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Four of the world’s biggest religions, the ‘Big Four’: CHRISTIANITY – HINDUISM – ISLAM –JUDAISM all appear to have split up and shared one piece of ‘The Map of Heaven’ secret equally amongst four empires who were ‘supposed to be’ at war.

But what followed next that occurred identically for all four of them is so controversial and life changing that it will interest even the most sceptical of readers.

All four appear to have replaced their ancient veneration of deities as ancestors from a ‘SUN’ placed in the area of the ‘COSMIC BULL’ with completely opposing doctrines LOCKED IN WAR that we have today.

‘The Big Four’ religions of four historical monarchy ruled empires appeared to retain the very same ‘cosmic bull’ knowledge foundation BUT it was secretly encoded for elite monarchy eyes only.

Each iconic piece of ‘the puzzle’ became a representation symbol for their religion.

Each symbol (seen in the above image in mouse over action) is actually incomplete without the other.

Here is the thing… only when all four icons are pieced together is when it decodes something life changing:

The place in the cosmos where repeating cases of ‘the hidden records’ convincingly and measurably present the ‘X’ that marks the spot where ALL human ancestors of ‘angelic’… ‘alien’… ‘sacred’ bloodline originate from.

New evidence shows Hindu records of the first lineage of Brahma ref , of a heavenly Trinity was not just coincidently the shortened word for Abraham which Judaism, Christianity and Islam all share, it might be the of the same ‘arrival lineage’ records ref. Mouse over the image to preview that which is about to be revealed in this paper.

‘The Hidden Records’ of religion explored here will present a never seen before compelling case on how they appear to; dare I suggest:

Secretly divide the star map into 4 portions amongst themselves and share these four separate portions of the very same original ‘cosmic bull’ records as their religions’ icons.

Mouseover the image of the four icons above with your cursor. What is revealed, are the four components that make up this claim. They will be expanded upon here in this paper to propose that they originated in the form of a star map of Heaven.

A truth they probably didn’t want their enemies’ armies to know:

That that they ALL shared the very same bloodline origins.

I am sure there are more than just these ‘Big 4’ religions sharing this foundation secret and that all religions will in time be added to this study. I am of the firm opinion that an ‘equal interest’ protocol seems to have emerged in history between the leaders of these 4 great empires where they agreed it was within ALL their best interests ‘in the spoils of war’ that the 4 secret cosmic symbols remain secret for monarchy families only.

Four icons to represent and create individually four different looking and different textual collections of religious teachings under the control of four monarchy dictatorships.

I need to define historical ‘monarchy’ here with a little added that the references do not like to reveal where it remains a family business.

Definition of the historical ‘monarchy system’ :

“A monarchy system ref is a form of government in which sovereignty ref is enforced without public vote by the family in power in one reigning monarch until death or abdication of the one of this family in power.”

I set out to reason that when the cosmic symbols became known, the monarchies identified something secret in the heavenly star map that only each monarchy family and elite society felt only they were worthy to know about. Those who had the knowledge to decipher it would no doubt be sworn to silence because it showed something forbidden.

It showed that ALL humanity shares the same secret and ALL humanity on Earth is sacred because we ALL have the same ‘angelic’ heavenly star ancestor sacred bloodline lineage.


The problem in researching Bull worship cults is that so many records were destroyed when the Big 4 religions all replaced it and the new monarchy regimes power enforced the new religions we have today. Especially every mural and artifact showing the star secret. The only relief sculptures left intact throughout Europe were those showing very little, especially the star positions associated with the Taurus bull.

The Roman and Greek variations of Bull worship had such a large footing it provides us with the biggest case study. Fortunately not all records were destroyed during the fall of cosmic bull worship. Some of its murals were so old and already built over and forgotten and stayed intact. Recently they were re-discovered and the world has witnessed the first cosmic bull mural with all its secrets exposed.

Before mentioning this discovery seen below it is worth mentioning the biggest collection of researched cases of the cosmic bull obsession religion that predates the Big 4 religions would have to be the Roman Mithras cult ref that was at its peak a century or two before Christianity ref .

Mithraism depicts a bull and a cosmic deity seen interacting with the bull and the character was named Mithras ref and we can see how this cult was so widespread with the countries that began with the Big 4 religions ref . Hinduism is debated with the character as well as Sumerian and Akkadian hints from the cradle of civilisation in Iran and Iraq. The Israeli history of Bull veneration is lost for the most part and I know of only one book documenting almost all there is that that exists ref .

