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Philippe de Chérisey

Philippe Louis Henri Marie de Chérisey, 9th marquess de Chérisey (13 February 1923 – 17 July 1985) was a French writer, radio humorist, surrealist and supporting actor (using the stage name Amédée).

He is best known for his creation of fake parchments published in the 1967 book L’Or de Rennes by Gérard de Sède, as part of his involvement in the Priory of Sion hoax between 1962-1983.

Coming from a wealthy family in the Lorraine, de Chérisey decided to become an actor against his family’s wishes. He enrolled in the René Simon drama school in 1946 where he started his actor’s training, [1] and his most notable film appearance was in Jeux interdits in 1952. He was known as a bon viveur, regularly enjoyed wine and frequented public libraries where his natural curiosity made him follow up anything that took his fancy.

Philippe de Chérisey was a follower of the surrealist movement, who claimed acquaintance with Eugene Ionesco and was like him a member of the College of Pataphysics, although – like his membership of Oulipo – there is no evidence that he was actively involved. His desire to subvert the norms of culture, or in other words, create an alternate reality that became more real than reality itself, was done within the context of the Priory of Sion and to promote the claim that Pierre Plantard was the direct descendant of Dagobert II. He considered himself a satirist from his days in French radio, and continued this persona within the theme of the Priory of Sion calling himself a prankster. The best known example of this is his esoteric novella Circuit (originally written in 1968, but not actually deposited within the Bibliothèque nationale de France until 1971).

By the early 1960s Philippe de Chérisey met Pierre Plantard, and together they developed an interest in Rennes-le-Château. From the mid-1950s local hotelier Noël Corbu circulated a story to boost trade, that the 19th century priest Bérenger Saunière of Rennes-le-Château had discovered the treasure of Blanche of Castile. The author Robert Charroux published Corbu’s story in his 1962 book Trésors du Monde. [2] In a letter dated 2 April 1965 to his girlfriend, de Chérisey wrote: “Don’t tell anyone, but I’ll be setting out again for four days in the Pyrenees with Plantard to see if we can get any closer to Mary Magdalene.” [3] A mixture of de Chérisey’s humor and surrealism can be identified within his activities relating to the Priory of Sion hoax, Gisors and Rennes-le-Château, contained in his correspondence as well as in his documents that he deposited in the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris.


During the early 1960s de Chérisey forged two parchments, photocopies of which appeared in the 1967 book L’Or de Rennes by Gérard de Sède. [4] De Sède’s book adapted Corbu’s story to fit-in with Plantard’s claims about the Priory of Sion. The parchments hinted at the survival of the line of the Frankish king Dagobert II, that Plantard claimed to be descended from, as well as attempting to verify the existence of the 1000-year-old secret society, the Priory of Sion. The two “parchments” were later used as source material for the 1982 book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, which was itself used as a primary source for the 2003 bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code. Other documents, containing fake genealogies, were planted in the French National Library, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Pierre Plantard and Gérard de Sède fell out over book royalties when L’Or de Rennes was published in 1967, at the same time Philippe de Chérisey announced that he had forged the “parchments”. De Chérisey elaborated about this in his 1978 unpublished document L’Énigme de Rennes, claiming they were originally made for his friend Francis Blanche, as material for a French radio serial entitled Signé Furax. [5] A second document by de Chérisey entitled Pierre et papier (“Stone and Paper”) provides a more detailed explanation, giving the more complicated decoding technique to one of the “parchments” by using a Knight’s Tour 25-letter alphabet, omitting the letter “w”, the knowledge of which can only be known to the forger. [6] An English translation of this document, together with a reproduction of the original, was published by Jean-Luc Chaumeil in 2010. [7]

Details of the forgeries

The text of one “parchment” (parchment 1) was copied from Codex Bezae, [8] an Old Latin/Greek diglot from the 5th century CE contained in the book by Fulcran Grégoire Vigouroux, Dictionnaire De La Bible (1895). [9]

