TETRAD=Ezekiel 1 (4 beasts)

How many Mithra idols are found
”scattered” around Rome? Inlude the 33rd idol found inside the vatican’s ”ZODIAC Animal/Jesus MANGER” room..aka ”Vatican NATIVITY Room”

No one asks, ”why are so many mythological characters/beasts/1/2 human-giant+1/2 something else, found in the NATIVITY/MANGER room of the vatican. Did these creatures surround Jesus at birth? ” Sheeple neglect to ask why the god Mithra, the 1 man killing the Bull/Taurus/7 stars/7 women/7angels/7 giants/starry hosts, has the same birthday as Jesus. They also neglect to research why the 3 wise men aka 3 kings/MAGI, is aka 3 stars of ORION’S BELT…Get it? Alignments=12 tribes=12 signs of the zodiac houses=with Ophiucus being the

See my vid 12 tribes Mazzaroth bro

GENESIS 49: (12 houses of the zodiac=12 tribes=Taurus, Bull=House of:



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