Here is the greatest discovery of one of these lost underground chambers of Mithras Bull veneration. It was a recent discovery in 1936 of the Barberini Mithraeum at Santa Maria Capua Vetere Rome ref seen below.

Luck would have it that it still had its forbidden depiction of stars!


Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb discovered the star map correlation here and only recently did I realise the mural supports some other cosmic mysteries I present.

Mouseover the image to see my narration here as to how much forbidden evidence is rediscovered in this case.

Firstly the correct orientation of a triangle formation of 3 Sun stars is identified where red stars stand out from the other yellow stars. The Pleiades in the Red cape of Mithras speaks volumes. It is correct orientation and placed behind the bulls back of Taurus. Makes one wonder on the origin of this blue body suit clad deity with red ‘Superman’ cape who comes from the cosmos and traverses the heavens, can open wormholes and… flies?

Dare I suggest… “The Superman character origin… is… Mithras!”

Márton made another big breakthrough where he realised this portrayal of a cape or curtain of fabric in a parachute type effect denotes a wormhole opening. I completely concur and you can see it in other depictions here with star deities or Pleiades depictions. (Green colour in mouseover are highlighting wormholes and the Tridents I propose used to open them).


There are two figures on either side of Mithras and both wearing the red cape and both holding tridents that I believe initiate the opening of stargates!

The story is told twice by these two characters in two different ways:

One at the top left, the deity also with a red cape has wormhole opening from the solar Trinity of three suns with Pleiades touching down on Earth with Mithras’ foot.

The other on bottom right has the same trident and red cape and I believe opening a wormhole, but showing it as the severed Leg of the cosmic Bull constellation that Egyptian legend claims was severed by a deity and set free and that is why the seven stars with thigh shape resides behind the back of the Taurus Bull in the sky. The cosmic serpent is used to symbolize the wormhole here and it streaks down to Earth near Mithras’ foot and next to something absolutely mindblowing.

I discovered some time ago there were many depictions of the Scorpio constellation with a sun between its pincers in ancient Egyptian depictions ref .

Here is an amazing thing: Imagiine if you were a resident on an exoplanet planet in a Sun system in the area of the Pleiades and have a telescope and want to look at where our Sun is found.

Our Sun is found right between the pincers of Scorpio!

This breakthrough alone for me should elevate my work to new levels on its own. Scholars are going to feel very uncomfortable with this strong new case.

I don’t know if any notice it but the Bull in this Mithras legend is depicted as a mirror image of Taurus… facing the other way. Researcher Mark Scott then decoded the Dog in the image as the dog star Sirius and I concur… this is the star at the base of the Cross of Orion that would align from here, but only in this weird mirror reflection depiction.

I have added in the image above the two astronomy images of Pleiades and 3 sun stars that actually exist and catalogued and with Scorpio when viewed on a star program viewing from Pleiades area.

The Big 4 religions all took over from this Bull cult era and I want to carefully piece together how the monarchies at the time all most likely secretly split up the knowledge and encoded it for their elite eyes only. The main sun star Sol 1 Primary shown below with what I believe has an exoplanet of our ancestors is placed in this layout position here between Sirius top left … through Orion… Taurus and Pleiades on the far side of Sol 1.

I will now try reconstruct the rest of the mystery from here in this star orientation seen below showing how each constellation was encoded in each religion.


My name is Wayne Herschel, I am an author with 2 decades experience full time as a researcher in alternative history, archaeoastronomy and symbology ref . I present this paper with great risk on the most likely measurable truth on human origins. The interference in my quest so far is very advanced and is occurring daily ref . It has reduced my monthly subsistence derived from book trading ref to a massive loss. My latest DVDs and artifact replicas ref are starting to help me get through debts but I must thank the monthly donations that good people have given me because they are a life saver.

Public support with donations are my only hope from here forward, if you are a reader who may feel that my quest is critically important and want to be a part of it, then please help me keep active and donate here.

