The “whirlwind from north” and “right-

handed helix DNA”: (a) The image in

Ezekiel‘s Vision: A whirlwind coming out of

the north and in the center was what looked

like four living creatures their form was that

of a man. (b) Human chromosome and a

right-handed double helix DNA made from

four nucleotides A-T-C-G that encoding

human biological body and basic emotion. (c)

The X-ray diffraction photograph of DNA

taken by a scientist Franklin in 1953. (d)

Obviously double helix DNA is a real


Let us review the most well-

known photograph, X-ray diffraction

photograph of DNA by Franklin and

Gosling in 1953 (Franklin and Gosling

1953, figure 1c), the first correct model

of a right-handed double helix DNA by

Watson and Crick in 1953 (Watson and

Crick 1953, figure 1d) and an

illustration of chromosome structure

in a college biology text-book

(Compbell and Reece 2002; Marieb

1991, figure 1b). These examinations

may allow us to see that the similarity

between the structure of DNA

molecule and a whirlwind. DNA

molecule is extremely like a right-

handed twister, a tornado or a

whirlwind that is composed of four


For DNA replication, transcription

and repair, DNA polymerase, helicases

and NTPase coupling the hydrolysis of

deoxynucleoside triphosphate (dNTP)

catalyze unwinding of duplex DNA to

generate single-stranded templates. In

these reactions, energy releasing and

certain metals, such as magnesium, are

required (Patel and Picha 2000).

Ezekiel used “flashing lightning and

surrounded by brilliant light” to

indicate the energy releasing is as a

concomitant phenomenon. And

“glowing metal in the center of the

whirlwind” to indicate magnesium was

a concomitant too. The appearance of

a strong white light is like the burning

reaction of magnesium, which gives off

very strong bright light, and this is a

major chemical characteristic of

magnesium; thus, magnesium is

indeed a “glowing metal”. Until

unwinding of duplex DNA to generate

single-stranded templates, the details

of its component and structure appear

as follows.

The “four living creatures”

correspond to the four nucleotides

“?amp;shy; in the fire was what

looked like four living creatures. In

appearance their form was that of a


When the “whirlwind” were

correspond to a DNA, the “four living

creatures” in must be the four

nucleotides. The “?amp;shy; form was

that of a man” must correspond to the

primary function of DNA for encoding

the human biological body by four

nucleotides. The biological scientist

definite that human DNA molecule is a

right-handed double helical long-chain

that is composed by four kinds of

nucleotides that they encoding the

human biological body (figure 1d).

Thus a biologist wrote: “How amazing

it is that ‘six feet of DNA’ coiled into a

single cell can summon an adult

human being into existence” (McNeill


The “one touching the wing of

another creature” correspond to main

chemical bonds between nucleotides

Ezekiel described the relationship

among the four living creatures: “Their

wings were spread out upward; each

had two wings, one touching the wing

of another creature on either side.”

(Ezekiel 1:11). “Under the expanse

their wings were stretched out one

toward the other, and each had two

wings covering its body” (Ezekiel 1:23).

In which, there were two kinds of

“wings” that were responsible for two

different functions; one was for linking

each other and another for covering

the body.

To correspond to the four

nucleotides in a DNA molecule: there

are two kinds of chemical bond

between nucleotides that are

responsible for two different linking

functions respectively too. One kind of

the chemical bonds is between the

phosphates and the sugars to form

sugar-phosphate backbone for linking

one nucleotide to the next in the DNA

strand. Another kind of chemical

bonds is hydrogen bonds between

complementary nucleotides (A-T, C-G),

responsible for establishing and

preserving DNA’s special structure and

functions, such as, 1. The bases are

largely buried in the interior of the

DNA and are kept away from water. 2.

Two chains are held together to form

double helix. 3. Hydrogen bonds of

complementary nucleotides, A-T (two

bonds), C-G (three bonds), assure the

proper sequence of each daughter DNA

strand during DNA replication

(semiconservative model of

replication). It was very appropriate

that the three special functions of the

hydrogen bonds were summarized as

“covering its body”.

The component of “living creature”

corresponded to the chemical groups of


Ezekiel described the structure of

the four living creatures: “each of them

had four faces and four wings. Their

legs were straight; their feet were like

those of a calf and gleamed like

burnished bronze. Under their wings

on their four sides they had the hands

of a man.” (Ezekiel 1: 6).

According to our analysis, each

“living creature” had these four parts,

“feet”, “hands”, “faces” and “wings”.

