mega Epsilon Sigma (ΩΕΣ) was a collegiate sorority operating in the United States from 1925 until, approximately, 1930. This sorority is the second known organization for college women with Order of the Eastern Star affiliation. (The first sorority being Achoth.)

Omicron Epsilon SigmaEdit

Omega Epsilon Sigma was founded as Omicron Epsilon Sigma on January 3, 1925, at Kansas State Teachers College (now Emporia State University). The 1925 edition of the Sunflower yearbook described the sorority’s membership policy as “eligibility to membership in this organization is based upon affiliation with the Order of the Eastern Star.”

On April 21, 1925 the sorority was recognized by the Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Kansas.

The yearbook also described the Masonic association. “Through the kindness of the Shriner of Emporia semi-monthly meetings are held in the Shrine room of the Masonic Temple. Although yet in its infancy Omicron has a large membership and is exerting a democratic influence on the campus.”

According to the yearbook, Omicron’s purpose “is to promote friendship among the girls of the school who are members of this fraternal order.”

The colors were yellow and white; the flower was the snapdragon.

Name ChangeEdit

An undated copy of the constitution and bylaws noted the change to “Omega Epsilon Sigma”. The colors were changed to green and white, and the flower changed to the growing narcissus.

The badge is described as a “regular pentagon bordered with perals, five on a side surrounding a field of black, in the center of which is a gold five pointed star which points downward with an emerald in its center; above the star, the letter [Omega] in gold and at the bottom on either side of the fifth point, the letters, [Epsilon] and [Sigma] in gold.”

The purpose was “to inspire each member to grow in strength and beauty of character by emphasizing the living as well as the teaching of moral principles; to strength existing fraternal relations through college fellowship, also to promote high ideals of scholarship, and social relations.”

Other ChaptersEdit

The constitution and bylaws referenced a chapter at Central Missouri State College. No further information on this chapter is in existence.


Kansas State Teachers College (Emporia State University, The Sunflower, 1925, p. 178

Constitution and By-laws of Omega Epsilon Sigma (undated)


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