My general claim is that the entire human genus is not of this Earth and had its origins in an arrival event on Earth shortly before a massive meteor impact/flood event 17000 yrs ago. The human genus replaced the last Earth evolved hominid Neanderthal with this new lineage. This new genus had also evolved from apes previously, just like all the Earth hominids, but on another exoplanet and Solar system where the star maps have shown.

Precise definition of my claim:

That the entire human race is descendant of a star visitor race that colonised the Earth and left behind ancient star maps in the layout of their monuments and shown on artifacts and murals encoding the Vitruvian man as a message showing who we are and where we come from.

This is my original claim published in 2003 that was recently usurped, relaunched, fictionalised and twisted in a 2012 Hollywood movie production presenting it as chaos with an ‘evil alien agenda’ by a famous Hollywood director. Was it a coincidence they created the very same complex story I launched as a real story a decade earlier that was easily visible and well established in following on the internet?

So was this movie hijacking the truth I had uncovered? Twisting it in some sort of NWO agenda to create chaos and disbelief in the subject of our sacred celestial human origin equality story? Was it just a coincidence their writer created the same as my story and just never bothered to check out the internet to see if there was a previous or real story? Or was the movie presented as part of a follow on series that will have a positive future twist towards truth where it becomes more accurate preparing humanity in a positive way? Which ever way it turns out to be, it stands questionable on the grounds of plagiarism too expensive to contest and needless to say it was a big money maker.

My published work as a book ‘The hidden Records’ released in public in 2003 is just a theory working its way to hypothesis. With this sensitive paper here I say with the utmost respect to those of firm belief: it is going to feel uncomfortable for most to read. Also understand that due to its human uplifting content, and driven by a powerful sense of love and responsibility for what I have found and been taught, I will make all the discoveries freely available for all online.


As bizarre as this paper here might sound and hard to believe at first, and as much as it sounds like I am repeating my statements, it is important to explain critical detailed portions in different ways. Here are the four icons above that appear as a four piece puzzle. I have placed the four icons into correct sequence arrangement to decode the puzzle piece nature of them now that I believe I have decoded the greatest secret hidden from humanity that you can put to the test.

Before we decode the secret that will reveal if my claim is true i.e. that the Big Four religious icons seen below are derived from four separate pieces of a cosmic human origin star map secret, I urge you to consider these three important points:

1) Did the 4 religions’ monarchy systems agree in splitting up the secret?

2) If so, did each religion try look different to benefit in the profits of war?

3) If not, did it evolve into this, fed by monarchy needs for profits of war?

All four religions replaced their old belief systems involving ‘cosmic bull’ veneration with their new holy books. But in a big twist in this story of changes, they all then secretly identify the same precise star position place in the heavens of the very same ‘cosmic bull’ area.

If the truth were known all humanity shared the same star visitor origin secret it would bring in peace and unity and end the rulers’ family dreams of great riches and power plundered in war.

The symbols alone are so well thought out as you study their origins and you will now have the resources made available to test them.

Each icon can be used independently as its own star map for each religion to show where the very same star resides.

Each icon had a star included reference and the Cross icon was the only one to simplify it to just a cross more recently.

This you will be able to reason in the extended linked articles.

Christianity used Orion as its cross and in the beginning it left out Taurus since the Hindus chose the bull head and horns for their Om icon and today known by most just for their most sacred mantra. You will discover that Christianity needed to measure astronomical distance from Orion’s Belt through 33 degrees of arc to find the Bethlehem star, all the time omitting the cosmic bull. Islam appears to have adopted the sun star itself as its Sumerian ancestors had done with the crescent planet and sun and Judaism possibly celebrated the seven heavenly lights with candles in alignment in a Menora to find its Star of David ref .

The symbols I show above with a mouseover, reveal the star areas in reference to the position of a very special genesis star … the place of ALL our ancestors. The image at the top of this page deliberately appears again at the end of this page for you to test it a second time after you have more understanding of its origins.

I guarantee that if you read through thoroughly with an open mind and check the references your second mouseover test will be awe inspiring at the least.


I invite you on a journey of re-discovery or re-awakening something deep down in your consciousness, lifting something wonderful from the veil that was completely enshrouded in chaos. We will look into the beginnings of each civilisation that I will present in this paper covering the main points of all my findings that are of a religious nature and handled as respectfully as possible. We will look at their earliest claims in their holy books of angels and mythology of ‘gods’… people once worshipped as ‘gods’ who no doubt brought important teachings from above. I believe I now have enough new evidence to prove they were real flesh and blood star visitor teachers and hardly a topic of just faith.

