The Innermost Secrets of the Illuminati Beckon You

They vowed you would never know. They thought there was no way you could possibly unmask the sick things they have been hiding. They were wrong. Now, thanks to the incredible revelations in this amazing book, you can discover their

You can identify the members of the Illuminati and unravel their astonishing plan to control and manipulate. You can crack the Illuminati code.

Codex Magica is awesome in its scope and revelations. It contains over 1,000 actual photographs and illustrations. You’ll see with your own eyes the world’s leading politicians and celebrities – including America’s richest and most powerful – caught in the act as they perform occult

Once you understand their covert signals and coded picture messages, your world will never be the same. Destiny will be made manifest. You will know the truth and everything will become clear.

Texe Marrs is author of over 37 books, including the #1 bestseller Dark Secrets of the New Age and Circle of Intrigue: The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati

A retired career U.S. Air Force officer, he has taught at the University of Texas at Austin and has appeared on radio and TV talk shows across America.

Last night I saw upon the stair a little man who wasn’t there. He wasn’t there again today. Oh gee, I wish he’d go away!

– Old Nursery Rhyme



The Occult Script—A Colossal and Monstrous Conspiracy



But let the Spirit of all lies with works of dazzling magic blind you. Then absolutely mine, I’ll have and bind you. The Devil, Faust Play by Goethe (1749-1832)



They’re everywhere. Cleverly disguised. On TV, imbedded in magazines, and lurking in powerful advertising. Sometimes they’re subtle or subliminal, other times direct, provocative, and mind-bending in effect.

Strange symbols, signs, charms, talismans, and handshakes that program and control our minds.

Henry Makow, astute inventor and essayist, says that they are key components of the satanic conspiracy that now confronts us with maximum force and evil.

“This satanic conspiracy,” Makow warns, “succeeds only because people cannot believe something so colossal and monstrous actually exists.”1

The world is a contest for our souls. The people who are pushing products, violence, and sex are not operating on a random, ‘whatever sells’ basis. They have Masonic symbols in their logos. The top players are following an occult script designed to enslave us body and soul. They are building a gigantic prison based on their own mental hell. This is the New World Order; we are the inmates.2

It is, in fact, “satanic indoctrination,” Makow emphasizes, and we are all locked into the prison classroom as this mental poison from hell is piped in to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A Psychological Matrix

In this eye-opening book, , you will discover just how accurate and true are the warnings of Mr. Makow and just a few others. Most people, of course, are so far gone, their minds so awash with occultism acquired from decades of propaganda encountered on every side, they cannot any longer decipher reality. The majority are caught in some form of Psychological Matrix. Tragically, hundreds of millions of people have, in a manner of speaking, become “Manchurian Candidates.”

They eat, breathe, move, and sleep as if in a trance. Immobile, unable to react, afflicted with amnesia, they are like Pontius Pilate who, when confronted with Jesus Christ standing right in front of him, the very essence of unmovable Truth, asked Christ the question. “What is truth?”

Well, here, in , in over 600 incredible pages, is truth. Here you will see pictures of many of the foremost movers and shakers of human history, ancient and modern, as they secretly communicate through sign and symbol. Naturally, the elite do not relish being exposed in their dirty works and evil doing. They and their dumbed-down minions —I am referring to the overwhelming “see no evil, hear no evil” masses of people in society—can be expected to quickly jump to the attack and attempt to deny it all. Through sleight-of-hand, they will do their utmost to divert your attention.

“The pictures are taken out of context,” they will protest. “The images are not what they seem.”

“Here, listen to us,” they will implore, “it’s not what it looks like. Let us explain it all to you.”

“Don’t be hasty now in your judgment,” they’ll cry. “You and I know that conspiracies don’t really exist. Everything is okay, nothing is amiss. It is all just an accident, nothing to fret about.”

“Are You Going to Believe Your Lying Eyes?”

Their weak and idiotic protestations remind us of the famous TV comedian, Groucho Marx. Groucho enjoyed retelling the story of the time a startled wife came home to find her adulterous husband in bed with another woman. “It’s not what you think,” he assured her. “Are you going to believe what I tell you, or are you going to believe your lying eyes?”

Thank God we no longer have to believe what they, the Illuminati, and their lying accomplices in the media and government tell us. We can lay their propaganda aside and view the actual evidence through the prism of truth with our own eyes. This book is the result of over two decades of research. I believe it speaks for itself. The pictures, illustrations, and proofs contained in these pages do, in my opinion, document a monstrous conspiracy that surrounds and envelops us.

It may well be that some, a few, of the photographs, are not what they appear to be. We all know that it is possible, for example, that photographers took shots of certain people as their hands, fingers, arms, and bodies were inadvertently in odd positions. A picture may be worth a thousand words, as the old Chinese proverb says, but even pictures can be deceiving.

And so, I leave it all up to you to decide, dear reader. Do these proofs provide evidence of these peoples’ involvement in nefarious, Masonic, occultic, or magical activity or not? You be the judge.

To help you make a decision, often included in the captions that accompany the photos and illustrations is commentary that helps one to better analyze the situation or scene that is pictured. When possible, I present evidence and information outlining the individual’s membership in the Masonic Lodge, the Rosicrucian Order, or other globalist or occultic groups, secret societies, and organizations. This is done as an aid to your independent decision-making.

Sometimes, I admit, it is difficult from the picture alone to ascertain whether a person, or persons, are displaying a Masonic or other sign, or to tell for sure that an occultic pose or scene is being portrayed. Again, the author does his best to offer up evidence, such as pages, excerpts, and descriptions of such signs and poses from official textbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias of the Masonic Order or illustrations and examples by experts and authorities.

In some instances, it is unclear what exactly is transpiring in a photo because the intent, or motive, of the individual subject cannot be discerned. We cannot read peoples’ minds, and so we must judge based on the photographic evidence. For example, there is much confusion today over the hand sign of the devil called “El Diablo” or “Il Carnuto.” Many confuse this sign of evil with the sign of the deaf for “I love you” and with the sign given by many to indicate youthful rebellion, sex, and rock and roll.

In the section of that pictures a number of people giving this problematic sign, I therefore explain the difference in types of hand signs and discuss the ongoing controversy in an attempt to clear up some of the confusion. Readers may just find the clarifying information presented here revealing, to say the least.

All in all you will view in over 1,000 photos and illustrations documenting Illuminists, Satanists, and other elitists practicing magic. Even if the skeptics and naysayers were able to explain away a few of these proofs, the remainder would be sufficient aplenty to prove the thesis of this book. That, indeed, a massive conspiratorial network of occult magicians exists today and has existed throughout human history.

From the perspective of the occult researcher and investigator, the key to understanding the precarious world we live in is the recognition that a consistent pattern exists. A criminal is often convicted by an overwhelming preponderance of circumstantial evidence, even when no direct evidence — like a smoking gun—is produced. But in our case, in , we do produce a convincing array of direct evidence, along with many facts that connect the dots, to conclusively prove the continuing existence of an occult conspiracy. Over 600 pages of photographic evidence and materials cannot all be wrong.

Exercising Fairness and Good Judgment

I wish to emphasize that I accuse no one pictured herein of being a Satanist or occultist. Their being pictured here does not mean that individuals are necessarily members of the Order of the Illuminati or prove anything whatsoever about their social, political, religious ideology or other beliefs. Nor am I implying, suggesting,

or stating that the men and women pictured are knowingly involved in any type of plot, satanic or otherwise.

My friends are fully aware that over the years, I have authored and produced numerous books, audiotapes, and videos on the subject of mysterious marks, symbols, signs, and logos, including such bestseller classics as Dark Secrets of the New Age, Mystery Mark of the New Age, and Circle of Intrigue. As such, the reader should realize that the information in my books and other works is based solely on my own opinion. True, I do my level best to judge things accurately and to marshall relevant facts and data that might bear; but ultimately, the reader or viewer must decide if he or she concurs with the author’s judgments and opinions. As the cliché of a well-known TV news network so often echoes, “We report, you decide.”

Those who have read and evaluated my past works know that I am always concerned and desirous of presenting accurate information. I invite anyone who believes the facts and analysis, or even the opinions expressed herein are incorrect or incomplete to promptly inform me of such. I am more than willing to make corrections or retractions based on the best evidence.