Correspondingly, a nucleotide in DNA

has four major parts, too: one

phosphate group, a five-carbon-atom

sugar group, a nitrogenous base and

chemical bonds for linking

nucleotides. Indeed, the color of crystal

phosphate is bright yellow just like the

“burnished bronze”, there was

phosphate in the “feet”. Opening up a

five-fingered hand indicates the

number “five”; “hand” demonstrated

precisely the unique characteristics of

deoxyribose (five-carbon structure). In

fact, the four nucleotides have four

different nitrogenous bases identified

as A, T, C and G (faces) respectively.

These attributes are consistent with

Ezekiel’s metaphorical description.

The “living creatures like burning

coals of fire” corresponded to “high-




deoxynucleoside triphosphate ”

Ezekiel also described another

phenomenon of the four living

creatures: “The appearance of the

living creatures was like burning coals

of fire or like torches. Fire moved back

and forth among the creatures; it was

bright, and lightning flashed out of it.

The creatures sped back and forth like

flashes of lightning.” (Ezekiel 1: 13).

The “living creatures were like

burning coals of fire” corresponds to

four deoxynucleoside triphosphate

(dNTP) in a living cell. The dNTP

(dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP) contain

three phosphate-groups with high-

energy bonds for driving the

polymerization of nucleotides to form

new DNA strands. During DNA

replication, activating large quantity of

raw material, dNTP, is needed. Energy

transfers to dNDP for generating dNTP

by NTPase. A lot of dNTP are moved to

the “work stations” hydrolysis and

releasing energy when they are

assembled to form a new DNA strand

with a rate of 500 nucleotides per

second in bacteria and a rate of 50 per

second in human. A total of 6 billions

nucleotides is needed for the

formation of daughter strands in a

human cell. All these are consistent

with Ezekiel’s metaphorical

description. The biochemical reactions

just like “Fire moved back and forth

among the creatures (nucleotides); it

was bright, and lightning flashed out of

it. The creatures sped back and forth

like flashes of lightning.”

What were the “four living

creatures” that exhibited in the

“mirage” 2500-year ago? According to

our analysis, the “four living

creatures” is corresponding to the four

nucleotides A, T, C and G.

The “wheels” corresponds to the

NTP-driven ring-shaped proteins

DNA, nucleotides and dNTP

cannot function without preexisting

proteins, their activations should be

coupled with proteins.

Ezekiel described a close

concomitant of living creatures,

wheels: “As I looked at the living

creatures, I saw a wheel on the ground

beside each creature with its four

faces. ?amp;shy; As they moved, they

would go in any one of the four

directions the creatures faced; the

wheels did not turn about as the

creatures went. ?amp;shy; When the

living creatures moved, the wheels

beside them moved; and when the

living creatures rose from the ground,

the wheels also rose. ?amp;shy;

because the spirit of the living

creatures was in the wheels” (Ezekiel

1: 15, 17, 19-20).

The “wheels” must be the ring-

shaped proteins. Following is an

example to describe the relationship of

a ring-shaped protein and nucleotide.





ring-shaped enzymes involved in DNA

metabolism vary greatly in sequence,

structure and function, they bind DNA






Helicases is one of ring-shaped








replication and transcription. Studies

have revealed that helicases are NTP-

driven motor proteins that couple the

hydrolysis of nucleoside triphosphate






strand and to unwind nucleic acid.

The structural of helicases has been





multisubunit ring-shaped hexamers. In

most, hexamer formation requires

nucleotide binding. NTP binding

stimulates hexamer formation, and

hexamer formation and NTP binding

are necessary for DNA binding. Details

of the NTP-linked hexamerization

process are unclear (Patel and Picha

2000; Manju and O’Donnell 1998). This

discovery emphases that hexmer-ring







move on DNA (either 5’ to 3’ or 3’ to





(living creatures) because the helicases

are NTP-driven motor proteins. Just

like Ezekiel emphasesed the

relationship of “wheels” and “ four

living creatures”: the wheels did not







When the living creatures moved, the

wheels beside them moved.

The “wheel intersecting a wheel”

corresponds to the multisubunit ring-

shaped proteins

Ezekiel: “This was the appearance



of the



sparkled like chrysolite, and all four







made like a wheel intersecting a







awesome, and all four rims were full

of eyes all around.” (Ezekiel 1:16). Only

based on above words of Ezekiel it is

impossibly to imagine the exactly

structures of the “wheel intersect

wheel” and “rims were full of eyes all

around” and it power supply.

