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February 23, 2015  Leave a reply

The Esoteric Meaning of the Number Eight

Posted by richardjoldale

Whereas the seven represents completion of a project, the eight is the continuation that takes you to the next level.

In terms of consciousness, the eight takes you to the higher realms that are beyond the natural laws of nature.

The eight was prevalent in ancient cultures as they devoutly believed in reincarnation. The ancient Egyptians believed the eight has no significance in this life, but the energy will be taken with you into the next life. However, that determines on your project and the reason why you need inspiration from the eight.

The eight is an indication that you can achieve greater success through dogged determination and ambition. Thus the eight is often associated with business success and authority. Successful companies and individuals continually strive to improve themselves and their standing in life.

The eight in religion and ancient


The eight is typically represented by an eight-pointed star or octagon in religion. Sacred numbers are always built into the architecture of religious buildings and you often find eight pillars or arches.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus delivered eight Beatitudes, virtues that if followed ultimately lead to reward. However, as the Pharaohs believed, the eight beatitudes promise salvation in the next life rather than this.

Scholars believe the eight-pointed star originated in Sumeria. It is associated with the goddess Ianna, who would later become the Babylonian goddess, Ishtar, the Divine Mother, opener of the womb and light bringer to the world.

In later cultures, Ishtar took on different names, but retained the same symbolic meaning. We see her repeated through history as Isis, Hera, and Juno. A modern version of the ancient goddess is the Statue of Liberty and the Olympic Torch.

The eight in ancient cultures

Eight appears in Buddhism and Chinese traditions as balance and harmony of the cosmic order whereas the Pythagoreans of ancient Greece expressed the eight as organs of knowledge; fantasy, sense, art, opinion, wisdom, science, and mind.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Thoth had eight disciples, among whom he was the arbitrator. The disciples learned the arts of magic, science and writing. Thoth is said to be the bringer of wisdom and understanding to man.

Ancient hermetic writers believed Thoth is Hermes Trismegistus whom Hermetic Wisdom is named after. The name Hermes was thus adopted by the ancient Greeks, a mythological character that shares the same attributes as Thoth.

Thoth and Hermes were both Gods, other members of the Pantheon looked up to. They are said to be the bridge between heaven and earth and understand the mystery that lies therein. They are known as the messenger of the Gods.

We can therefore consider Thoth and Hermes as the bringer of wisdom, both good and bad. The results depend on your performance.

If you passed your moral lesson, you will progress from the seven to the eight and earn the right to take the exam for the ninth level – the awards ceremony.

Of course, you can also fail your tests and return to zero to start over again.

In ancient Greece, eight was also given to Dionysus, born in August. Known as Bacchus in Roman mythology, the God of agriculture and fertility of nature indicates growth. Bacchus and Dionysus are also associated with celebration.

In Hebrew, the number of God is 26. 2+6=8.

When you see eights repeating in patterns, it signals you have reached an understanding of your goal. If you have knowledge and inner understanding of something, your role as an eight is to pass this information on to others.

If the eight appears in relation to your career or a relationship, it is a sign to continue along the same path.

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Hermes – the messenger of light and wisdom – Image credit Bonita Suraputra

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