Deciphering A Mountain of Data

One of the problems inherent in an undertaking so vast as this book is that the subject matter is so broad and complex. There are literally thousands of secret signs, grips, and symbols to consider in evaluating photographic evidence. My opponents—the men of the secret societies and the Illuminists—would agree that this is the case. In the Royal Arch Mason, an official publication of Freemasonry, Dr. William L. Cummings commented on how many hundreds of rites, rituals, and degrees existed.3

Obviously, in each of the hundreds of ceremonies a number of secret handshakes and signs are taught and practiced. Thus, Cummings remarks, Masons themselves are in a state of confusion:

It generally comes as a surprise and sometimes as a shock when the Mason who has never given any attention to the subject learns at least a hundred Masonic and quasi-Masonic rites and systems have existed and no less than eight hundred so-called Masonic degrees have been revised.4

Royal Arch Mason editor Ray V. Denshaw wryly comments that a long-time Mason of reputation may be asked,

“How many of the hundreds of degrees have you received? Have you received the Rite of Memphis of 90 degrees? Or the Rectified Rite? Or the Swedenborgian Rite?”5

Moreover, Masons affiliated with the Grand Lodge of the Orient in Paris, the United Lodge in London, or the Grand Masonic Lodge of Israel, may well utilize signs and handshakes not used, seen, or understood in other orders.

Then, of course, there is:

the Order of the Rosicrucians the Order of the Trapezoid The Priory of Sion The Alta Vendit the P2 Lodge the Solar Order of the Temple the modern-day Knights Templar the Vatican’s Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus the Order of the Odd Fellows the Order of Ahepa the Order of Skull and Bones the Bohemian Club the Pilgrims Society,

….and a thousand or more other secret societies and orders, not to mention the many Jewish cabalistic groups, satanic churches, and witchcraft and druid sects.

Knowledge of Secret Signs Opens Doors

British Satanist Aleister Crowley, a man who fancied himself the “wickedest man on the planet,” was Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and also founded the mysterious and Luciferian, Order of Astrum Argentinium. He once ruefully and knowingly intimated that after he had independently learned and practiced how to do the secret handshakes of a number of other secret societies and orders throughout Europe, he traveled around from city to city and discovered that by knowing how to convey the appropriate handshake, he was invited into what is normally the guarded inner sanctum of almost all the groups. They were persuaded simply by his handshake that Crowley was eligible to attend their conclaves and be made privy to their most closely guarded secrets.

The average Mason or member of other secret orders knows little of the signs and symbols of his own order, let alone that of others. In my work for this book, I have communicated with a number of ex-Masons, but few were able to identify any but the most rudimentary of signs and symbols. I did far better with Masonic encyclopedias and with modern and ancient magical texts and guides.

I Give Credit to…

In addition to the individuals listed in the acknowledgements of the title page, I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of a few very special friends was invaluable to me in preparing this book. I’d like, therefore, to give credit to:

Lawrence Patterson, publisher of Criminal Politics magazine and one of the world’s leading experts on global finances and investments. Alex Jones, well-known radio personality and top-notch producer of many videos documenting the rise of the police state. Dr. Cathy Burns, author of the excellent Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, as well as The Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star. Dean Grace, author of A Little Guide to the All-Seeing Eye Symbol On Our Dollar Bill. Ralph Epperson, author of Masonry: Conspiracy Against Christianity, The Unseen Hand, and other fine books. Dr. Gail Riplinger, author of the bestselling classic, New Age Bible Versions. David Meyer, occult researcher and publisher of Last Trumpet newsletter. Michael Hoffman, II, author of the groundbreaking book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati and other revealing works. Robert Gaylon Ross, author of Who’s Who of the Elite and The Elite Don’t Dare Let Us Tell the People.

I also wish to acknowledge the late Jim Shaw and Jim Keith, Bill Schnoebelen, Tom McKenney, Ed Decker, James Spencer, David Bay, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Reginald Haupt, Jr., Dr. O.J. Graham, Jeff Rense, Des Griffin, Gary Blevins, Dr. Stanley Monteith, Jack Chick, Ted Pike, Donn de Grande Pre, Jack Roper, and Juri Lina, all of whose authoritative research and writings provided me with valuable information as well as incalculable inspiration.

Hands On Membership Not Required

Illuminati paid provocateurs and other would-be critics might suggest that because you and I are not Masons or Illuminists, my research in —or your own independent research—has no authority.

In answer, I am happy to respond by noting that:

the best of homicide detectives have never been murdered nor participated in such few lifeguards have had an incident in which they were drowning and required assistance most lawyers have never been sued most psychiatrists have never been admitted as a patient to a mental institution most neurosurgeons have never had brain surgery most sports writers have never played pro-football or pro-baseball yet they report and comment on the same most prison wardens have never themselves been locked up as convicts no historians have lived in the past centuries of history about which they amass information and facts and comment about

It doesn’t take a monster to know that human monsters exist or a serial killer to know that murdering innocent people involves savage and evil acts. And there is abundant evidence that exists about the Illuminati and secret societies so that we do not have to join and participate in these repugnant groups to know what they are all about. proves that.

A Challenge to Critics

I hereby challenge any and all Masons and other members of secret societies to meet me on neutral ground with neutral observers in a contest, a duel of wits, if you will, to see who knows more about the subject matter presented in this book. Until such time as the critic accepts my challenge and is willing to publicly display that he knows as much or more about secret handshakes and grips, symbols, marks, logos and other occultic matters, I suggest that the critic shrink back to the shadowy confines of his Masonic Temple, synagogue, or shrine and refrain from empty, futile criticism.

As for those skeptics and naysayers who get their kicks by pretending to know — just know! —that these things cannot be true, that “conspiracies” just do not exist and who maintain that anyone who even dares to mention the existence of any group called the “Illuminati” just has to be wrong, may I humbly recommend that they earnestly burn the midnight oil, carefully read this book, and examine the evidence in a fair-minded and objective manner?

Many a friend has written telling the author that he likewise was once a doubter and skeptic, until, that is, he had heard and considered all the evidence. In this regard, the Holy Scriptures have a tremendous bit of advice worthy of consideration:

He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. -Proverbs 18:13

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“Spiritual” satanism and “christian” conmen

Christianity claims to oppose the force known as “Satan” and yet there are many themes of Satanic ritual within its beliefs and ceremonies.

There are indications that the ritual of the Eucharist is a reflection of earlier rituals related to human sacrifice and blood drinking. There is the emphasis on symbolically eating the body of “Jesus” and drinking his blood as red wine. We might expect, therefore, that the Christian Church would be a front for Satanism and its blood and sacrifice rituals.

That, it turns out, is precisely what it is.

Today the religions of the world remain a major tool of the Illuminati agenda. They maintain the climate of unquestioning, unthinking, ignorance, and their pseudo-morality provides a veil of hypocrisy, behind which the most sickening abuse of children can be hidden.

Some of the most famous church “leaders” and evangelists on the planet are Illuminati operatives who use religion to manipulate and brain-wash their followers while engaging in Satanic rituals that beggar belief. That is not to say everyone is involved in these horrors, of course not. Most of the advocates of these religions would be as outraged as the rest of us if they realized what was going on.

But religions are also compartmentalized pyramids that allow the knowing to manipulate the unknowing. Satanism and child abuse are an epidemic within religious institutions, and the wave of child abuse cases in the Roman Catholic Church and others are a tiny, tiny fraction of what is really happening. What better way to hide your Satanic rituals and networks than within a “Christian” church that condemns the work of “Satan”? What better way to hide your child sexual abuse than within a “Christian” church that worships “gentle Jesus”?

And, with so many churches built on ancient pagan religious sites (energy vortexes and ley lines), the Satanists desire access to those “Christian” buildings for their rituals. This they can do if they control the church. Dr Loreda Fox is a Christian psychiatrist who has worked with many victims of Satanism and trauma-based mind control or Multiple Personality Disorder.

She wrote in the Spiritual And Clinical Dimensions Of Multiple Personality Disorder (Books of Sangre de Crista, Salida, Colorado, 1992):

“Some Satanists have invaded the church as it is the perfect cover for them. They masquerade as angels of light and gravitate towards positions of leadership in order to have more influence. Because much of what they say is sound doctrinaily, they are rarely detected. Most survivors whom I have worked with had Satanist parents who were in high positions in churches; many were pastors.”1

Billy Graham, the mind-controlled satanist

Note that she did not say some or even many of those Satanic parents were in high positions in the churches. She said most. The Illuminati deploys its agents, all of them under mind control of some variety, to lead their religious believers into the clutches of the Anunnaki agenda or “New World Order”. One such man is the most famous evangelist in the world, the American Billy Graham, who is a 33rd degree Freemason and a practicing Satanist.