Proteins are the particular

compound with complex functions and

control the metabolism of nucleic acid.






complex and larger than nucleotides

and there are always more than two






protein molecule. Polymerase and

helicases is like a huge sphere

wrapping the nucleotides at its center.






characteristic multisubunit ring-





F-ATPase, found by Paul Boyer and

John Walker, the Nobel laureates of

1997 (Yoshida and Muneyuki et al

2001). They described it: ATP synthase

is a large protein complex (-500kDa)







composed of two linked multi-subunit

(22-27 subunits) complexes, called F 0

and F 1 . In binding-change model, F 0

and F 1 function as a pair of rotary

motors liked by a central rotor and a

peripheral stator. Rotation of the ring

of c-subunit in F 0 is proposed to allow

protons to be carried?amp;shy; A


F 0





consists of an oligomeric c-subunit

assembly in the shape of a ring, which

consists of 10 to 15 monomers (Cross

2004). The structure of the main part

of the ATP synthase show the tiny

motor made from 3,500 amino acids is

remarkably reminiscent of man-made

motor (Yoshida and Muneyuki et al

2001). The ATP synthase lays claim to

being nature’s smallest rotary motor






Ballmoos et al 2006).

Read the biological words, did it

let you clearly imagine that structure

of the ATPase? Yes?, it is a complex

rotary machine that made from many

wheel-like parts (22-27 subunits) with

complex connecting.

We considered the relationship

between the “living creatures” and the

complex “wheels” is corresponding to

the relationship between nucleotides

and dNTP-driven proteins, such as

Helicases, ATPase and DNA


Ezekiel: “Then there came a voice

from above the expanse over their

heads as they stood with lowered

wings.” (Ezekiel 1:24). We believe that

is a command (molecular signal) come

from the receptors on the cellular

membrane which convey outside

signals into cell. The signal as s

“dictate” trigger or stop certain

biochemical reactions.

The “expanse sparkling like ice”

corresponds to cytoplasm and lipid

bilayer membrane

In a living cell, the biochemical

reactions always occur inside of cell

where is full of aqueous solutions that

surround by a bio-membrane.

Whether the “living creatures” was

flying in a limited space that full of

water or air? Ezekiel clearly described:

“Spread out above the heads of the

living creatures was what looked like

an expanse, sparkling like ice, and

awesome. When the creatures moved,

I heard the sound of their wings, like

the roar of rushing waters ?amp;shy;

then there came a voice from above

the expanse over their heads as they

stood with lowered wings.” (Ezekiel 1:


This paragraph described what he

saw and heard in a space around the

“living creatures”: There was a distinct

space with strange structures above

them; all actions of the “living

creatures” occurred inside this space,

which was full of water; the signal

outside the space could control the

behavior of the “living creatures”.

According to the biological books,

the membrane separates the cell from

the outside world. The membrane

architecture is a lipid bilayer and

proteins embedded in the bilayer. The

“space” inside of cell under the

membrane called “cytoplasm”. The

structure of membrane looked like

“ice” or “crystal” from cytoplasm

toward outside. The entire cell

including nucleus is full of water and

also the enzyme-catalyzed reactions

take place in aqueous solutions. The

reactions of replication, transcription

and translation are controlled by the

molecular signals. During these

reactions the water-generate and

energy-release just like the “rainbow

in the clouds on a rainy day”.

The “space” around the “living

creatures” is corresponding to


The “words in a scroll” correspond

to gene in genomic DNA

If Ezekiel as an audience saw the

DNA and nucleotides, usually the

teacher should further tell him what

was the primary roles of the unique

things. He wrote: “I saw a hand

stretched out to me. In it was a scroll

(roll), which he unrolled before me. On

both sides of it were written words of

lament and mourning and woe”

(Ezekiel 2: 9).

What was the truth of the “scroll”

(roll), “unrolled”, “both sides”, “words”,

“lament and mourning and woe” that

Ezekiel saw. According to the

characteristics of genome and genes,

the length of a human DNA molecule

twines into a “roll” of chromosome.

Both strands (both sides) of DNA are

sequenced with A, T, C, and G (words),

one is up side another is down side.

The genome include about 35

thousands genes (“sentences), some of

them determine human basic

behaviors and emotions (such as

lament, mourning and woe) when its

expression (unrolled).

A genomic DNA is a “book”, the

genes are the “words or sentences” (a





language”), which compose an

integrated story by all paragraphs and

Biological discoveries let us


know that genes in DNA encode the

entire human biological body and





behaviors and emotions ((Schulkin

2005; Deussing 2005; Gross 2006).

How to demonstrate that “scroll”

was DNA but a common book made

from wood, silk, cloth, paper or stone?

Ezekiel recorded: “Then he said to me,

‘Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving

you and fill your stomach with it.’ So I

ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey

in my mouth.” (Ezekiel 3:3). The

unique way, eating or tasting, let him

understand that the scroll was not a

real book. The DNA, a unique

biological material, certainly can be

eaten and contains sugar (pentose

sugar), “sweet” indeed.