Philippe de Chérisey’s reason for copying the passage from the Codex Bezae was his interest in the phrase “In Sabbato Secundo Primo”, also found in the Gospel of Luke 6:1. Philippe de Chérisey stated: “This phrase has given headaches to the anonymous (secret) societies. It has to be said that ‘A day of Sabbath, second first’ is not really translatable. No one has ever heard of that. So, as the disciples walk through a cornfield and, being hungry, eat the corn, there and then, it must mean ‘Second Sabbath following the first day of the shewbread.’ This is the only interpretation we could find.” De Chérisey went on to provide his own interpretation: “In Sabbato Secundo Primo does not mean ‘A day of Sabbath, second first’ but rather ‘As second in command, Sabassius became first.’ What is interesting is that the witches’ meetings are called ‘Sabbaths’, not because of the Jewish celebrations, but because of Sabassius, god of the Phrygians”. [10]

This “parchment” also contained an encrypted message written in modern French: “À Dagobert II Roi et à Sion est ce trésor et il est là mort.” (translated as “To King Dagobert II and to Sion does this treasure belong, and he is there, dead”).

De Chérisey also chose to copy material from Vigouroux because he was a priest connected with the Church of St Sulpice, a location that had been exploited as part of the Priory of Sion myths as created by Plantard and de Chérisey, so de Chérisey’s utilisation of this priest fitted in nicely into these myths.

According to an investigation into the Priory of Sion hoax by the American news program 60 Minutes, the other document (parchment 2) was copied from a 19th-century version of the Latin Vulgate published by John Wordsworth and Henry J. White Novum Testamentum Domini Nostri Iesu Christi latine secundum sancti Hieronymi (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1889–1954), [11] and the original forged “parchments” are now in the possession of Jean-Luc Chaumeil, a French writer, who states that he had their age analyzed, and it was confirmed that they were merely decades old, not centuries. Chaumeil also has letters by de Chérisey, which contain proof that De Chérisey was knowingly engaging in a fraud.

That Philippe de Chérisey was not a specialist of Latin paleography and had even a bit lost his Latin knowledge (got from high school) is demonstrated in his copying of the Latin Text from the Codex Bezae for one of his “parchments”: for instance, he made several of the most basic errors in copying the Latin uncials, which therefore garbles the spelling of multiple words. This information is frequently omitted by those who present the “parchments” as being authentic.

In an interview during the 1970s with author Jean-Luc Chaumeil, Philippe de Chérisey asserted: “the parchments of the Gospel according to Saint Luke fabricated by me and for which I pinched the uncial text from the work L’archéologie chrétienne (Christian Archaeology) by Dom Cabrol at the National Library, section C25”. [12]

Philippe de Chérisey asserted in a letter dated 29 January 1974 to French author Pierre Jarnac: “P.S. Do you know that the famous manuscripts supposedly discovered by the Abbé Saunière were composed in 1965? And that I took responsibility for being the author?” [13]

According to Henry Lincoln, one of the co-authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail, Plantard admitted to him in person that the various documents had been forged, and identified de Chérisey as their creator. [14]

Relationship with Plantard

A schism developed between Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chérisey in 1983, when de Chérisey began collaborating with Paul Rouelle (his dentist) on a book which would have incorporated the Priory of Sion concepts. [15]

French author Pierre Jarnac reproduced part of a letter he received dated 22 May 1985 from Pierre Plantard: “You need to know only that I have no involvement whatsoever with the ‘deathless prose’ of Monsieur Philippe de Chérisey, who was the co-author with Monsieur Paul Rouelle of the book COURT-CIRCUIT, lodged with the BN in December 1984 or January 1985, which dragged my name through the mud. The Marquis de Chérisey was a good friend of mine from university days, but I very often disapprove of his books which are really quite bizarre.” [16]

Philippe de Chérisey died in Paris on the 17th of July 1985, while working to finish an encyclopedia of trema. [17] His funeral was held at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Paris and he was buried in the family vault at Rœux (Pas-de-Calais). [18]

His death was announced by Gino Sandri in number 10 of Etudes Mérovingiennes (August 1985), the journal of the association Cercle Saint Dagobert II.