He joined the Freemasons some time around 1948. Graham is a friend of the shape-shifter, pedophile, and serial killer, George Bush, and they famously “prayed” together, according to Bush, the night he ordered the genocide in Iraq in 1991. That same year, Billy Graham said on his US radio show, Embrace America 2000, that the American people should support Bush’s New World Order.

Graham has also said that he thought UFOs could be the angels of God. Graham is close to Henry Kissinger, one of the most active manipulators for the Illuminati at operational level. Another friend was Allan Dulles, the Satanist Director of the CIA. Dulles helped to fund Adolf Hitler and founded the Illuminati’s World Council of Churches. Dulles was also, significantly, one of the main architects of the infamous MKUltra mind control project. Agents of the Illuminati, like Graham, are all subjected to Multiple Personality Disorder programming.

Through this, they are given cover personalities within a mind fractured into different compartments. The front compartment or “altar”, the one that normally interacts with the daily world, may be of a church leader, a top politician, a doctor, and generally people who would never be suspected of being involved with the Illuminati’s Satanic ritual network.

“Oh, he’d never do that” is the response they are looking for if the truth ever threatens to come out. These programmes can give someone like Billy Graham a word-perfect grasp of Biblical doctrine, while his “back altars” or personalities take part in Satanic sacrifice ritual. This is why we should not view many of these people harshly.

They, too, are victims of the other-dimensional entities, which inhabit their bodies and control their minds. David Berkowitz, the serial killer in New York known as the Son of Sam, said he was part of a Satanic group that had orchestrated the murders. In letters to a church minister, he revealed the kind of people involved in ritual human sacrifice:

“…Satanists (genuine ones) are peculiar people. They aren’t ignorant peasants or semi-literate natives. Rather, their ranks are filled with doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and basically highly responsible citizens…they are not a careless group who are apt to make mistakes. But they are secretive and bonded together by a common need and desire to mete out havoc on society. It was Aleister Crowley who said: ‘I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything bad’.”2

So there is nothing contradictory about Billy Graham being a Satanist and the world’s most famous evangelist. Researcher Alan Walton writes:

“These reptilian hybrids often lead a double life involving dual personalities, one which leads a “normal” life in the outer world, and one that is deeply involved with the underground alien society on a nocturnal basis.”3

He says this is especially true of what he calls “cocooned/hosted” individuals and “hybrids/abductees”. Graham’s bloodline goes back to Jakob Frank, the leader of a “Hebrew” Satanic cult called Sabbatianism and this later became known as Frankism. The Rothschilds were involved with Frankism (see …And The Truth Shall Set You Free). Jakob Frank taught his followers to “convert” to another religion and to use that front to hide their Satanism.

When Graham’s ancestors first came over to America, they were from the Frank family. The American researcher Fritz Springmeier, himself a Christian, exposed Graham as a Satanist in his book Be Wise As Serpents in 1991. He expanded on this theme with the recovering mind control victim Cisco Wheeler in their book The Illuminati Formula To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave (Springmeier, SE Clackamas Road, Clackamas, Oregon, 97015,1996).4

Their sources included eyewitnesses and those who claim to have been abused by Graham. Among other sources was a member of the Illuminati’s Council on Foreign Relations who is secretly against the New World Order; an operative with the US National Security Agency, who opposes the Illuminati; a high-level CIA administrator; Satanists and ex Satanists; a former 33rd degree Freemason; and various people who have worked with Billy Graham.

On only two occasions, Springmeier and Wheeler say, were any of these people aware of what the others had told them. Phillip Eugene de Rothschild, who claims to have been conceived and brought up by Baron Philippe de Rothschild in France, says that he was given a front-altar personality as a pious Christian, which covered his Satanic programming. He was programmed (“dissociated”) to infiltrate the Christian Church for the Rothschilds and the Illuminati network.

In an Internet account of his life, he says:

“Like the hundreds of thousands of this occult family’s other biological children, I had my place and function within this clan’s attempt to control the world. My efforts and my family’s efforts strove to have a member of the European nobility of the Habsburg family assume the pre-eminent position over humanity, a position called the Antichrist by Christianity. While others were seeded into government, academia, business, or entertainment, my place was within the Body of Christ. I was to be a focus for spiritual power and controller of a cult within this Church. In this Church have lived people who I have known all my life to be the controllers and power centers of both the Rothschild family’s false prophet and the antichrist.

“Many dissociated Christians in the Body of Christ hold similar corporate spiritual, occult positions as part of the Satanic new world order. In my being I embodied the Luciferian morning star within the Church. I represented the presence of all the other Satanists who were related to me in the morning star; their spirits were present in me in the Church. Constructed through ritual but empowered by legions of [demonic] spirits, I was a human and spiritual focus of corporate Satanic energy into the Body of Christ…

” …For the Rothschilds, and for Satan himself I am sure, this was the ultimate sadistic irony in using Christians to bring in the antichrist, but there is a certain demonic brilliance to it. By seeding the Body of Christ with his occult followers, Satan has been able to generate the spiritual and sociological forces that are required to bring in the false prophets and the antichrist’s reign.”5

Billy Graham is another such programmed front for Satanism in the “Christian Church”. The trail to Graham was picked up in stages during general research into the Illuminati and you only have to look at the people behind him to realise that he is a pawn of the bloodlines.

The newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, a high-degree Illuminati initiate, funded his early “crusades”. The Hearst mansion in California is furnished with hundreds of ancient Egyptian and other Near and Middle Eastern artefacts. Most of them are original and were shipped to the United States by Hearst at enormous expense.

It was Hearst’s support for Franklin Delano Roosevelt that won “FDR” the Democratic nomination and the presidency in 1933. Roosevelt, the wartime president, was one of the great Illuminati frontmen of the 20th century (see …And The Truth Shall Set You Free). The Rockefellers, Witneys, and Vanderbilts, all Illuminati bloodline families, have funded other Graham “crusades”.

Ever wondered why Billy Graham has had such a close association with so many US presidents? According to the research of Springmeier and Wheeler, a high-ranking Scottish Rite Freemason and Mafia operative called David Hill lived for two years at Billy Graham’s house. He was a friend of Graham’s son, Franklin, they say. David Hill claims to have introduced Graham to the Mafia boss joe Banana. Hill apparently turned against his former bosses and spent 18 hours over two days in a hotel room warning Graham about the Illuminati agenda.

Springmeier and Wheeler report:

“Billy Graham told David Hill at the end of their two days of talking in this eastern US hotel room that he was ‘a captive of that [New World Order]’.”

They add:

“Billy Graham has the choice of continuing his job for them, or being destroyed. Since they created who he is, they can destroy him. And he knows it.”6

David Hill was murdered when he had completed a manuscript exposing the Illuminati plans, they say. In March 2001, Springmeier and his wife Patricia were raided by the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the agencies involved in the mass murder at Waco. Springmeier’s research was taken together with money and other items. A breathtakingly biased and distorted news story followed. Usual technique.

Springmeier and Wheeler say that when Graham’s crusade went to Portland, Oregon, where they live, his staff was able to contact many recovering victims of trauma-based mind control and Satanic ritual abuse. How could they do that?

They were invited to a meeting with Graham. At this meeting, some of the victims say, Graham used a series of classic trigger words and phrases to re-establish their programming. Graham has surrounded himself with Freemasons, including William M. Watson, the Director of Graham’s Evangelistic Association and a chairman of the Illuminati’s Occidental Petroleum Corporation; and David M. McConnel, another director of Graham’s “Association”, and US ambassador to the United Nations (1968-69).

The latter is an important Illuminati post also held by the Illuminati’s George Bush and Madeleine Albright. Graham has supported the “ministries” of Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, and Oral Roberts, all 33rd degree Freemasons, according to Springmeier and Wheeler.

Phillip Eugene de Rothschild told me the following about Oral Roberts and his son Richard Roberts from his own direct experience in the Satanic network of the Illuminati:

“Oral Roberts succeeded in hijacking contemporary American Christianity to worship a different Jesus under the power of a different holy spirit. Oral has been (and still most probably is, despite his retirement) an occult priest of the old Sumero-Akkadian mystery religion. Satanism in its most pristine form.