If this claim of our human origins being linked to a star map is indeed true… then one wonders how much of the teachings were initially altered, encoded or hidden in the holy books?

Altered? Encoded? I can only imagine that many reading this of a firm habit of belief find themselves feeling uncomfortable. This is the result of humanity being conditioned by ancient tradition for millennia by monarchies. All kingdoms, some still in command today, do not accept commoner questioning religion or for people to research deeper into other religions or ‘forbidden’ books of ancient gnosis ref .

The price to pay if caught in the distant past meant being burned at the stake.

Since launching my book, I discovered that my work was under attack and the truth was not in the best interests of ‘the powers that be’ but let me say this: The truth I am sharing with you is a truth for everyone, a human uplifting truth that will work towards peace and greatness.


Driven by nothing more than a deep sense of responsibility, at the outset of my journey I began securing my most important articles and renditions of my experiences by having them published in public forums to protect their copyright ASAP. I launched periodicals and newspaper articles showing the second greatest secret never told: The identity of God as a nucleus of light at the center of the universe as the Tree of Life. This is in essence God Creation. I present a study of ‘Oneism’ , a line of research on the place of Creation and the human soul origins. Although this paper here is about our bloodline origin, there is a second great hidden secret. It is about the origin of spirit. Finding this truth is based on my claim of a ‘God’ experience in a NDE near death experience ref . Discovering that the cross of the churches was a star map of Orion was another crucial aspect of my research and with this being the case it was also a priority to secure the copyright.

My copyright quest also secured me the Judaic symbol ties to the Pleiades, the Islamic adoption of the star and crescent from Sumerian depictions which occurred ‘officially’ long after, in fact well over 1000 years after its beginnings according to scholars ref and more recently the Om symbol as Taurus finally decoded (thanks to the remarkable research by Márton Molnár-Göb from Hungary).

Why would I immediately want to secure copyrights on a group of 3 sun stars positions near the Pleiades and the collective comparison of measurable ancient star maps? It was more than just a sense of responsibility to build a foundation for the claim based on truth. It was the means needed in making it more secure and more difficult for elite sponsored counter claims that continue to attempt to twist what I had found into chaos and lies.


The Earth for millennia has always been under the perpetual wrath of many monarchy systems in cruel inhumane wars, all with insatiable greed for more… more land … more wealth … more power, all for the good of the crown, not for the people but the monarchy family.

Every holy book has endured being in the hands of monarchy based systems and all works presented needed to support the interests of the monarchy family.

Each royal family in these four lands ruled as dictators and forced the people to believe that they are a family that was more important than the people themselves and all needed to bow down to them… as if they were ‘gods’.

Ponder on these Earth-shattering thoughts. Monarchy systems that need to justify the acceptance and continuance of their legal ‘holy’ slaughter of innocents of different religions that are foreign so it allows the right to conquer foreign peoples’ lands and their treasures for the crown (in essence only for the royal family wealth) and enslave the foreign people in what they try to justify as a holy war.


Common sense must prevail here and there has never been a more important topic or time to use your God given gift of human reasoning and logic. There is a Creation conscious nucleus of this universe ref and the hidden records of the Tree of Life spiritual uplifting Creation truths are also found in repeated detail globally ref .

It’s time to release yourself from the shackles of religion…

Rise from the veil of chaos …

Study ALL religions’ earliest records for ALL pieces of the puzzle…

Spiritually soar as you find the secrets of meditation ref …

Celebrate as you discover ALL human life is sacred and the BODY is your temple …

The truth is far purer and holier, uniting all cultures.

In the image above we have the Sun-like star area … a solar system like ours positioned between Orion and placed in Taurus shown through to the Pleiades and it is accurate ref . This I found in 35 separate repeating cases of the star map found all over the world ref.

Ever wondered why all the first cultures around the word had spiritual interests in ‘the Bull of the sky’ that sadly evolved into the chaos of worshiping a bull?