Un mauvais quart d’heure à passer, ou La Vengeance de la grosse molaire (Pierre Billard et Pierre Tchernia, 1949). Bibliothèque nationale, manuscript 4-YA RAD- 4097

with Grégoire (= Roland Dubillard), Livre à vendre, Paris : Éditions de Paris (1957, new edition Paris : J.-C. Simoën, 1977).

Anacharsis à l’Exposition : Textes d’Amédée, présentés par Philippe Dasnoy, Bruxelles: Éditions Jeune Belgique (1958), 2 vols (letters read by the author during the “Étoile 58” Belgian radio-programme).

Le pied à coulisse (Radiodiffusion française, 1960). Bibliothèque nationale, manuscript 4- YA RAD- 8630.

Circuit (dated 1968, deposited in the Bibliothèque nationale 28 June 1971; EL 4-Y-413). Slightly different versions of this novel exist in the possession of private individuals

L’Or de Rennes pour un Napoléon (1975). Bibliothèque nationale, 4-LB44-2360

L’Enigme de Rennes (1978). Bibliothèque nationale, EL 4-Z PIECE-110 and EL 4-Z PIECE-111

“Jarry lecteur de Poe et de Shakespeare”, in AARevue 115 (janvier-février 1979), Liège.

“Catalogue des circonflexes communs”, “Circonflexe des propres” et “Circonflexe et Tréma”, in AARevue 123 (“Absolu 107”, sept.-oct. 1979).

Lettre ouverte à Monsieur Laurent Dailliez (1980). Bibliothèque nationale, EL 4-Y PIECE- 344

Court-circuit by Paul Rouelle, avec un feu d’artifices de Ph. de Cherisey, Liège : P. Rouelle (1983, enlarged ed. Paris : l’Oeil du sphinx, 2010).

“Jésus Christ, sa femme et les mérovingiens”, in Nostra L’Actualite Insolite (Number 584, 1983).

L’Affaire Jean-Luc Chaumeil (1984). Bibliothèque nationale, EL 4-Z PIECE-245

Un veau à cinq pattes: notes sur l’oeuvre de l’abbé H. Boudet, sur ses sources, son tempérament, son idéal et sa vie (France secret, 2008). ISBN 978-2-916797-16-8

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Chaumeil – de Cherisey – Sandri

Third and last part of the interview consecrated to his relations with Philippe de Cherisey, Gino Sandri and André Douzet. He evokes his next book too.

Gazette de Rennes-le-Château : Philippe de Cherisey occupied a particular place in the trio. Which was his role?

Pierre Plantard et Philippe de Cherisey (© Jean-Luc Chaumeil)

Jean-Luc Chaumeil : After Porthos, you have with Aramis, Marquis Philippe de Cherisey, gentleman-actor, great drunkard before the Almighty, Knight of the Round Table, member of the Cincinnati whose testament appears in the famous”Pierre et Papier” what we’ll publish in our next book, twenty years after his death, after his wishes. I admit pouring more than a tear in August 1985, he who had found the secret of Death thanks to his sword Excalibur. By the way, to him this book is dedicated as to Daniel Réju and Moreau de Valdan, the Grand Druid of the Ligurian Brotherhood. Philippe was a very elegant person, mindful of his person, great scholar and a fine swordsman in the debate. But he had a tendency to make too much, carried away by his passion and Gargantuan verve. I learned in one of his letters that I had discovered the secret in the valley of crosses or Rennes-les Bains. He called Plantard, basileus, the Greek king and had dug with him at Gisors, in the cellars of Madame Breton where they had found tons of fiente by way of Templar treasure, then in Rennes area, notably the source of la Madeleine. At my mother, he had to intervene in the context of the Priory of Sion, but Plantard refused, sensing the danger. A pity, “Sacred Enigma” maybe hadn’t appeared. Then came the first days of January 1981. Cherisey meant to go to Blois, mesmerized by the daring of his master, but in vain. Plantard had not invited him and for a reason,. Plantard hadn’t left Colombes that day, the previous day like the next days. I was stalking and my hideout, although incomfortable, was very efficient. For Cherisey, it was over, even if, next, he received some symbolic crumbs which never fooled him! As for Plantard, vexed by Philippe’s American friends, he did not attend his burial! Plantard, stolen and exploited by the English, returned grovelling after Pelat’s affair, gave up his practical jokes for a while which some well-meaning persons were to resume!