Mr Roberts was my occult spiritual mentor and indoctrinator. He has been the closest of friends to my Rothschild family and to Prince Philip… Mr Richard Roberts is a corrupt tele-evangelist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Richard is now actively enlarging the occult spiritual legacy of his father. Mr Roberts is an occult sorcerer par excellence who is empowering the apostasy of contemporary American and Western Christianity.”7

The evangelists Robert Schuller and Norman Vincent Peale offer a similar story. Schuller, like Graham, is sexually served by women from the Illuminati mind control programmes. Peale, a good friend of Graham, is a 6th-degree Illuminati through the Pilgrim Society, another strand in the web. By far the largest number of “new converts” from Graham’s New York Crusade have been handed to Peale’s church.

Oral Roberts has been seen by Springmeier and Wheeler sources taking part in Satanism and mind control. The Charismatic Movement is an Illuminati creation. Graham helped to launch the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Southern Baptists, of whom Graham is a member, are Illuminati controlled, through the Freemasons.

Jesse Jackson, another Illuminati “preacher” and friend of Graham, is a Prince Hall Freemason, the order for black people. What a monumental fraud this guy Jackson is, but then he’s not alone. The 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is an honorary degree and can only be attained at the behest of those who control the 33rd degree from its supreme headquarters in the serpent-decorated temple in Washington.

Jim Shaw, who was initiated there, said in The Deadly Deception that he saw some very famous faces at the ceremony:

“There were some extremely prominent men there that day. including a Scandinavian king [King Gustav of Sweden is Illuminati and, of course, bloodline], two former presidents of the United States, an internationally prominent evangelist, two other internationally prominent clergymen, and a very high official of the federal government, the one who actually presented me with the certificate of the 33rd degree.”8 (My emphasis).

They hail from Yale

Another famous Illuminati face within the “Christian” movement is Pat Robertson, the American television evangelist and close friend of the Bush family. Robertson is yet another product of Yale University, the home of the infamous Skull and Bones Society. Bill and Hillary Clinton graduated from Yale in 1973, Gerald Ford, a Yale Law School graduate, became President of the United States in 1974 after the Watergate scandal removed Nixon, and George Bush senior and junior are both Yale men who were initiated into the Skull and Bones Society.

Interestingly, according to a History Channel documentary in February 2001, son Bush’s Skull and Bones name was “Temporary”! In its window less mausoleum across the road from the Yale campus, the Skull and Bones initiates take part in their blood rituals. These involve drinking from a human skull (see …And The Truth Shall Set You Free and The Biggest Secret).

Jim Shaw reveals that the initiation into the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry includes drinking wine from a human skull. The Knights Templar, out of which Freemasonry sprang to a large extent, were accused at the time of the purge in 1307 of using skulls in their rituals, and indeed they used to fly the skull and bones flag on their ships.

Pat Robertson’s father, Senator A.Willis Robertson, helped to block the Congressional investigation into the banking and currency practices of thejjluminati’s Federal Reserve Bank. Pat Robertson wrote in his book, The Nezv World Order, that his father was Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee, and went on to chair its equivalent in the Senate.

He said his father had:

“…the hearty support of the banking committee [and] as I write this I am looking at a lovely sterling silver tray given him by the American Bankers Association at their annual meeting in San Francisco, October 25th, 1966. My father was also a colleague in the Senate of Prescott Bush, the father of George Bush.”9

Robertson boasts in the book about his “distinguished heritage that goes back from colonial days to the nobility of England”. Oh, I am surprised. His father’s buddy, Prescott Bush (Yale, Skull and Bones), was one of the funders of Adolf Hitler via the Harriman Empire. A Harriman company, the United Banking Corporation (UBC) interfaced with the steel and banking network of Fritz Thyssen, who was acknowledged at the Nuremberg Trials as a major financial supporter of the Nazi war machine.

It was through the UBC, headed by Prescott Bush, that vast sums were channelled from the American Illuminati bloodlines to fund Hitler’s military expansion (see …And The Truth Shall Set You Free). No wonder Robertson lent his support for the “election” of President George W. Bush, or “Shrub” in 2000.

Robertson claims to be a born-again evangelical Christian. He founded the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in 1961 and is the host of its stunningly tedious daily talk show, The 700 Club. The Christian Christian Broadcasting Network has received funding from Illuminati families and has their classic lighted torch symbol as its logo (Figure 39).

The other major US Christian channel, the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), has a lion and a white horse on its logo -both ancient symbols for the Sun -and the dove symbolic of the Illuminati goddess (Figure 40). If you are in America give TBN a watch. It is an experience you will never forget, nor will your eyes believe what they are seeing.

Robertson was a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 1988 and a year later founded the Christian Coalition political pressure group.

He was born in Lexington, Virginia in 1930, studied at the New York Theological Seminary, and was ordained into the Illuminati-controlled Southern Baptist Church in 1961. A ‘Bible conservative’, he says he believes in ‘traditional values’. In 1981 he started the Freedom Council to recruit evangelical Christians for political action.

He supported the then President George Bush in his re-election race in 1992 and Robertson’s “Christian Coalition” or “The Religious Right” were massively involved in the Bush camp. Confidential documents obtained by CNN showed that Robertson hand-picked more than 30 Bush campaign leaders, and the Bush campaign had advance information on the printing and distribution of 40 million Christian Coalition voter guides favorable to Bush.

In turn, he raised money for the Christian Coalition.10 How ironic this is when you consider that George Bush is a pedophile, child killer, drug runner, mass murderer, and Satanist. How does that square with the alleged “Christian” beliefs of Robertson and his gang? But then there is far more to the “Religious Right” than religion. If, indeed, at its top level, there is any religion at all that would pass for Christianity.

It’s all a scam and I urge Christians to investigate who dictates their religion, just as I urge Jewish people to look at how they are manipulated mercilessly by their self-appointed leaders at B’nai B’rith, the Anti-Defamation League, the British Board of Jewish Deputies, and Bronfman-fronts like the Canadian Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress. These organizations that control the “Christian” and “Judaic” con men are themselves controlled by the same force.

As I was completing this book, George W. Bush nominated Senator John Ashcroft to be his top law officer as Attorney General. Ashcroft is another member of the Religious Right who appears to have emerged from the same do-what-I saynot-what-I-do-mould that spawned Pat Robertson. He describes himself as a Christian conservative who doesn’t smoke, drink, or dance.

He is against abortion because it takes a human life created by God and yet supports the death penalty. Go work that one out. Ashcroft’s big claim to fame is his war on drugs and addictive substances and he demands the death penalty for some such offences. At the same time he has taken $44,500 dollars from beer companies since 1993, including $20,000 from St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch.

He has also been lauded by the booze industry in a video tribute produced by the Beer Institute of America. When Mother Jones magazine questioned this contradiction, Ashcroft said: “It’s a product that is in demand. And when it’s used responsibly, it’s like other products.” Oh, right, and the fact that it makes you money makes no difference, of course. Ashcroft also accepted money from the tobacco industry for his 1994 Senate race and said of tobacco that people should be free to make bad choices. Unless Ashcroft decides otherwise, that is.

He is another Robertson-type clone who will typify the Bush administration -a far-right hypocrite with a selective “morality” that changes by the sentence to meet the needs of the moment.

Support the poor and needy…er, Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson, this man of Christian compassion, uses the viewers of his television station to support his business interests or rather “the poor and needy”. He operates a massive media and business empire and it mixes very nicely thank you with his Christian “Ministry”. One of his notorious business arrangements was in the Congo, formerly Zaire, which is now being ravaged yet again by an Illuminati war. Robertson’s business there involved his friend, the vicious and criminal dictator, the late Mobuto Sese Seko.

Mobuto raped his country’s finances and placed billions of dollars in sequestered accounts in Switzerland and elsewhere. It was said that Mobuto could have solved Zaire’s financial nightmare just by writing a personal cheque. Robertson tried to sell Mobuto as a bastion of Christian anticommunism who was maintaining the line against Marxist guerrillas in Africa in support of US interests.

The two were close friends and on one occasion Mobuto wined and dined Robertson on his personal yacht during a business trip. Robertson set up the African Development Company to mine diamonds and this was also given lumber concessions by the Zaire Government -by Mobutu in other words. This is where Robertson’s 700 Club, operated by his Christian Broadcasting Network, came in so handy.

The members and other viewers were told that they were contributing money to “Operation Blessing” to help the needy in Africa. The needy, it seems, being better known as Pat Robertson, if what employees of this operation say is correct. Pilots for Operation Blessing told reporters that apart from a limited number of flights to transport medical supplies, most of their time in the air was spent ferrying mining equipment and other materials required for Robertson’s African Development Company.