It is now official on the Wikipedia page on the origins of Bull worship: In over 20 countries this appears to be based on the cosmic bull Taurus star area! ref

There is an ongoing battle on the Wikipedia page here where scholars post the Taurus conclusions then others set up debates to have them removed. The constellation Taurus was once a celebration of the place of our ancestors and I believe was subjected to monarchy manipulations to provoke worship obedience and profitable war. The proverbial ‘X’ that marks the spot in all the hidden star maps is the primary Sunlike G class star I title as Primary Sol 1 and has catalogue reference HD 283271 .

I propose this as the primary star of ALL human ancestry which I have identified in all my ancient star maps cases ref.

I have identified the probability of an exoplanet existing with this Sun star corroborated by the many repeating ancient record cases found all over the world, all of which speak of humanity as their descendants. After all, is the obvious answer to the mythological ‘gods’ and the angels seen in history looking like us not perhaps because THEY ARE US? Flesh and blood advanced star visitors of the same lineage as us.

But as expected, each kingdom appears to have tried to cover up the global common secrets and aspects outlining the sacred value to all human life.

The chosen race is ALL the human race -ALL sharing a holy sacred star visitor human bloodline.

I realise that it may seem as though I am repeating the same points. Essentially I am rewording them in different ways each time with different referencing detail. This truth acknowledges ALL human ancestors as one extraordinary race that arrived here over 17,000 years ago and who colonised this world ref .

Most ancient records place this one special sun-like star in position as one of a group of 3 sun-like stars as a Solar Trinity that is shown if you mouseover the image above and studied here . Get a close-up view that defines the titles in the image below. Some civilisations like Angkor and the American Indian tribes include Sol 3 as almost as important as their primary ancestors star ref which will be reasoned later.

Sol 2 is uniquely depicted in only a few and in a way that inspires me to believe this was where we as humans evolved from ape-like creatures to human form before learning to space travel and colonise other star systems. In the depictions and texts so far I conclude in all probability this solar system was lost and is now a solar system of less modern importance.


Each monarchy civilisation of the 4 big religions seem to have encoded the truth for their eyes only while their people were told the foreigners were not chosen ones and will be slaughtered and plundered for each kingdom.

I used this animation below, right from the start because it places the Pleiades and 3 sun-like stars in the same orientation as the image above which stayed constant in orientation through my book for simplicity and because of this orientation matching the biggest star map upright orientation of all: The pyramid star map ruins found on Mars ref.


It is worth reasoning that given the earliest records of the civilisations that obsessed in star maps and a sun which began with pride and honour would have wanted to remember their place of origin in the sky and the greatness of their ancestors.

Yes…later, as monarchy systems became rife with manipulations, it is most likely that their malicious tactics to get their people to obey and partake in worship rituals of idols and celestial bodies and the messengers as ‘gods’ became more prevalent.

It was apparent that most monarchies were insisting that only their family are direct descendants of the ‘gods’ and the people are not. All insisted that ‘their’ people bow down to them and call them ‘your highness’ as they discriminate saying they are holier and more important than commoner. This gave them more power and control over people who are easier to manipulate.

People who don’t know ‘who they are and where they come from’ seem easily open to powers of suggestion… a monarchy hypnotic control mechanism administered with a substantial dose of dictator fear tactics.

Sadly, over time, people were worshipping the messengers and even the sun and the bull itself which is ridiculous and way off track.

You will discover on this journey that the expression of love and honour towards The Creation of all life ref is perhaps more spiritual and constructive and preferred here than the ritual act of ‘worship’.

It is the means to reduce a human being to prostrating himself and expressing obedience to the monarchy and be easily manipulated to murder and plunder on its behalf. All the individual gets in return is subjugation to a heavily censored and altered religion that ultimately coerces him into committing murder in war for the dictator’s family.

If one is to study as an open subject both ancient and modern records of the paranormal accounts of all lands, one can consider and reason an intellectual protocol approach. With reasoning and logic, is it not more uplifting and constructive in place of ‘worship’ and strict religion to express spiritual honour and love in prayer while embarking on this spiritual journey? Also consider how the strange element of holy war found its way into any holy book.

Respecting ALL human life as sacred is more constructive. Is this not what a Creator of the universe would expect from all the human life it created?

Sun or Bull idol worship is fruitless, off track and completely destructive.

Sun star in Taurus human origin celebration with honour is constructive.


Here is where the history of humanity gets very interesting.

In the image above mouse over to see the full separation into four.

Each portion can work on its own if you know the lost history and astronomy.