When and who would uncover the

Ezekiel’s Vision?

Ezekiel recorded: “He then said to

me: “Son of man, go now to the house

of Israel and speak my words to them.

You are not being sent to a people of

obscure speech and difficult language,

but to the house of Israel, not to many

peoples of obscure speech and difficult






understand. Surely if I had sent you to

them, they would have listened to you.

But the house of Israel is not willing to


they are

listen to you because

willing to listen to me.” (Ezekiel 3:4-7).

In the description, there were tow

groups of people, group of who “is not

willing to listen to”, another group of

who “would have listened to” and have

“difficult language”. We believed the

“difficult language” implied “series of

biological knowledge, terminological

words and insight ability”. Only the

people who possess the “difficult

language” can understand the truth in

the Ezekiel’s Vision. The “many

peoples of obscure speech and difficult

language” are the residents they are

living in 21 st century. The “house of

Israel” implied an alliance, a union or

a population who are not willing to

face “super- intelligence” and the truth

of the Ezekiel’s Vision. The initial

means of word “Israel” was “struggle

with God” (Genesis 32:28, footnote a).


Face the facts of Ezekiel’s Vision

and biological scientific discoveries,

we first conformed the concordance of

the Ezekiel’s Vision to DNA. The major

figure, characters and details in the

2500-year old image exactly matched

the structures and functions of DNA

and nucleotides. It is impertinency if

adjudicate it as a coincidence by

accident. If produce a carton movie

according to the consecutive 1000-

word paragraphs that might be a nice

teaching-film for introducing DNA to


The beginning scene he saw was a

summary that showed him whirlwind

(a double helix DNA) from far to near,

let him clearly saw the four living

creatures (four nucleotides) connecting

each other with their wings

(phosphodiester bonds) and covering

their body with wings (hydrogen

bonds). Then the detail of four living

creatures’ structure shown: “faces”

(nitrogenous base), “hands” (pentose

sugar), “feet” (phosphate group) and

“wings” (chemical bonds for linking

them) and the major functions, form of

a man (code human biological body).

The “fire infolding” (energy releasing)

and “glowing metal” (magnesium) was

as a concomitant. The “living creatures

like burning coals of fire” (dATP, dCTP,

dGTP and dTTP molecules carried

high-energy) were described that

distinguish from the nucleotides on the

DNA molecules. They exchanged

energy and moved as quickly as

thought for reactions lifelike in DNA


The image also showed him that

all above reactions were completely

controlled by complexes “wheals”

(proteins) that were carrier of the

invisible “spirit” (biological signals).

The end of the show given him a

panorama or overview (complex

cytoplasm scene): a very busyness,

orderly and flourishing status

(molecular society), where the

replication, transcription, translation,

energy metabolism and other reactions

were occurring that were commanded

by certain signals.

After the “movie”, the “operator”

met him and unrolled him the “scroll”

(genome of human). He only

recognized several words that related

to human emotions from countless

words (genes) on the both sides (two

strands of DNA) of the scroll. Obeyed

the order he tasted the “scroll” (DNA)

and clear understanding the scroll was

unusual book that was not made from

paper, wood, silk, cloth or stone. He

was not able to describe the material

of the scroll except “sweet”. Finally he

was reminded that a people speaking

“difficult language” (molecular

biological knowledge) will uncover the

Vision (Ezekiel 3:5-6).

The trustworthy of Ezekiel’s


Ezekiel’s story is intact. First, the

original book written 2500-years ago

and the English translation version

published at least hundreds year ago,

both are not adapted by modern

authors for any religion purpose. The

initial author declared that was his

description to record what he saw and

heard, but not his thinking or opinion.

He did not add any figure or scenery

into the paragraph because he indeed

did not know what would be the real

intention of the Vision. So, he just said:

“The heavens were opened and I saw

visions of God.” Ezekiel’s Vision only

used more common words and short

paragraphs to tell readers the key

figure, characters and details in the

vision. We consider his description is

conceivability and believable, lost

some details hard to avoid. We

understanding that were not easy to

transcribe a visual feeling or unusual

scenery into common words and short

of paragraphs, especially describing a

bizarre and fantastic scene like a

dream or a hallucination.

DNA as the carrier of inheritance

information of life was uncovered by

Avery in 1944 (Avery, MacLeod et al

1944), Watson and Crick discovered

DNA as double helix structure in 1953

(Watson and Crick 1953) and

Nirenberg was the first to elucidate the

genetic code in 1963 (Nirenberg 1963).