One airman, Robert Hinkle, told the Virginia-Pilot newspaper:

“We got over there and we had ‘Operation Blessing’ painted on the tails of the airplanes but we were doing no humanitarian relief at all. We were just supplying the miners and flying the dredges from Kinshasa out to Tshikapa [the operations base for the African Development Company].

“We hauled medical supplies one time,” added Hinkle. “It might have been 500 pounds at the most…”11

State officials in Virginia have refused to comment on the findings of an investigation into Robertson’s charity and his diamond mine venture. The Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs has been “investigating” allegations of impropriety since June 1997 when a state senator first raised the issue of tax exemptions for Robertson, and possible consumer fraud.

According to the Virginia-Pilot newspaper edition of October 1, 1998, State Attorney General Mark Earley refused to disclose any information or findings. Robertson contributed $35,000 to Earley’s election campaign -the largest donation from a single individual. Would you take moral lectures from Pat Robertson? Would you buy a used Bible from him? No, nor even a new one. But millions do. Robertson has since condemned Mobutu in an attempt to distance himself from the scandal.

Many people don’t realize that the Family television channel was created by Pat Robertson’s International Family Entertainment (IFE). Robertson wanted, he said, a family values channel, which did not pander to the lower moral instincts of sex and violence. He then sold the Family Channel along with IFE to…Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for nearly $1.7 billion! It made multi-millions for Robertson. His Christian Broadcasting Network held 3.8 million shares of International Family Entertainment (IFE).

Robertson said that $136.1 million from the stock sale would be used to fund a global evangelism programme. CBN will also get an additional $109.3 million from a trust set up by Robertson using IFE stock. That money will become available in 2010. In addition, Robertson’s Regent University sold its 4.2 million shares of IFE stock for $147 million. Robertson said the money would go into his school’s endowment fund.12

These are just a few of the headlines exposing the background of the man who seeks to tell Americans how to live their lives and who should govern them. The leader of the moral majority? Bullshit. Christianity and religion in general were created to deceive at their very foundation and they have been used for deception ever since. The guys who reach the top are those who know that the whole basis of the “faith” is nonsense.

To them it is a money game and a means to support the agenda of their Illuminati masters.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Hybrids

Wherever you look at the top of these religions you find either con men or Satanists, often both, and those who are simply too manipulated to see what is going on around them. The religious con men have a simple philosophy: I’ll say what I need to say and be what I need to be to get what I want. In my experience so far, the most obvious Satanic church is that of the Mormons, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cathy O’Brien in Trance-Formation Of America says the Mormon operation in Salt Lake City is a major centre for Illuminati trauma-based mind control. The Mormons were an Illuminati creation, as I mentioned earlier, and its founders were all high-level Freemasons and Merovingian bloodline. The Rothschilds supplied their funding. Joseph Smith founded the Mormons after an “angel” called Moroni appeared to him in 1823, as I outlined earlier.

The Book of Mormon claims to be an account of how the “lost tribes of Israel” came to America. But there were no “lost tribes”, as the Samaritan people confirmed. Joseph Smith also claims in his fairy tale that Jesus visited America to see the civilisation his chosen people had created. Smith became an Entered Apprentice Freemason on March 15th, 1842, and the next day was made a Master Mason.

According to Freemasonic rules there should be at least a 30-day gap, but the Grand Master of the Illinois Lodge, Abraham Jonas, waived this. In his work, History Of The Church, Joseph Smith confirms he was a Freemason and notes that on March 15th 1842:

“…I received the first degree in Free Masonry in the Nauvoo Lodge, assembled in my general business office.”

The next day he records,

“I was with the Masonic Lodge and rose to the sublime degree” (Master Mason).

Dr Reed Durham, a president of the Mormon History Association, said:

“There is absolutely no question in my mind that the Mormon ceremony which came to be known as the Endowment, introduced by Joseph Smith to Mormon Masons, had an immediate inspiration from Masonry. It is also obvious that the Nauvoo Temple architecture was in part, at least, masonically influenced. Indeed, it appears that there was an intentional attempt to utilize Masonic symbols and motifs…”13

If anyone is in any doubt that Mormonism is Freemasonry under another name, they should compare the Masonic oaths with those of the Mormons. Here is just one example: In the Mormon ceremony it says:

“We and each of us do covenant and promise that we will not reveal the secrets of this, the Second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood, with its accompanying name, sign, grip, or penalty. Should we do so, we agree to have our breasts cut open and our hearts and vitals torn from our bodies and given to the birds of the air and the beasts of the field.”

The Masonic ritual says:

“I …most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear…that I will not give the degree of a Fellow Craft Mason to anyone of an inferior degree, nor to any other being in the known world…binding myself under no less penalty than to have my left breast torn open and my heart and vitals taken from thence…to become a prey to the wild beasts of the field, and vulture of the air…”.

Joseph Smith’s “Mormon” Endowment Ceremony was simply rituals from Freemasonry’s Blue Lodge Degrees. Even their underwear is the same. On Mormon underwear a carpenter’s square covers the right breast and over the left is a Freemasonic compass. There is an opening at the navel to symbolize the disembowelling penalty for disclosing Mormon secrets.

They are told that their underwear will be their “shield and protection”, especially the Masonic symbols, and they can only use their worn-out underwear for other purposes if they cut or burn out the areas depicting the Masonic square and compass. These instructions are straight from occult or ritual magic.

Jim Shaw, the former 33rd degree Freemason, describes yet another Freemasonic connection to the Mormons:

“A recommendation for acceptance is called a ‘recommend’ in the Lodge, as is the case with Mormons seeking admission to the secret rituals of the Mormon Temple. Much of the Mormon Temple ritual is the same as the Masonic Ritual, having been borrowed from it by Smith.”14

The Mormon buildings are adorned with Illuminati symbols. The inverted pentagram, the most obvious of Satanic symbols, can be found on the Temple at Salt Lake City, on the Mormon museum nearby, and on other Mormon properties. The pentagram is used in rituals to summon demons in Satanism and, in its inverted form, is said to be the sign of “Satan”, the Goat of Mendes, or Baphoment.

This is the deity some of the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping when they were purged in France in 1307. Wherever you find an Illuminati Satanic operation, the symbols of the Sun and Moon will be prominently displayed. The Mormon Nauvoo temple included 30 2.5-ton stones depicting the radiant Sun and 30 moonstones before the building was destroyed.

Smith said the Sunstone symbolized the Mormon’s “Celestial Kingdom” – another steal from Freemasonry. Sunstones, Moonstones, Saturn stones, star stones, Earth stones, and a depiction of Ursa Major, are all to be found on the Salt Lake Temple.

So, too, is the Illuminati’s all-seeing eye, one of their most obvious symbols. The Mormons use the symbol of the beehive, a symbol of the Merovingian bloodline. This is hardly surprising with the two Smiths and Brigham Young from that genetic stream. The beehive is further symbolic of the ancient Goddess Artemis, also known as Diana.

The Salt Lake Temple is built with granite, a rock that has been used throughout the ages for temples on Earth power centres and for esoteric initiation. When I spoke in Salt Lake City, near the Temple, I came across the fascinating book by William J. Schnoebelen called Mormonism’s Temple Of Doom (Triple J Pub., Idaho Falls: 1987). Schnoebelen was initiated into the Wicca pagan religion, then into Freemasonry, before going through the Mormon initiation in the Salt Lake Temple. He shows in great detail that all three initiations were the same.

They have the same oaths, secret handshakes, and garb. We are looking at one face hidden by many masks. Joseph Smith even used the Freemason’s code for distress in his dying words.

When a Freemason is in trouble he says:

“O Lord, my God! Is there no help for the widow’s son?”

Smith’s dying words included:

“Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow’s son!”

He also gave the Freemasonic sign of distress. Joseph Smith carried a dove medallion given to him by an English Masonic lodge and the dove is Illuminati symbolism for Queen Semiramis (El), the female deity in their Babylonian trinity and for the Dragon queens. Today the Mormons, as an important branch of the Illuminati, have a strong influence in Washington. Congressman Orrin Hatch, an elder (El-der) of the Mormon Church, is one of their representatives, but there are many others.

The rank-and-file Mormons who knock on your door or stop you in the street with their scrubbed faces and their smart clothes have no idea about any of this. When I visited Salt Lake City in 1999, two lovely Mormon girls gave me a tour of the temple site. One was from Thailand, the other from Hong Kong. They had been working day and night back home to earn the money to pay for their flight to America and all their expenses for the “privilege” of serving the church in this way.