Look closely at the shapes of the four icons in their ancient form.

Christianity once include depictions of a sun and crescent with the cross which I will show represented Orion, where I believe The Christ was crucified … murdered on a cross in this barbaric destructive way to prevent others from delving into the cross secret.

Murdering heretics on crosses occurred long before the Christ era and there are artifact depictions that show the Pleiades as well ref and here ref . St Peter ref defied this fear tactic warning no doubt teaching of the Cross of heaven but he too was sentenced to death the same traumatic cruel way on a cross, but upside down ref where the Romans no doubt tried to make the point clearer.

I believe it was here where monarchy control took over in a bigger way once and for all. Placing the human form upside down is a very well known ancient way to express destruction and evil to be unleashed against humanity seen in the origin of the symbol for the upside down pentacle ref .


There are nearly 6 billion followers in all of the big four religions… each most likely unaware they share just a quarter of the star map and don’t have a clue what it means. The Big 4 comprise most of the world’s population. Mouseover image above with your cursor!

Who is calling all the shots? Who wants peace and who wants war? Why would any ‘powers that be’ want war?

The fact is peace is not profitable for those in control of our world who are the top billionaires who have purchased hidden interests with the governments they conned you into believing you voted into power.

The truth of who is in power today calling the shots will be discussed at the end of the article.


The Big Four religions’ icons will now be revealed in greater depth and each will have their own article, except Islam.

Due to how powerful Islam’s ‘powers that be’ are in dealing with with anyone venturing insight into their history that would potentially show something different, there is too much risk in doing so here.

Islam recently adopted the star and crescent in the mid-20th century, following its use in the national flags of various successor states of the Ottoman Empire. The star and crescent origins predate Islam thousands of years earlier from Sumerian and Akkadian history ref . I am only offering identification of the Sumerian star and crescent and Pleiades history here.

Those interested in the Quaran history, Mecca layout plan ref and meteorite stone placement pattern ref inside the silver sacred shaped vessel ref in the Kaaba with its surrounding 3 pillars ref can search the truth themselves.


The Big Four religions all seemingly in possession of symbols associated with the stars of the area between Orion and the Pleiades clearly shout out one thing.

Their monarchy controlled manipulators over the centuries had no intention of the masses knowing the truth that they are all descendants of the same first earth colonisation event.

Keeping a human mind in limbo, not knowing one’s physical origins i.e. the star ancestry of the human bloodline and not knowing one’s spiritual origins i.e. the all-important origin place of the soul ref make it vulnerable. Putting it at risk of exposure to mind control tactics and suggestions to obey the monarchy, especially when it comes to working harder for these elite family’s profits!

These, the two biggest secrets hidden from humanity over time if they were to be revealed in a mass viral event would change the world. But this will not happen due to the control of all media. The only possible way this would occur is if a cosmic messenger came and delivered the truth over-riding all media. I honestly believe this might happen soon and here is the prophecy study on it. ref

If this happened, in fact just through one human generation, the truth would not just unite us in equality ethics and behaviour showing respect towards each other, it would also lift the veil of chaos and mind control humanity is immersed in.

People would suddenly identify all the manipulation tactics we are bombarded with. All the lies and false promises we endure year after year, just so that the rich can get richer, would be easy to identify and as clear as day.


I will only reveal 3 of the Big 4 religions as explained and in place of the Islamic history’s amazing past I will show its earlier roots of the Sumerian and Akkadian empires that carry the secret more clearly. A secret that scholars under a strict global elite controlled protocol need to steer away from. There are academic ethics at play here that need to officially deny the ancient alien past officially and completely until further notice.

Scholars who begin to support the ancient star visitor evidence are first bombarded with smear attacks against their name, followed by losing their work established links to everything academic. I will not even try to write on how serious this situation is because it is so well covered up it is not possible to prove or disprove.

We begin now looking at each of the Big Four religions symbols separately and their genesis:


I will only cover the strongest points here and link to the main articles. Mouse over the image below. I use what I believe were ancient hand symbols that were the means to teach the secret of the Cross of the Churches.

Three middle fingers to show the teaching of following Orion’s Belt, the 3 Magi alignment heavenward that follow from the east to locate another three Sun stars in Pleiades area. The pointing hand symbol here includes use of the thumb. The Genesis star of humanity according to 35 cases of the repeating star map is ringed which I believe is the legend of the star of Bethlehem.