Gazette : Of the trio, Gino Sandri is alive alone still. In which circumstances did you meet him and which was his place in the priory of Sion?

Gino Sandri (© Georges Combe)

Jean-Luc Chaumeil : I knew Gino Sandri since a good quarter of century. He has not changed and I consider him the Poulidor of esoterism. In my first interview made on the site by Jean-Patrick Pourtal, I said I had met him a simple reader who wanted, at any cost, to meet Pierre Plantard. That was done during the filming for BBC at my mother, in her gallery, 10 rue du roi de Sicile. Present were Henri Lincoln, Michael Baigent, Richard Lee, Roy Davis, marquis Philippe de Cherisey, Pierre Plantard and his wife, your servant and his wife, and Gino Sandri. The latter, at this time, titled himself “secretary of Monsieur Canseliet”! He swore by “Fulcanelli” only, criticizing Julien Champagne, while Robert Amadou and many others knew this pseudonym was the work of a college of high grades working Royal Art. Therefore, Gino Sandri is lying since the first phrase with is capital. As for the rest, it’s habitual bla-bla, modelled in the Spanish pattern of Norberto where one tries to warm up well-cut pieces, see my book «La Table d’Isis». But it was more serious! Author of anonymous treatises with Plantard and Louis Vazart, slandering my person, still recently at a bookshop of Toulon! Attacking Fred-Yves Boisset in a shameful debate, he continues his act and forgets. He forgets he was my wedding witness in 1981! Like the audio cassette, during the filming at my mother! Then he tries to exist, waiting for a definite slap, after the old proverb: “Prevention is better than cure”. Last, he invents! «Le Trésor du Triangle d’or» only has a sole contract with Alain Lefeuvre in 1979 and was reprinted five times, at Veyrier and Trédaniel with «Du Premier au Dernier Templier». The same, Descadeillas must turn around in grave when Plantard and co say his book was the work of a man sentenced for abuse of confidence in 1953. Two other remarks : 1) The photo of the curious stone forms part of my book and all who use it without my permission, fall under the blow of the law! 2) The photo of abbé Boudet, criticized in his time by Ribouldingue and Filochard, belongs to me with my coauthor Jacques Rivière. Definitely, other times, other manners! The lies ensued because Gino Sandri lost in 1982 his first papa and was only left with the ashes of his last guru.

Gazette : You wish to publish a book in 2005 with André Douzet. It’s in the form of the letter which you present to the readers of la Gazette.

Jean-Luc Chaumeil in his art gallery in the village of Carennac – France (© Johan Netchacovitch)

Jean-Luc Chaumeil : Letter to André Douzet My dear André, You are more than ahead on all sites turning around; they say so themselves. For two reasons! You understand the great ritual of the Quest and exercise it on the spot masterfully. Certainly passing from Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez via Béatrice de Roussillon to the lords of the Roussillon across the ages until the discoveries of three ritous, going back to Jerusalem on Mount Sion, deserves particular attention; above all if, now, Opoul-Périllos fixes, for a precise time, our story. It’s quite obvious Saint-Patrick intoxicates “The Order of Galaad” that belongs to the Club of the Grail, but the door is manifold : Montsaunès, Bugarach, Salses and all what you know. Hence we’re left to fix “the eternity” of a disappeared capital “Reda” that opens the kingdom of Agartha. The means are the “Delta”, the square “Sator”, the letter “G”. To illustrate our purpose and refine our synopsis, I will prove on the historic level that Reda isn’t Rennes-le-château! Since then, you enter the scene with Opoul, Montsaunès and Bugarach at first. I pick up again Gisors and the lords of Flavacourt showing Sainte-Catherine chapel was built in 1522, with evidence. You counter me with the Tower of Neaufles and the story of Queen Blanche whose king was Nicolas Flamel. I answer on the chapel of Tour Saint-Jacques with its frescoes on the pilgrims of Emmaus. You enchain on Cabrières and the Diva: developments on the Martin. We see again at Saunière Béranger and Alfred who catch Bigou’s plan that I will have, which becomes the map of Edmond Boudet. Henri, the brother, gets angry, Gélis too, then Rescanières. Poison, sword and magic do the rest. At Etretat, the presidents meet, then a German commando intervenes. The needle of the beast breaks; Cagliostro’s successors try to seize the seal that is the delta of Sirius; the result: 74 deaths programmed in the thirty-six rituals of the ark of covenant. Bugarach 2004, Puivert 2004, Lastours 2004: magic delta which “The order of Galaad” tries to recover in Ireland and in the grottoes of the former estate of the Périllos. Restored as solar temple, reference to the former place Montségur and the thieves of fire from 1994, a new drama is prepared as, in the land of Galaad, Sion, hidden in Agartha, hides Roerich’s precious stone discovered by the French explorer: The Verendrye in 1744!