They told me what the hierarchy told them to tell all the visitors, and they repeated their script without question. I told them a few facts about the “Jesus” story and they said they had no idea this information existed. I asked them if there was any significance in the fact that the founders of the Mormon Church were Freemasons.

They looked at each other in bewilderment and eventually one said “What are Freemasons?”

This is the way the few control the many. Then there is the strange story of the toad, which Smith said appeared when he went to find the plates on which the Mormon religion was founded. Smith worked from time to time for the family of Benjamin Saunders. In an interview in September 1884, which is still in the Mormon library archives, Saunders says that Smith described how he saw a toad-like amphibian transform into a man.

Saunders said:

“I heard Joe tell my mother and sister how he procured the plates. He said he was directed by an angel to where it was. He went in the night to get the plates. When he took the plates there was something down near the box that looked something like a toad that rose up into a man which forbid him to take the plates. …He told his story just as earnestly as anyone could. He seemed to believe all he said.”15

In 1833, Willard Chase corroborated the story in an affidavit:

“He saw in the box something like a toad, which soon assumed the appearance of a man, and struck him on the side of his head.”

Given the evidence available to expose the Mormon Church for what it really is, one may think that its followers must have also been struck on the side of the head by a blow of some considerable power. But so many people find blind faith a source of such comfort that they will defend their belief to the death, even though they, themselves, are victims of it.

You can find more detail about the real Mormon Church in the Religious Archives at, and elsewhere on the Internet. There is a Mormon expose site run by two former Mormons, Jerald and Sandra Tanner, at

Sandra Tanner is the great, great, granddaughter of Brigham Young.

Mormon satanism

So the Mormon religion was founded by Freemasons, uses Freemasonic, Illuminati, and ancient rituals and symbols, and is big into blood atonement and terrible vengeance for revealing the secrets. It has all the signs of being a front for Satanism and so it is. I have received many testimonies from the victims of Mormon Satanism and mind control and the following story is indicative of all of them. It comes from a woman who was brought up in the Mormon faith in Utah.

She told me that “most of the early faithful were from the Merovingian bloodline, which is Illuminati” and that the abuse of children was handed down through the generations to create robotic-slaves of trauma-based mind control.

“They helped each other by abusing each others’ children and traumatizing them to split their minds,” she said.

It is interesting how many “faiths” encourage, even demand, that people marry within their “church”.

As researchers of trauma-based mind control have established, the Illuminati are looking for families with a history of child abuse and trauma because each new generation of these bloodlines becomes more open to mind control as their DNA is reprogrammed by the experiences. To have family networks of abused children is to have a breeding ground for those who are more open to mind control than the rest of the population.

If you ensure that these family networks are of the Anunnaki bloodline, you have hit the jackpot. You have people who are both very open to mind control and, through their genetics, it is easier for the fourth-dimension entities to “possess” their bodies. The Mormon Church, of course, is obsessed with genetics and bloodlines and its massive genealogical data banks are used by the Illuminati to keep records of who has the reptilian bloodline and who does not.

Researcher Alan Walton writes:

“My genealogical line intersects with the ancestry of the English royal family, and from what I understand many of the hybrid lines have ended up in the neo-Masonic lodge known as the Mormon/LDS church, which serves as a cover for many of the old reptilian blood lines… possibly the reason why LDS prefer large families, i.e. to ‘breed’ out the normal human genetic lines to be replaced by reptilian/hybrid lines? I am familiar with many, many Mormon cultured hybrid abductees who are also MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder].

However I have also found that there is tremendous pressure placed on these people especially in Utah (one of the major underground nesting areas for both reptilians and hybrids) NOT to discuss their abductions, even though the Mormon church officially does teach in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. There are, however, even more full-blooded reptilian and hybrid blood lines who reside permanently in the underground society, and who are sold-out Satanic worshipping, blood-festing, shape shifters.”16

I will call my Mormon informant Jane, because, like most of the people who tell their stories, they are concerned for the consequences.17 This is especially true when they have seen at close hand what these guys will do. She said the first Mormon ritual she attended was in Bountiful, Utah, wearing the dress her mother had made for her fourth birthday.

A woman beat her with branches from a tree and she was told:

“See, Jesus doesn’t love you and he is not going to save you.”

This is straight from the manual of trauma-based mind control.

Jane said the beating was so intense that she left her body and was watching herself being hit. This often happens in these circumstances and it is the mind “dissociating” (splitting, withdrawing and distancing itself) from the trauma. People of certain bloodlines with family histories of child abuse dissociate easily, and each time they do so another compartment is created in their mind.

The woman who beat her was the one who welcomed the children at the Sunday school.

When Jane saw her the next Sunday, she did not recognize her because the trauma had been compartmentalized. But she reacted by kicking and screaming, although she did not know why at the time. Since her memories have begun to return, as they have for many such victims, she recalled vividly being placed in a cedar chest and the lid secured.

She was left in there until she lost consciousness and when she was revived she was told that Jesus didn’t love her and that Satan had come to save her. This happened several times and was designed, obviously, to turn her allegiance to Satanism. She also has memories of nearly drowning many times. She says she was belittled, beaten, and starved. Her father would eat in front of her and her brother while they went hungry. Her mother was treated the same. All this is classic mind control technique.

When people go for long periods without food and are mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted, they are more open to suggestion. After world wars, for example, the global population is most open to suggestion because they are mentally, emotionally, and, at least many, physically exhausted. When Jane’s family moved to Murray, Utah, her school sent her to a social worker once a week and he sexually abused her.

She was told she would be in big trouble if she revealed the secret. As we’ve seen, children are often told that they or their loved ones, including their animals, will be slaughtered if they ever tell anyone. They are also drugged and made to perform sacrifices on other children. This is videoed and played back to them in a non-drugged state. They are told that if they don’t do as they are told the police will be shown the video and they will be locked in prison.

Jane remembers at least two occasions when her parents held her down and gave her a shot of something from a syringe, and the sexual abuse of her and her brother was incessant:

“I was sodomized so badly during those years that I developed fissures in my rectum three different times. It never occurred to me to tell my mother because the programming to keep the secret was so in place…. I just suffered in silence. I also remember this man using my mother for sex and she has no memory of it at all.” 18

She says she was taken to the most secret Mormon rites at the Salt Lake Temple at the age of 20. Instead of entering the temple through the front door, she was taken through a tunnel under the street. I was sent some material just after my visit to Salt Lake City, which was claimed to come from a military source. It described how the Mormon temple is on top of a reptilian underground base that could be accessed from the temple itself.

Many ancient pyramids, temples, mounds, and other earthworks also had entrances to underground reptilian cities. Jane was taken through a tunnel to a place called the Pink Room. There she saw several of the Mormon leaders dressed in black worshipping Lucifer in a ritual called True Order of Prayer. This is a ritual form of the ceremony the regular Mormons go through with all the signs, tokens, and penalties.

She said she saw one Mormon leader, a President Benson, tied to a chair and gagged when he refused to watch the sacrifice. When he still refused to participate, she says he was put in a white bag, like a laundry bag, and they all beat him.

Jane also experienced the unexplainable disappearance of fetuses she was carrying:

“I would be fine and three or five months pregnant with not a sign of anything wrong and then I would not be able to feel my baby by feeling my abdomen or feel it move and I would not be pregnant. One time I was very far-gone, but I don’t know how far, maybe seven months, and the baby disappeared and I was kept drugged for six weeks. When I came out of being drugged I felt my stomach and there was no baby.

“A couple of years ago I remembered delivering that baby in a room… I was attended by two men that I don’t know and one said he was the father of the baby. After he was born, they held him up for me to see and I never saw him again and have never known what happened to him. I also remember having four babies removed from my body and them being sacrificed while I was tied to a cross shaped stone alter. Everyone had on black robes and hoods and we were underground in a cave or something.

I also remember seeing two monsters fighting furiously dripping blood and fighting about what they were eating. They were reptilian and looked something like the dinosaurs that a teacher at school used to show us. I don’t know what they were eating. I keep thinking that my mind wants to heal and I have to face that they ate my baby, but for now I can’t handle it so I think of it as just a nightmare. I can’t get the furiousness of them eating out of my mind. It is so horrific.” 19

I’m afraid that eating the baby is exactly what they were doing.

