The owners of Master Numbers are here to work with their special challenges and conditions — just like everyone else. They simply are able to work on mastery at a higher than ordinary level, but as with any advanced student, more is expected from them … and the implication is that they have arrived here with the mission to build and teach according to their particular gifts. 

As with all souls, the owners of Master Numbers have a challenge to meet in living up to their extraordinary potential …



You have a direction that you are following, but do not confuse your direction with your path. Your direction may be to pursue this goal or complete that task. Your path, however, is to realize that I can never be separated from you and to live this truth.

The stumbling blocks that appear on your path are there to remind you that I will be there to pick you up when you fall and to hold your hand when you feel lonely or afraid.

Enjoy your tasks as well as your distractions this day. But remember that you walk a sacred path and I am your faithful companion every step of the way.
Love, Your Creator and Light Family



How Is Your Life Path Calculated ?

 This is calculated in four steps: 

Add up the digits in your month of birth (if more than one digit)

Add up the digits in your day of birth (if more than one digit) 

Add up the digits in your year of birth. Add up the answers from (1), (2), and (3) above. With all the above calculations, we keep adding until we end up with a single digit, or an 11 or 22 (which are special cases in numerology, known as “Master Numbers”). In your case Alearia, you were born on ________ (can’t reveal her birthday on the internet!) . Your month of birth is____, which is the ___ month. As __ is a single digit, there’s nothing to add here Your day of birth is the ___. As __ is a single digit, there’s nothing to add here Your year of birth is __. Adding 1 + 9 + 7 +__ gives us __. Adding _ + _ gives us _. The totals, then, are __, and _. To get our final answer, we add these three numbers together: Adding _ + _ +_ gives us 22 (note that we don’t add the digits of 22 together, since 22 is a ‘Master Number’). Here’s how it looks in the Life Path Calculation Chart Read the each line from left to right, it shows the life path calculation for your month, day, year and how they are reduced together to arrive at your life path number. 

What Does Your Life Path Say About You?

Despite your achievement, you will also be much beloved simply because you are such a humble individual…. 

Alearia, your Life Path of 22 … 

Wow … your life path is known as a master number in numerology You are considered to be the more powerful and the wiser of the two master numbers. Sometimes number 22’s are called the master builders in life as they are capable of imagining and then creating the huge systems and networks that support the very fabric of civilization. 

It is usually a 22 that is the propelling force when it comes to shifting the consciousness of great masses of people or improving the life quality of millions of people. 

You are an optimistic individual who has the rare capability to manifest your higher ideals into reality.

You are blessed with the ability to realize even the most far-fetched and seemingly impossible ideas. 

You are a clear communicator and eloquent with words. You are a natural born leader and others are willingly following your directions. 
Usually you are attractive in appearance. 

You find your soul mate very early in life and usually stay with that one person until the end of your life. Usually this soul mate is presented to you almost as a matter of grace so you can focus on the larger more important matters you are fated to attend to. 

You are brilliant, inventive and above average intelligence. 

Others find you to be charismatic and inspirational and your life is often filled with appreciative employees and friends. 

Your very presence is reassuring and comforting to others and many seek out your advice and wise words. In fact, many 22’s become recognized sages and spiritual gurus by the end of their life. As part of a karmic quirk, you were probably born into wealth and privilege and it is likely you received a better education than most people. These were the tools that the cosmos gave you to excel on your life path. The only drawback of such a path is that others may become jealous and see you as “being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” Number 22’s are almost assured enormous success, prestige and fame at some point in their life. 

Those who don’t become famous in the obvious sense are often the unsung geniuses behind progressive inventions and technology. However most 22’s are not motivated to achieve as a matter of reward. If you are a 22 you probably enjoy what you do and would even do it for free. You also make an exceptional parent, teacher, counselor and spouse. Perhaps the only thing you may not excel at is being a follower. 

You are also very emotionally balanced and a guardian of all that is harmonious and beautiful in life. As you are a great lover of art, you may also serve as a patron to artists, poets or musicians. 

As you are also considered to be an enlightened number, you will also be very charitable and philanthropic during your lifetime. Many charities and organizations will benefit from your wealth, as will your relatives, friends and family.

