Keystone (Masonic Keysone, Royal Arch Symbol)

The keystone is a significant symbol in the York Rite of Freemasonry, where it figures in the unfolding symbolic tale of Hiram the builder. In masonic lore, Hiram is the inventor of the keystone, and its significance is lost upon his assassination. The ritual narrative centered around this stone recalls the biblical “stone the builders refused,” as the uninitiated, not knowing the purpose of the oddly-shaped stone, consign it to the rubbish heap. It is only rediscovered when King Solomon inquires after its whereabouts.

The letters inscribed are short for the coded phrase: “Hiram The Widows Son Sent to King Solomon,” an obvious cipher, the meaning of which is likely lost.

In masonry, the keystone is the stone that holds together a stone arch. The oddly-shaped keystone is a feat of early engineering, allowing builders to incorporate windows, doorways, and other building elements to a building without sacrificing strength. The main benefit of this innovation is to allow for much more natural light in a structure.

Symbolically, the stone is the last placed, completing the arch created by the pillars Jachim and Boaz. It is analogous to coagulation in the alchemical process, an emblem of completion. Astrologically, the keystone represents the summer solstice- the sun entering the sign of Cancer at its highest point in the northern sky, as illustrated below:

Arches, from 3rd century home church at Dura Europa

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Hermetic Tradition

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Lady liberty is holding what book in her hand? – Page 21 August 12,2016 at 8:57 am

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neil May 6, 2012at 12:20 pm

hi mark,how are you?? read your comment on freemasonry. under the control of the roman catholic church their would be no doctors, no freedom to education, nofuture but the future of a smug band of collars working under the grace of god freemasonry when it became a force for the benefit of mankind, and that is exactly what it is, became the driving force to education for the western world. .my brother died of cancer. i blame the roman catholic church for this!! if they had not stopped education for a thousand years my brother would have had the benefit of good health. the world is a better and safer place with freemasonry in it. open your eyes and reap the rewards


nope January 15, 2012 at 5:15 am

Iwould agree with mark. The Thelemic demon worshiping lion headed beast is obviously the female whore that has been prophesized and is already known, using her male counterpart as a shield who is also known currently they are trying to initiate ww3 in Pike’s vision. We are in the plague of famine, or the black horseman of the apocalypse with masses of starving humans due to money politics,war, and outright depopulation tactics alone. While the elite pretend nothing is happening, and use false belief systems to misguide us,the truth is abundantly clear, as the aquarian age will wash away the mud slinging, the solar flares will burn the inhuman snakes off the face of the earth, and people will see through the lies like nothing even happened, reborn in their alchemical glory as a species. Humanity cares, and our sleeping giant has awoken. Work in the son’s light or perish like acoward, they will survive because they already know.


Mark March 8, 2011 at 5:49 pm

Actually you are all nuts , and full of shit go see a shrink !!


K- the cornerstone August 26, 2010at 1:16 am

Hi this is K and I would like to say that I love the wisdom that you are trying to bring to the world, even though it is not complete in its entirety. First of all the Great Most High Creator of all things is not a masculine source, it is feminine,creating feminine and masculine energy within women and men and throughout all things. If you look at our universe,you can tell that earthly women were created to do what the Most High Creator Mother dose, they give birth to their children, the child sit’s in a dark cosmic space like womb for nine months waiting to emerge into life. This woman can bring forth male or female from her womb, just like the Almighty Universal Mother gives birth to all things, feminine and masculine. Everything sits right in the mist of the womb of the Universal Mother, as she gives birth to every living thing. No man has ever unveiled her and he never will. The Mothers dark matter energy is a mystery to all men. She is the Almighty Queen of Heaven. When the fallen rebel angels fell from grace, they were very upset with the Queen of heaven for casting them out of heaven, for being rebellious to her universal laws. So these fallen disagreeable beings have come down to earth with great anger against the Almighty Queen of Heaven and her earth children. The mission was to turn her children against her and stop them from worshiping her and following her universal laws. These disagreeable have createdunjust manly law to replace them. These fallen beings had deceived the world by replacing the Almighty Queen of Heaven with a hatful confusing warring masculine so called god; the devil had set himself up as god in all of the religions who believe in amasculine god. This is why the world is like it is. They have played all the nations like a game of chess and as you know the Queen is the most powerful peace in the chess game, without the power of Queen the king will loses the game. That is why all of the kingdoms have fallen; they have turned their backs on their Almighty Queen of Heaven. But Soon a female will emerge and all nations will pay attention to her and what she has to say, she will be able to prove who she is to everyone without any doubt what so ever, this is how she will get the world to listen to what she has to say. This female will be born an Aquarius, bring in the Age of Aquarius, of peace. She will be born on the 7th day, a holy day. She will be born at 11:11am universal time, this time means so much more, look it up 2012. Her first and last name will be hidden in every culture; this will be reviled to the world. Her blood type will be B-positive. Y.O.B 1967 and the letters of her first and last name will be K-M


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