The scene that Jane describes under the Salt Lake City Temple is the same as that described by Arizona Wilder at the rituals conducted for the British royal family at places like Balmoral Castle. When we read all those ancient stories of sacrifices to the “gods”, including the thousands sacrificed by the Aztecs of Central America alone, we are looking at literal sacrifices to literal “gods”.

Jane said:

“The blood that they crave is like a homeopathic formula for our feelings and thoughts to be transmitted to them.”

She said that she would see the greys and tall beings with black robes. Her children and daughter in law would also see them, she said.

“[What] was so weird is that we could feel them around, but not always see them. They seemed to delight in showing themselves to me separately when I was alone.”

Her daughter-in-law became pregnant with twins who disappeared before birth and she became an alcoholic, and committed suicide because of her experiences. Jane became pregnant again and, in May 1992, shortly after hearing strange, but familiar, “whooshing” noises in the house, she started to hemorrhage.

She was rushed to hospital where only the placenta was found:

“The baby had gone and the cord was sheared off like somebody cut off a piece of liver, but that part had not bled, only where the placenta was tearing away from the uterus. The sac was entirely missing also. I was very upset and knew what had happened, but of course could not discuss it with the medical personnel.

I now think that the first noises that I heard were beings coming to harvest the baby, but I was not asleep or controlled by the sound in the usual way. They must have gotten it later because when the placenta came out the baby had been extracted earlier.” 20

In October 1992, the month her husband died of cancer, she says she was lying on her bed with only a robe on when a light came through the window and burned a hole in her abdomen about the size of a pencil all the way into the organs.

“It was probably the height of the uterus but to the right side a little bit.”

This caused a serious infection, she said, and she has since had huge burns on her abdomen.

She recalls that the doctor asked how she got the burn and she could only tell him that it was there when she woke up.

“I just told him he couldn’t handle the rest of the story. He could not figure it out, but wanted me to have skin grafts and I told him no. He made the appointment and kept pestering me to go which I refused. I got it healed up after several weeks and it is smooth, but still quite red. The second time that it happened it was at least the size of a hand spread out.”

I have been told stories along the same lines by mind control and Satanic ritual victims in many religions because they are ultimately one religion, the Illuminati. Staggeringly, in the circumstances, Jane has shown enormous determination to recover her compartmentalized mind and, as this continues, more memories of what happened flood back into her consciousness reality.

She has been helped, she said, by a deep faith in Jesus. I find that many recovering mind slaves hold on to a strong belief in Jesus and this appears to be part of their programming. It’s the double bind. They use Jesus as the opposing polarity to “Satan” and play these off against each other in the victim’s mind.

So whichever aspect of the programming they access, they are connected to an Illuminati deity.

Jehovah’s mind control cult

The Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Watchtower Society, is another Illuminati religion used for mind control and a front for Satanism. It systematically disconnects its members from non-members in the way of all mind-control cults. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are a replica of the Mormons, even down to the Freemasonic founders, like Charles Taze Russell.

It’s amazing how everything fits together in the world of the Illuminati if you are prepared to dig deep enough. The people and organizations that attack and abuse each other in public, or appear to be in competition, turn out over and over to be different masks on the same face. We are told the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses are different organizations that stand for different “beliefs” and the followers of both would be aghast at the thought that they could be connected in any way.

But the mass of unthinking followers in any religion are merely the fodder and the screen behind which the real business goes on.

Charles Taze Russell was from the Illuminati’s Russell bloodline, which also founded the infamous Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. Russell was a Satanist, a pedophile according to his wife, and a friend of the Rothschilds. Indeed it was the Rothschilds who funded the Jehovah’s Witness operation into existence, along with other Illuminati bankers. They enjoyed “contributions” from organizations like the Rothschild-controlled B’nai B’rith, which also helped the Mormons.

This was proved in a court of law in Switzerland in 1922, according to researcher, Fritz Springmeier. One of the key people involved in these contributions was Frank Goldman who later became President of B’nai B’rith. Why would an organization set up (in theory) to help Jewish people and promote the Jewish faith, be funding the Jehovah’s Witnesses? I think the name Rothschild answers the question.

Charles Taze Russell was a high-degree Freemason and Knights Templar. He promoted Zionism, another Rothschild creation, on behalf of his friends and backers. 21 Russell’s family was formerly known as Roessel and went to Scotland from Germany. Both are massive occult centers. Germany is where the Rothschilds emerged and Scotland is one of the key areas of the world for Illuminati bloodlines. 22

From the start, Charles Russell used his new Watchtower Society, based at Bethel, Brooklyn, New York, as a front for black magic, or Enochian magic as his brand of Satanism was called. He put the flying Sun disk on the front of his books, an ancient Illuminati symbol going back to Egypt and Babylon. The Watchtower magazine has always been a mass of subliminal and less subliminal occult symbolism and the very name, Watchtower, is part of Illuminati and Freemasonic legend and code.

To them watchtowers are areas of the “magical universe”, the unseen realms. Russell was buried under a pyramid in the United States after, according to some researchers, he was ritually killed on Halloween 1917. As I’ve said, these leading Satanists of the Illuminati are ritually killed when their time comes, so their occult power can be passed on.

The Jehovah’s Witness organization is named over and over by survivors of trauma-based mind control for being involved, like the Mormon Church, in unspeakable mind control projects. The Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses are the same organization at the top level where the El-ders of the Mormons and the Watchtower Society operate a very different agenda to the one revealed to their followers.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are told to believe in and welcome Armageddon because that’s the day the world will be destroyed and only they will avoid the holocaust. We billions of non-believers will perish. But I am quite looking forward to that when I think of what the world would be like with Jehovah’s Witnesses in charge.

The Jehovah prophets have predicted this Armageddon over and over since their religion was created, but as each date has passed, another date has been announced to replace it. Witnesses and their children are separated from society and only the minimum necessary contact with non-believers is encouraged.

This isolates them from other information and visions of reality, and families are broken up by disconnecting Witnesses from non-Witnesses. While this isolation from mainstream society goes on, they attend meetings three times each week to be brainwashed with the religion’s dogma, hatred, and fear.

Look at these examples from their own publications:

“Is it proper for a Christian witness of Jehovah to have business relationships with one who has been disfellowshipped? Generally speaking, it would be desirable for us to have no contact with disfellowshipped persons, either in business or in social and spiritual ways.” (The Watchtower, December 1st 1952, p 735)

“In the case of the disfellowshipped relative who does not live in the same house, contact with him is also kept to what is absolutely necessary. As with secular employment, this contact is limited and even curtailed completely if at all possible.” (The Watchtower, July15th 1963, p 443)

“In faithfulness to God, none in the congregation should greet such persons when meeting them in public, nor should they welcome these into their homes.” (Organization, 1972 ed. p 172)

As always with mind-control cults, which all religions are in the end, there is the pressure not to think or question:

“Avoid independent thinking! How is such independent thinking manifested? A common way is by questioning the council that is provided by God’s visible organization.” (The Watchtower, January15th 1983, p 22)

“Fight Against Independent Thinking! Yet there are some who point out that the organization has had to make adjustments before, and so they argue: that shows that we have to make up our own mind on what we believe. This is independent thinking. Why is it the danger? Such thinking is an evidence of pride.” (The Watchtower, January15th 1983, p 27)

And then there is the call for Witnesses to hate in the name of their god. Very appropriate given the hateful nature of the Biblical Jehovah:

“In order to hate what is bad a Christian must hate the person with whom the badness is inseparably linked.” (The Watchtower, July15th 1961, p 420)

“We must hate in the truest sense, which is to regard extreme and active aversion, to consider as loathsome, odious, filthy, to detest. Surely any haters of God are not fit to live on his beautiful Earth. What do you do with anything loathsome or repugnant that you detest and abhor? The answer is simple. You get away from it or remove from your presence. You do not want to have anything at all to do with it. This must be exactly our attitude toward the haters of Jehovah.” (The Watchtower, October 1st 1952, p 599)

I have met many people who have seen their families destroyed by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and their mental dictatorship. Children will not talk to their parents, brothers and sisters (and vice versa) because they believe them to be evil for not worshipping Jehovah. When people leave the organization, no matter how much they may have served its cause, they are treated like lepers and their children who remain in the religion, are told to hate them and refuse to speak with them.

The former Witness who sent those Watchtower quotes to my website, wrote:

“I was a Jehovah Witness for 37 years. I disassociated myself from the organization due to the extreme control and manipulation of the people. Because I choose not to be a Jehovah Witness I am ostracized and shunned. I am not allowed to see my relatives that are still trapped in a hard and cold and unforgiving religion. I am not allowed to see my nieces and nephews. The shunning laws are breaking up many families, causing many divorces, also driving people to suicide.” 23

But then what does the Watchtower leadership care?

