This matrix was originally posted in conjunction with President Obama’s overt hostility toward Israel. When the crisis arose in Egypt where there was widespread opposition to President Mubarak, Obama declared, “What is clear — and what I indicated tonight to President Mubarak — is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, and it must begin now.” The demands made by the U.S. President had a tone that made it sound like he was also elected as President of Egypt. There seemed to be no concept of Egyptian soverignty, or of the need for Egypt to solve its own problems internally. On the matrix, BARACK OBAMA is the axis term.  His name is shown at its 6th lowest ELS in wrapped Torah (which requires more than one computer pass through the 304,805 letters of Torah to find). It is directly crossed by one of the Torah’s 8 uses of the term PHARAOH KING OF EGYPT. Perhaps President Obama has a distant memory of being Pharaoh, King of Egypt in a past life. Indeed, there is a statue that backs this idea in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo that was attacked in the rebellion, and which was at the heart of the rebellion in Cairo’s Tahrir Square! As I update this page tonight, Mubarak was toppled and arrested. Pharaoh Obama has laid out his vision for more change and in includes what Mitt Romney calls thowing Israel under the bus by driving it back to the pre-1967 borders.

      I first found this matrix after I received an e-mail from Daniel Stochel about the possibility that President Barack Obama is a reincarnation of the Pharaoh of the Exodus.  Dan stated that the Sages in the Holy Zohar write that, in the Last Days, all the major historic enemies of Israel, such as Nevuchadnetzar (Saddam Hussein), Haman (Ahmadinejad), and even Pharaoh (possibly Akhenaten), will all be brought back in one generation, as gilgulim (reincarnated souls), to fight against Israel one final time, this time to be destroyed forever, during the last generation of the complete and final redemption.  Who will play the role of Pharaoh?  As shown above, a statute in the Cairo Museum offers a huge clue. It and the actions of Obama, when combined with the Torah Code matrix above, and the odds below appear to make the answer rather apparent.

     The p value of the match of BARACK OBAMA and PHARAOH KING OF EGYPT is just ~0.015. It equates to about one chance in 66 that we could find such a match. By itself this is only of mild interest. However, when the matrix is expanded to just 170 letters, a second occurrence of PHARAOH KING OF EGYPT is seen. With just 7 remaining such terms to match, the p value of the larger matrix is now adjusted to 0.000104, which is about one chance in 9,607 – highly significant.

   It is not certain who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus, but one suspect isAkhenaten.  His statue is found in the Cairo Museum, and it is a dead ringer for President Obama.  Obama is by far the most hostile U.S. president in history when it comes to Israel.  As president he has visited Muslim countries like Egypt, as shown with Zahi Hawass (who often hints at being a reincarnation of a Pharaoh named Khufu) in photo above, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – but not Israel.  When Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel first visited Obama at the White House, no photo ops were permitted – and in a direct slap in the face, Obama went up to have dinner with his wife and left Netanyahu downstairs unfed! This was certainly the biggest insult ever suffered by a foreign leader visiting the White House. 

    If Obama is a reincarnated Pharaoh, the attack on the Cairo Museum is likely to be taken as a personal threat. Two of the mummies there had their heads ripped off by the protesters who seem determined to not only do away with their current leaders, but even those supposedly long dead.




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