The biggest piece of evidence for the Cross of the churches begins with Roman Emperor Constantine’s ref introduction of his monarchy tailored Christianity that would suit his interests as Emperor of his monarchy empire.

He is believed to have had a paranormal encounter with beings not of the earth that is written of as some sort of angelic encounter and if true these beings not of this Earth no doubt showed him the hidden truth of the Christ story ref .

The ‘angel’ showed Constantine and his army one night where the Cross of Christianity resides and pointed to the sky. The image below of an old manuscript with the lamb of God on the hill of Zion defines the real Cross of the churches and the sun star and its crescent world associated with it.

It is compared to a 6000 year old petroglyph in Europe that Márton Molnár-Göb of Hungary decoded that shows how Orion is a cosmic signpost using Orion’s Belt alignment direction showing the way to the place of the star visitors. The references and comparison to something identical in Hinduism history is here ref.


Constantine then issued his simplified smaller cross for Orion that shows the way to the Bethlehem star, the star of the Christ and the star he would encode with his new symbol that his family and elite friends would decipher which simplified the earlier cross in the image that follows.

The Chi Rho Cross of Constantine ref simplifies the earlier cross secret and leaves out Taurus stars (that the Hindu’s used) and shows alignment without defining distance that you will see the Freemasons depicted as 33 degrees of arc ref just like the Hebrews claim of 33 measures of the cosmic rule ref who followed the teachings of King Solomon.

He used the P and the X which are the Greek letters for Chi Rho and the P looked like a pointer arrow shaped letter in his earliest renditions. Since Latin was the holy language in his time it is no surprise the P could stand for the Latin word ‘point’… ‘Punctum’.


It took a lot of research in finding the earlier cross before the use of Constantine’s Cross. An older celestial cross taught by the Christ and the monarchy who initiated coins showing the easier to decode cross before Constantine simplified it to almost nothing to decode.

I looked at ancient coins to begin with and here is where I literally found gold. In the reconstructed image below with the revealing coin note how majestic the full size cross is.

1) It rises in the East with Orion’s belt vertical on the horizon and forms a vast cross like the Rosicrucian record ref and you can see it in animation using just Constantine’s simplified version here ref

2) It includes Sirius the brightest star and The bull of Taurus

3) It adds the sickle crescent and Sun star showing it is the purpose of the cross as a complete map. A sickle crescent is not our moon as it only forms when a smaller body like a planet passes in front of a larger sun like we see in an eclipse and in all the images in the first collection in this paper.

The coin ref in the image above speaks volumes. It is only 1000 years old and depicts Emperor Michael VII Doukas ref Emperor of the Byzantine Empire who felt it important to adopt the old Cross again and he knew it well. Note how the stars are correctly depicted and how he still showed some support for Constantine’s legacy showing his Chi Rho with it. He adored Constantine’s legacy and named his first born after him.

This coin has a little extra too… There seems to be inclusion of the trinity of 3 suns with crescents if you consider the Emperor’s garment adorned with… stars. His sleeves are like two extra crescents with another two suns. Both front panels of their robes seem to coincidently have seven orbs perhaps identifying the Pleiades.

Look at the three vertical orbs on his Queen’s sleeve at the bottom of the coin close to where they stand … terrafirma… the horizon.

This may have been a little hint this emperor no doubt added to show his elite friends the secret: To watch the ceremony of Sol Invictus ref measuring the rising of this cross on the horizon where Orion has its stars 3 in a row vertical ref and this is the time to measure the arc degrees distance vertically above it to find the Bethlehem star which is Sol Invictus … “the unconquered sun”.

This emperor seemed to obsess in Orion’s Belt clarity and he issued another coin showing the emphasis is on this three star alignment ref and the emperor holds the Globus Cruciger in the other hand. The ultimate depiction of measuring the Cross on the Earth as the Carthusian order did ref . It is the same item the Queen of England holds in coronation ref .

One wonders if in the ceremony she is pledging to hide the truth or protect the truth. I personally think she has absolutely no idea at all when it comes to the Orion and Pleiades star map secret/theory/hypothesis. The image below shows the secret of the Globus Cruciger discovered by Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb.


The Carthusian order ref shows how their


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