The organization is not there to serve the interests of its members. It is there, and always has been, to serve the Illuminati. Witnesses are discouraged from listening to popular music, celebrating festivals and holidays with non-witnesses, and urged to read the Bible every day.

The way they should interpret that Bible, however, is laid down by the hierarchy in Brooklyn, New York (one of the Illuminati’s global centers). They are told to take everything literally and so when Acts 15:29 speaks of the need to “abstain from blood”, the Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood transfusions even if it means their child will die. What greater level of mind control can you have than that?

Hebrews 10:25 says:

“Do not forsake the gathering of yourselves together” and this is used to pressure people to attend Kingdom Hall meetings five times a week.

Not only the minds, but the clothing and hairstyles of the Witnesses are monitored. Every area of their lives is dictated, including the movies and television programs they should and should not watch; celebrating birthdays; lotteries; relationships after divorce; inter-racial marriage; drinking tea and coffee; wearing cosmetics and jewellery; national anthems; contraception methods; oral sex in marriage, and masturbation.

The latter is forbidden, but then just allowing yourself to take this crap would qualify you for the title of “wanker”, surely? While all Witnesses may not submit to all of these impositions to begin with, the repetition defeats them in the end with the power of the group submerging the individual. Serious rebellion is “counseled” and the threat made of “disfellowship”.

Some have been thrown out for documenting the provable errors in Watchtower literature and history. No questioning or rebellion against the leadership is tolerated, and Witnesses are pressured to inform on each other. This creates the nowhere-to-run, no-where-to-hide, mentality that is always used in mind control operations. The micro-chip and the explosion of spy cameras are designed to have the same effect on the collective mind. Doing anything “wrong” becomes so difficult to keep private and the consequences of it become so harsh that in the end the most determined of rebels can be worn down and battered into conforming.

Encouraging Witnesses to “confess their sins” to an El-der opens the way for unlimited blackmail. Nor is the privacy of these confessions maintained, as former Witnesses have confirmed. They are kept in a constant state of fear and unworthiness, another foundation of mind control programs.

If you want to give your mind and your life away, join the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. In fact, join any religion.

If you look through the Religious Archives on my website, you will see the scale of Satanism and child abuse in the churches of all denominations. Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pentecostal, all of them. And they are a fraction of the cases that are known, let alone the far greater number that go unreported.

What is even more sickening is the way such crimes against children and others are covered up to protect the “good name” of the church. Not only are the stories on which the churches are founded a blatant fabrication, they do not even follow the more positive aspects of those faiths. The most senior Roman Catholic in Britain, the Archbishop of Westminster, has been exposed for allowing a known pedophile to continue working as a priest. The church secretly paid compensation to two of his victims to keep them quiet and they never informed the police.

The priest, Father Michael Hill, was sheltered from public exposure by Archbishop Murphy-O’Connor and appointed as chaplain to Gatwick Airport. There he abused a youngster who missed his flight and went to the airport chapel for comfort. Hill was jailed for five years in 1997.

One of his many victims, then aged nine, told BBC radio:

“He used to come in to me, kneel next to my bed and start reading me stories about Jesus…you know, the Lord… and he used to put his hand under the cover and down my pajama bottoms. I used to hate it, you know, my worst nightmare.”

Archbishop Murphy-O’Connor, a man officially appointed by the Pope, was warned in 1983 that Hill was a child abuser, but continued to support him. The Archbishop says the church takes child protection very seriously.

Oh really? I think priest protection and own-skin protection is a rather higher priority.

The new age, old age, religion

You would not think, on the face of it, that Christianity would have anything in common with the so-called “New Age”, but it has.

The New Age claims to have rejected the official religions to pursue a “personal” and “direct” connection with what we call “God”. In fact, while I have much in common with the metaphysical basis of much “New Age” thought, that’s where the connection ends.

The “New Age” is just the latest Illuminati religion created to seize the minds of those who cannot be imprisoned by official religion or what we bravely call “science”. Understanding the metaphysical nature of multi-density, multi-dimensional life, is far too close to the truth. Something must be done. So vast swathes of the New Age is populated by those in the ultimate illusion: those who are convinced they are thinking and feeling for themselves when they have simply given their minds away to another master.

It could be a “channeled” entity from another density, “Ashtar Command” (an Illuminati-created myth of some extraterrestrial “saviors”), or the apparently endless stream of gurus and “Living Gods on Earth”.

I have seen many over the years on videos and at conferences of various kinds. The audience are in awe of these people and yet at least the majority, are either multi-personality programmed operatives for the Illuminati or consciously conning their followers. There is no difference between these New Age heroes and the television “Christian” evangelists who fleece and mislead the watching millions.

The times I have heard these New Age saviors saying that some entity or other had said this or that had happened or was happening when it was provably not true. One guy told his fawning audience that he and his team had changed the vibration of the vehicle pollution in Phoenix, Arizona, and so dramatically reduced the fumes. This claim was greeted with wild applause.

So when I drove through Phoenix later that same day, the fume cloud hanging over city and the pollution I breathed in must have been a figment of my imagination.

Sigh Baa, Baa

I can offer no greater example of the New Age conmen and the millions who hand over their minds to them, than Sai Baba. This guy is a guru figure worshipped as a “Living God on Earth” by vast numbers of people worldwide and at all levels of society. He operates from his “Ashram” in Puttaparthi, India. Thousands go there and just sit in vacant awe at this man in the long orange frock. I attended an event once in England in which the audience was asked to sing a song of worship to Sai Baba by a woman almost overcome with emotion for this “god”.

But do you know who Sai Baba really is?

A pedophile, con man, thief and almost certainly worse. Don’t take my word for it. Ask people who have worked closely with him for 20 years and more. Long-time Baba devotees, Faye and David Bailey, have massively exposed him as a colossal fraud from their own experiences and by collating evidence from countless others who have seen that Baba is a manufactured myth.

The accounts of his sexual abuse of children, teenagers, and adult men, are enormous, and he is described as a thoroughly vicious piece of work.

He is famous for producing “vibhuti”, an ash substance, and “valuable” watches, rings, and trinkets “out of nowhere”, by manifesting them from another dimension. The Baileys, and the stream of testimonies they have compiled, proved that the “vibhuti” was manufactured in tablets from roasted cow dung and kept hidden between Baba’s third and fourth fingers until required to “manifest”.

The “valuable” jewellery turned out to be worthless trinkets purchased in the local village and elsewhere. Baba “materialized” a ring for David Bailey, which, the living god told him, was of great commercial value. When he took it to a jeweller in southern India for repair, the man in the shop immediately recognized it as a “Sai Baba ring”.

He said that the stone was a valueless zircon and underneath he would find a piece of silver paper to make the zircon glitter. When the stone was removed, there indeed was the silver paper and the jeweller said that the rings were made especially for Baba to “manifest”. The Baileys also document how Baba has conned people and the local community out of tens of millions of dollars and how he is implicated in a number of murders.

This is the man to whom millions have conceded their minds, left their families, and married others purely on Baba’s say so. For the full details of Baba’s child abuse and con trickery, contact Faye and David Bailey, read their quarterly newsletter, The Findings, 24 and see the Religious Archives on my website.

Religion and much of its New Age mirror is a cesspit of lies, corruption, hypocrisy, and iniquity. By that I don’t mean everyone who goes to church, follows a faith, or operates within New Age circles. Hundreds of millions of genuine people are involved in the old religions and the New Age. I mean those who control these Illuminati fronts and use them as a veil for the very behavior and abuse they claim to oppose. But they say there is one born every minute and, with religion, it must be every ten seconds.

These guys can only manipulate religion so effortlessly because there seems to be an endless supply of people desperate to give their minds away. When the Baileys began to expose Sai Baba, a couple of his devotees phoned to say that they knew that what was being exposed was true.

But, the couple said,

“…he is God and God can do anything he likes”.

There are still Christians being injured and even killed who handle snakes.

They do this because it says in Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 16, Verse 17:

“They shall take up serpents.”

Dewey Chafin, quoted in the American People Magazine, said: “See, I handle serpents because it’s in the Bible, like a commandment. And I drink strychnine because the Bible says it won’t hurt me. Now, either every word in that Bible is right or it’s wrong.”

And a few people can’t control the world? It’s a doddle.



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