Despite your achievement, you will also be much beloved simply because you are such a humble individual. On a metaphysical level you might even have the ability to transform negative energy into positive as you are so wonderfully connected to the divine. 

You are also very at peace with both your subconscious mind and higher self. You are distinguished by your ability to apply spiritual knowledge and in a practical way. You are secure emotionally and seemingly incapable of being distracted from your chosen path. You consider yourself to be above petty emotions and resentments and accept your tasks and emotional obligations with gratitude and a noble sense of duty. 


Describes your potential natural talents and abilities – works out to be a 6. 

How Is Your Expression Calculated?

 What we are going to do now is turn all the letters in your name at birth into numbers, using the following chart In practice I put the vowels above the name and the consonants underneath. This is because your Soul Urge is derived from the vowels alone, so it makes it easier at the next step to do it this way. 

Again there is one exception to the rule and this is with the letter ‘Y’. If it acts as a consonant and is pronounced it is classed as being a consonant. If it is not pronounced or acts as a vowel it is classed as being a vowel. The ‘Y’ in Yolanda, for instance, would be classed as being a consonant, but the ‘Y’ in Larry would be classed as being a vowel as it acts as a vowel. Let’s work out your Expression number, _____ : Using the above chart we would put a 2 below the __of your first name. 

We would follow this with a 1 placed above the ‘a’, then a 5 below the ‘n’, a 7 above the ‘y’, and so on … We then carry on in the same manner with the rest of your name. When you are finished, you should end up with a chart like this: 1 7 1 9 5 5 1 5 _____________ 2 5 4 3 8 3 3 7 9 4 5 9 Now we simply add up the numbers in each row. The top row: Adding 1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 5 gives us 34. Adding 3 + 4 gives us 7. The bottom row: Adding 2 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 8 + 3 + 3 + 7 + 9 + 4 + 5 + 9 gives us 62. Adding 6 + 2 gives us 8. . We now add the total of the top and bottom rows, which gives us 7+8=15. Adding 1 + 5 gives us 6. 

And so, Alearia, your Expression is 6. What a Number ‘6’ Expression Says About You. You are naturally full of vitality and enthusiasm. You exude a personal charisma that makes members of the opposite sex consider you to be a “catch.”… 

Alearia, your Expression of 6 … Your Potential Natural Talents and Abilities:

You are a peace loving, harmonious individual who is a natural born diplomat. 

You detest conflict and will bend over backwards to make others happy. 

The ultimate height of your personal self expression is healing.

Nothing gives you more satisfaction then knowing you have corrected a situation that was whirling out of balance. 

You express who you are by caring for others.

This is why so many sixes are doctors, healers, counselors, psychologists, policeman and therapists. 

Your philosophy usually relates to the idea that the world can be healed of all its ills if we heal one person at a time.

You have a brilliant, creative mind and many different talents but chances are you will forsake a career in the limelight to work in humble, yet helpful occupations. 

You are quite philosophical and believe that one should sacrifice oneself for the good of all. You excel at making others feel good about themselves and have the ability to instill new hope in lost hearts with a kind touch or wise words. 

You are also a very affectionate person and comfort others with your easygoing nature. Others are attracted by your empathy and your friends often seek you out for advice. 

You make a wonderful parent and teacher and have a way with children. At some point in your life you may find yourself coaching, mentoring or adopting a child or a teenager. 

You are naturally full of vitality and enthusiasm. You exude a personal charisma that makes members of the opposite sex consider you to be a “catch.” Once you are caught you are usually loyal to that one person for your entire life. Honesty and openness is very important in your relationships and if someone breaches your trust you are not likely to speak to them ever again. 

You consider yourself to be a very ethical and moral individual and are deeply pained by any situation that falls into a moral gray area. 
You are also deeply spiritual and have a great faith in a higher power. However when that power seems to let you down you have the power to spiral down into a deep depression. As you are all about balance, you are a nightmare to be with when life knocks you out of balance. You may express your bitterness at being let down by God with addiction, codependent or destructive behaviors. 



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