendency to just provide the first answer it can find from the web has led it to spout off some horrible misinformation and inadvertently become the vehicle for burger ads. In a recent blog post, Google has announced changes to mitigate these problems — but they’re not going to entirely go away. “When you have one shot at giving an answer… the bar gets higher,” says Chandra. “This is a Google-wide challenge. We are 100 percent treating it seriously, one of [CEO] Sundar [Pichai]’s top things is making sure we’re as accurate as possible.”

But “it’s going to be algorithmic, so we can’t be perfect,” he says. Huffman notes that Google is working to make “attribution really clear” when it provides that single answer. The Google Home may also tell users that more information about a given topic is available in the Google Home app on the phone. It’s not a complete fix, but it’s at least a start.

  Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Here’s one more example of caution: nearly nothing described here is going to be available until later this year. Even though it holds the Google I/O developer event every May, the company doesn’t really hold much to announce there, nor does it rush to release products on that deadline. Instead, that’s just how Google rolls, iterating its products so often throughout the year that you might not even notice they have new features.

Huffman says that Google learned an important lesson from search: people just keep asking questions Google can’t answer yet, so Google goes out and tries to answer those questions. “What naturally happens is they just think it should do everything and they keep asking. And we learn over time what to do next,” he says. If Google releases enough Google Assistant features it might make it good enough for you to keep using it, even if it doesn’t realize its total potential for a long time to come.

That steady iteration is also a strategy for setting expectations. If users know that more updates are coming, they might temper their “future of computing” expectations when they use assistants today. Huffman will tell you that “what we’re aiming for is the assistant that you can have any conversation with on any device and it will do anything.” But in the same breath he’ll tell you that we’re nowhere near that yet. “This isn’t a six-month problem, it isn’t even a one-year problem. It’s a multi-year thing,” he says.

That’s the thing about the Star Trekcomputer: it’s always in the future.


V - The Hierophant

V – The Hierophant

Path of Vau 16 in the Tree of LifeSun in Sagittarius as a symbol for the teacher of inner values, Jupiter in Pisces as the vision of eternity
Zodiac: Taurus
Tree of life: From Chokmah to Chesed
Element: Earth 
Number: 5 as quintessence, the power that exceeds the four elements

The Hierophant is a symbol for a world of belief and confession, may it be a church, a sect or an occult society. He’s the pope, the druid or the High Priest in a system of creeds and dogmas. He represents the religious and intellectual tradition of a person, and may be the one the person is born to it or possibly the one who has chosen it by himself. 

In the positive aspect, the Hierophant represents the search for knowledge and illumination, the desire to study creed and dogma instead of simply accepting them, to research and achieve further development. It also stands for the deep fulfillment someone can find when really trusting their own beliefs. 

In a negative view, the Hierophant can stand for bigotry, the blind faith in dogma, intolerance towards everything different from the own confession. It can also mean gullibility, running to any kind of new belief just because the traditional one is suddenly considered boring or unsatisfying.

Drive: Search for hidden truths, trust in inner instincts 

Light: Wisdom and knowledge as an experience independent from dogmatism and science 

Shadow: Intolerance, esoteric nonsense

0 – The Fool | 1 – The Magician | 2 – The High Priestess | 3 – The Empress | 4 – The Emperor | – – –
6 – The Lovers | 7 – The Chariot | 8 – Adjustment | 9 – The Hermit | 10 – Wheel of Fortune | 11 – Lust (Passion)
12 – The Hanged Man | 13 – The Death | 14 – The Art | 15 – The Devil | 16 – The Tower | 17 – The Star
18 – The Moon | 19 – The Sun | 20 – Aeon (Judgement) | 21 – The Universe (World)

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The Hierophant (V), in some decks named The Pope, is the fifth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in game playing as well as in divination.

Description and symbolismEdit

In many modern packs, the Hierophant is represented with his right hand raised in what is known esoterically as the blessing or benediction, with two fingers pointing skyward and two pointing down, thus forming a bridge between Heaven and Earth reminiscent of that formed by the body of The Hanged Man. The Hierophant is thus a true “pontiff”, in that he is the builder of the bridge between deity and humanity. In his left hand he held a triple cross. The Hierophant is typically male, even in decks that take a feminist view of the Tarot, such as the Motherpeace Tarot. The Hierophant was also known as “The Teacher of Wisdom.”

In most iconographic depictions, the Hierophant is seen seated on a throne between two pillars symbolizing Law and Liberty or obedience and disobedience, according to different interpretations. He wears a triple crown, and the keys to Heaven are at his feet. Sometimes he is shown with worshippers, as his alternate title is the Pope or, sometimes, Jupiter.[1] The card is also known as “The High Priest,” as a counterpart to “The High Priestess” (which itself is also sometimes known as “The Papess,” as counterpart to “The Pope”).


The papacy was not just a religious force, but was a political and military force as well. When the tarot was invented, the Pope controlled a large portion of central Italy known as the Papal StatesRenaissance culture did not question the abstract ideal of the Pope as God’s human representative on Earth. In Tarot of Marseilles, he wears a red cape and a blue robe, in contrast to The Papess, who wears a blue cape and blue robe.

The more commonly encountered modern name “Hierophant” is due to Antoine Court de Gébelin. According to de Gebelin, “hierophant” was the title of the chief priest in the Eleusinian mysteries (an ancient Greek ritual).

Alternative decksEdit

In Swiss Troccas decks, he is depicted as Jupiter, the Roman King of the Gods.

In the “Flemish Deck” by Vandenborre (c.1750-1760), the High Priest is replaced with Bacus (Bacchus). It shows the God of Wine with his head and waist wreathed in grape leaves. He is seated astride a tapped cask of wine while he drinks from a wine bottle in his left hand.

In the Vikings Tarot the Hierophant is Odin with his two ravens, Hugin and Munin, and his two wolves, Geri and Freki.

In the X/1999 Tarot version made by CLAMP, The Hierophant is Aoki Seiichirou.

In the Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck, Gandalf the White is the Hierophant.

In Howard Rodway‘s Tarot Of The Old Path the Hierophant is called The High Priest. He sits on a golden throne accompanied by the heads of a ram and an elephant, along with a raven in the foreground.

In the Tarot of the Saints, the Hierophant is St. Peter who is also considered the first pope.

In the Mythic Tarot deck, the Hierophant is depicted as Chiron, the learned centaur

​The papal cross is an emblem for the office of the Pope in ecclesiastical heraldry. It is depicted as a staff with three horizontal bars near the top, in diminishing order of length as the top is approached. The cross is thus analogous to the two-barred archiepiscopal cross used in heraldry to indicate an archbishop, and seems to have been used precisely to indicate an ecclesiastical rank still higher than that of archbishop. In the past, this design of the cross was often used in ecclesiastical heraldry as a distinctive mark of his office. It was often merely an artistic device, as use of a staff or crosier was not part of the traditional papal insignia.[1] However, at least one staff surmounted with a papal cross does exist.

Symbolism connected with the papal powers have been attached to the three crossbars, similar to the symbolism attached to the three bands on the papal tiara.

Pastoral staffEdit

The term “papal cross” may also refer to the ferula (from Latin ferula, “rod”), which is the pastoral staff or crosier used by the Pope. It is a rod with a knob on top surmounted by a single-barred cross. This is in contrast to other bishops, who use a crosier which is shaped like a shepherd‘s crook: bent or crooked at the top and pointed at the lower end.

Papal Cross (Dublin, Ireland)