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The Religion Act 1592 (35 Eliz. I, c. 1) was an Act of the Parliament of England. The Act imprisoned those over the age of sixteen who failed to attend Church; persuaded others to do the same; denied Queen Elizabeth’s authority in religious matters; and who attended unlawful religious meetings without bail. [1][2] The Act was cognisable in the Court of High Commission. If, after offending, they did not conform in the next three months, they would be exiled from England forever. The Act fined those who harboured recusants £10 for every month hidden. The Act stated that it would continue no longer than the end of the next session of Parliament. [3]

However, the Act was still in effect as late as 1661, when John Bunyan was tried and convicted for disobedience to it. [4][dead link]

1. ^ Long title: An Act For the preventing and avoiding of such great inconveniencies and perils as might happen and grow by the wicked and dangerous practices of seditious sectaries and disloyal persons (35 Eliz., c. 1)

2. ^ “The Act Against Puritans (1593)” . History.hanover.edu. Retrieved 13 August 2012.

3. ^ G. R. Elton (ed.), The Tudor Constitution. Documents and Commentary. Second Edition (Cambridge University Press, 1982), pp. 458-61.

4. ^ Goertzen, Donald (6 February 2013). “Biblical Issues in our Contemporary World” (PDF). Indian River Community College. p. 50. Retrieved 30 April 2013. “despite Bunyan’s clear breach of the Religion Act of 1592…”


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You will now begin to see everything fall neatly into place”

August 2, 2016 by angelicguides channeled by Taryn Crimi

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the current energies. Today marks the beginning in many ways and what better to signify a new beginning than a new moon. As we have said many times this year, you each will find yourselves swept up in an enormous amount of changes. This summer for those of you located in the northern hemisphere, winter for those in the southern hemisphere has been a catalyst for many changes. Yet with change comes uncertainty and it can make many feel precariously perched upon a ledge, not sure whether to turn back or spread your wings and fly. You many now breath a sigh of relief as things will now begin to fall into place as many of you have felt the angst of the unknown and impending futures. This is what we wish to touch upon today.

Certainly many of you have felt as though you have continuously been pummeled by the waves of the ocean, not really knowing which way is up or down. You have found only a few brief pockets of time in which you could surface for air, only to be thrown back into the waves again. Well, we stated last month that you each likely had another few weeks of uncertainty before you would once again find your footing. The time has now come for many of you, as you each will find this new found energy to not only be refreshing but also incredibly satisfying. Much of what seemed as though it was all falling apart, you will now revel in watching the universe now neatly restore that which has broken into something far better and much more suitable for the new you.

We say the “new you”, not hypothetically; rather we mean this quite literally. You have shed much of what was holding you back, you have been urged and encouraged to let go of what no longer served you. You have been encouraged to face your fears, to release old outdated limited beliefs and you are now ready to soar far beyond anything you have previously been able to accomplish.

These are exciting times indeed. Changes have manifested in a multitude of ways for each of you, you are each uniquely experiencing this energy in your own way, but you are all simultaneously shedding the people, places, and experiences that no longer serve you. Though the transformation of a butterfly can appear to be quite traumatic, the result of the transformation is awe inspiring to say the least. You no longer remain tethered to the ground, you are now gaining a new perspective of what you desire to create in your life and what you wish to leave behind. You are gaining a better understanding of the creator you truly are and how to use this ability deliberately to create the life of your dreams. Just as a baby learning to walk will fall many times, it is not until they begin to fall that you know they are getting closer to walking. They must first be willing to try even if they may fall in order to gain the stability required to walk. And so it is with all of you. Each time that you fall, know that it is not a failure, rather it is a sign that you are getting so much closer to achieving the success of your dreams and desires. Hold your focus steady upon the outcome that you desire and do not loose your concentration just because you find yourself stumbling every once in a while.

So it is with great pleasure that we stand beside you and watch as this magnificent transformation begins. Shine brightly, as you came here to do just that.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides



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