On the other hand, Polycarpe, with us two, becomes the hero, defender of the grail. In his annals of Avignon and his list of the bishops of Sion, as in the explanation of Constantine’s formula that is the seal of Sirius, he points to the town of _Aeria_ that is no other but Aer-reda or Agartha, key of the kingdom of the dead that was, formerly at Etretat, in Tour Talbot, then in another tower built by Elie Bot.

Jean-Luc Chaumeil in front of the castle of Taillefer (© Johan Netchacovitch)

Alcor seen by Corbu, turning the tables with Plantard, Anne and the marquis who will form the last trio of seekers of the invisible with a muse, Brigitte Bardot with whom I danced, twenty-five years ago, and who passed me the virus of the gold of the Moors that a certain Abderraman had kept by his golden goat. At this stage, I publish “Stone and Paper” where the marquis takes his revenge on the king falsely lost, as I put on the table my fifth of Corbu-Plantard interview. I develop his biography, above all when he was sacristan in Saint-Louis d’Antin parish. King Basileus doesn’t collapse but he is burned like the Cathars!! His Sandrinesque successors, belonging to “the Order of the Grail”, blood-sucking tom thumbs, try to become black adepts by inventing the kingdom of the modern woman. They have forgotten Roseline de Villeneuve whose eyes pierced by Louis XIV are still wide open. Moreau de Valdan had seen rightly: he intervenes as he passed the torch to you. We see again at Lupé, among the brotherhood of wolves, the beasts of Gévaudan, Venelles, Babaos de Prats-de-Mollo. On the seventeenth January, the Marlins Bleus set on an octave calvé; they came from Marles but have become “Marlous”. They barely escape the sacrifice of Bugarach proposed by the Solar Temple’s descendants. The twelve towers, united at Opoul, resurrect at Quermanço, near Figueras on the 14th June 2004 with a concert of Albert Blancafort and his Giant Organ of the tramontane driven by the God Aer coming from Reda. That day, two days after the conference on RLC where a new slaughter is put the finishing touches, the Ancient God emerges and redraws the land of Galaad with his Durban-Paris rebis. That is a plan sketch, thanks to the maquette whose inverse systems did not evade Orcival and André de Roussillon. Combining fiction and reality, we find a new genre on three levels as the end that is but another beginning, finishes at Notre-Dame-de-Marceille, then at the castle of watchers, Coustaussa and the discovery of an unknown society, the society of Arcadians. Let’s wait with a vivid turmoil for your reaction to this purge as obviously we shall do prophetic with two other places, Taillefer where Fairy Melusine manifests and Alet where Nostra Causa was formerly heard at once by Nicolas Pavillon, the standard of Beaucéant, and Nostradamus, the knight of Sirius.

Gazette : What will be the book’s title and its authors?