Above discoveries are the brilliant and

wonderful evidence to inadvertently

verify that the mysterious things in the

Ezekiel’s Vision were DNA and

nucleotides, that also are side notes to

verified Ezekiel’ words were intact. In

the human history, Ezekiel’s words

were the first description of DNA and

nucleotides in metaphor but scientific


The source of Ezekiel’s Vision

Is it a miracle? It seems to be

extremely unbelievable that the most

important systems in a living cell, DNA

and nucleotides, was seen and

described in a 2500-year old book. It is

difficult to repeat Ezekiel how got the


We hypotheses that there were

possible ways to form Ezekiel’s Vision:

a real living things on his eyes; a

concoction of the author; a plagiarism

from other literatures; a dream or a

hallucination in the author’s brain; or

a living image that shown through an

unknown way by someone, like a 3-D


Our study do not support that was

real living things Ezekiel saw. There

was not the similar system found since

then to now. That just was the image

or a simulation of certain events, DNA

and nucleotides, because those belong

to microcosmic world that could not be

directly seen by nude-eye of human. It

is impossible that Ezekiel’s story was

fabricated depend on his imagination

and intellectual talent, because no any

historical record indicated he was a

scientific fiction composer. Our study

conformed again that he was the

greatest prophet. If Ezekiel’s Vision

was plagiarized from other’s literature,

the initial authors and books should be

more valuable. When it is found in

future which maybe include more

predicts on biological science details.

It was the most possible that the

vision was Ezekiel’s dream or

hallucination. One’s feeling from his

dream or hallucination merely is

personal experiences that only

through his describing let other people

to understand what he saw, heard and

felt. If he did not express it, any other

one could not know the content of the

dream or hallucination. Because did

not find any historical data that

indicated someone including his

family and colleagues seen the vision

with Ezekiel together, we believed that

the vision of Ezekiel was his dream or

hallucination. It still is a mystery that

who and how make the dream,

secretly imaging and information, into

his brain.

Even though dreams always

happen in every one’s brain at every

sleeping night, the essence of dream is






brain imaging, cellular and molecular

neurobiology data, have given us a

remarkably clear picture of the

differences in brain activity between

waking and activated states of sleep,

such as rapid eye movement (REM),





commonly occurs. One of the





hallucinations is the general and

widespread activation of the brain that

occurs in conjunction with a blockade

of external sensory inputs and motor

outputs in REM sleep. When the mind

is dominated by internally generated








capacity to generate thoughts is greatly

weakened (Hobson 2004; Nielsen and

Stenstrom 2005). This implied that a

person could not control the content of







other ways. Dream seems

spontaneously and inevitably

happening in brain during sleeping.

The idea that sleep can trigger the

gain of insight is associated with the

names of famous scientific discoverers,

August Kekule, Otto Loewi and Dmitry

Mendeleyev (Mazzarello 2000; Maquet

and Ruby 2004; Wagner, Gais et al

2004). If the Ezekiel’s Vision is

conformed that was a dream or a






provided another evidence that the

dream of human are a kind of source

for gaining correct information only if







meaning. Once we know the memory,

dream and hallucination how befallen






human’s dream and hallucination may

become a novel way to acquire

valuable knowledge.

It was a real miracle that a lifelike

3-D image was producing and showing

in the sky just for single audience,

Ezekiel. It is easy be understanding

that “operator” must be the Creator of

life, because no person in human could

know the microcosmic detail inside the

living cell in 2500-year ago.

Our finding implied that both of

science and theology might found the

same event by their distinct methods.

Scientific discoveries are an important

key to find the true means of God’s

apocalypses in Bible, a priceless


The conclusion and future research







Ezekiel’s Vision, the oldest enigma, has

is been interpreted by biological





double helical molecule that composed

by four kinds of nucleotides encoding

the human biological body and basic






Ezekiel’s Vision was a dream or

hallucination 2500-year ago. In

theology, the Ezekiel’s Vision was an






However, to find the truth of the way,






generated images”, would be a very

useful for finding the essence of gene,

protein, memory and dream that are

the most difficult biological projects of

human being. Our finding may become

the evidence for studying the origin of






further searching the functions of

genes on single DNA strand that how

genes code human behavior, emotion,

memory and thinking. They may

hypothesis that the other strand hold

some functions and will verify “On

both sides of it were written words of”

human emotion. Searching the “spirit

of wheels”, protein’s dominators will








biological scientists.


Avery OT, MacLeod CM, McCarty M (1944)

Studies of the chemical nature of the

substance inducing transformation of

pneumococcal types. Induction of

transformation by a desoxyribonucl



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