Jean-Luc Chaumeil in front of the Magdala tower of Rennes-le-Chateau (© Jean Brunelin)

Jean-Luc Chaumeil : “Opération Delta-Reda-Agartha ou le Passage des Patriarches de Monsieur Madeleine ou.”. The publication is planned after the wish of Philippe de Cherisey for 2005 and also that of éditeur Trédaniel. The authors are Jean-Luc Chaumeil, André Douzet, Daniel Réju, Moreau de Valdan and Philippe de Cherisey; our last three friends having joined the great light of the Otherworld.Gazette : What would be your last advice to learn the history of Renne-le- Château? Jean-Luc Chaumeil : Concerning the places, the history of Rennes cannot be understood without having combed through the layers of the affair of Gisors as the plot concerning the discovery of Dead Sea Scrolls and notably the famous copper scroll, recently restored in France by E.D.F, indicating the caches of the Treasure of King Solomon. Naturally these different inquiries are in the book!


The Western Illuminati Organization Chart. Source:

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Is Bilderberg The Real Power Masters?

Hillary Clinton: Council on Foreign Relations, Illuminati Puppet!

German Magazine: Bilderberg More Powerful Than Davos!

In “EndTimes”

In “EndTimes”

In “GeoPolitics”

Tulsa Liberty on August 4, 2011 at 3:15 am

The council of 13 is completely unconstitutional. But how do we stop it. Short of taking up arms the ones we elect to hold to the constitution are the ones screwing us. I am a bit confused right now with how this is even possible but we are facing a new era of tyranny. the ones who we elected last term that actually stood on what they said during elections and stood on what we the people wanted are now being classified as terrorists Vice President Joe Biden said Monday that fiscal conservatives “acted like terrorists” during the debt-ceiling debate. Rep. Mike Doyle, Pennsylvania Democrat, that “We have negotiated with terrorists. This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.” what do we as citizens do to stop this madness. it seems that electing representatives is not working ad now with the institution of this ‘super congress’ it is even less effective than before.

madhatter15 on August 16, 2011 at 7:43 am

I have been studying this group for a long time, people used ot tell me I was wearing a tin foil hat because it was so unbelievable, they don’t say that anymore. I don’t know what kind of people follow this group but most of our TV newsmen and women are members of the CFR which is run by David Rockefeller with help from Henry Kissinger and they are the people that are getting thier minions into congress and the Pentagon, almost all of the top brass in the pentagon are CFR members, all of these people are just doing their bidding, I dont’ think half of them have a clue who they are joining in this group or their History.

The CFR uses the UN to do their dirty work, they have followed orders and have done everything the CFR has told them to do , they are ruining our country and that is the idea, the new world order calls for no borders and a one world bank, that is the N American Union, by what authority they do this I don’t know, I know Bush signed this document and Obama also signed it so it is coming in as soon as they can get Arizona to go along with the program, then our country will be gone and our soverignty and all of south America and Mexico will be able to come and go as they please. A group of rich people who are members of the CFR often talk about depopulation, there have been attempts made with mosquitos to wipe out as many people as possible, it is also our food supply that is tainted according to Bill Gates who thought poisoning the staples was a great idea. This proves that too much money in the hands of fools is not a good thing ,

It looks like their plan is working, I hope not, I can’t see why they are not just all thrown out of this country never to return, George Soros is a member of the CFR and he is as evil as they come but I dont’ think he is high on the pyramid , just an evil hanger on trying to curry favor by making our lives miserable and betting against America, hoping it will fail. He was kicked out of France for this hedge betting and I can’t see why we can’t kick him and the rest of the trash out of this country as well, let them go back to Europe and try it there, not here, my Moms cleaning lady was more elite than they are. How can anyone call Devil worshippers elite, they are all crazy?They may be dangerous but that’s only because they have money. We should arrest them for treason and confiscate their money then we’ll see how elite they really are, we could fix all the damage they have done with that money.

I have no idea why we don’t have a house of UnAmerican activities in our Government, or a Judicial watch, We have no representation, no protections and this is what we wind up with. The muslims came in and already have CAIR an the Muslim Brotherhood and the ACLU and all of these protective groups to speak for them, we have no one and this is our country. Obama got into office with the help of George Soros, he was also a member of the CFR before he ran for President, so we know why he is here and why our country is falling apart. I say kick them all out and stop being mr.Nice guy, its not working for us.



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