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Properties of the number 33


  • According to R. Allendy, “this number shows the free activity of the being in the organization of the world. (…) It shows the free creature related to the plans of the Creator by links of justice and love or by the providential intermediaries”. This number is seen thus connected to the Karma – 3 + 3 = 6.

  • This number is a multiple of 11 of which the two antagonistic units have increased to the harmony by developing each one in a ternary, thus moving away the danger of the temptation, according to Lacuria. R. Allendy adds that the activity of the individual is added harmoniously to the cosmic realization of the Archetype: this is why 33 would never have unfavorable meaning.

  • In Japan, 33 is a sign carrying misfortune because it says SAR-ZAN, which means also “misfortune without way out”.


  • The Christ in the Gospels accomplishes 33 miracles of which 24 were cures.

  • Number of days following the circumcision of the foreskin of the child where the mother had to purify her blood, according to the law of Moses. She did not have to touch nothing of sacred and not to go to the sanctuary until 33 days have been passed. (Lv 12,4-8)

  • David reigned 33 years to Jerusalem. (1 Ch 3,4)

  • Jacob had from his first woman Leah 33 children, by counting his daughter, his son and his grandsons. (Gn 46,15)


  • There are 33 doctors of the Church, or theologians, to which the Roman Catholic Church recognizes a particular authority of witnesses of the doctrine. The list of the 32 last is given in “Theo, New catholic encyclopedia”, Droquet and Ardant, Fayard, 1989, p. 23. There are thirty men and three women (Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, Catherine of Siena and Therese of Avila, that waited 1970 to be recognized doctor of the Church), a lay doctor (Catherine of Siena), and another who wrote in French (Francis of Sales). We should not confuse the doctors of the Church, whose list is official and decided, with those of the Faith, theologians to which the tradition has given nicknames of doctors, but who were not recognized by the canon of the Church.

  • The thirty-third year of a person, it is the perfect age, that of the full development, according to Mary Agreda. It is at this age that Jesus-Christ was crucified and that Krishna, the god with the 16000 wives and the 180000 sons, died to repurchase the Karma of the humanity. Saint Joseph was also 33 years old when he took for wife the Virgin Mary, according to visions of Mary Agreda. And according to some authors, it is the age that will have the Antichrist at the time of his advent.

  • It is the number of promises tell by the Lord for those which will make the first nine Saturdays of the month, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Herself would have added a supplementary promise to incite peoples to this pious practices.

  • According to revelations’ received by Mary Jane Even, the Virgin Mary would have never changed physical appearance since her 33th year on earth, her beauty being both internal and external.

  • The Rosary of the Precious Blood of Christ has 39 grains. This practice of piety is accomplished by the recitation of 33 Our-Father in memory of 33 years of the terrestrial life of Jesus. During this recitation, we reflect on the seven principal circumstances where by love for us and for our salvation, the Man God has given all his blood: the circumcision, the agony, the flagellation, the crowning of thorns, the climbing to the Calvary, the crucifixion, the blow of lance. By counting the seven Glory to the Father, a total of 40 prayers are recited.

  • Doctor of the Church and baptized by saint Ambroise to the age of 33 years, saint Augustin was before a follower of the Manicheism.

  • The 33 litany of angels.

  • The Basilica of saint Peter in Rome counts 33 chapels: 29 in the Basilica itself and 4 of more in the crypt.

  • A woman, named Mirna and residing in Damas, would live says one mystical phenomena. Sometimes her hands ooze the oil and she suffers some time the wounds of the Christ. The Virgin would be appeared to her 33 times. And the last time that she appeared she would have told to her that she would not return any more until the dates of Easter will be unified.

  • The Hebraic tradition distinguishes 32 ways of the Wisdom to which it adds “Ain Soph” or the unknowable one.

  • The 33 divinities, divided into three classes, invoked in the songs of the Rig-Veda.

  • The Zen books represent us the genius solar surrounded by 33 atmospheric gods.

  • After a fast of 40 days, Buddha left the desert to go to exert his apostolate and he was followed by 33 princes of spirits to which he gave the sacred instruments that are used by the musicians in the pagodas. A legend wants also that 33 “Arhats” spread Buddhism.

  • In his Divine Comedy, Dante attributed 33 songs to the Purgatory and 33 songs to the Sky.

  • The 33 ranks (or degrees of initiation) of the Masonic hierarchy, divisible in 3 series of 11. And 33 members compose the Council of the Order of the Great Orient of France.

  • Number of days of the “intellectual” cycle in the biorhythm.

  • The United Nation logo represents a terrestrial globe divided in 33 fragments. And we count 13 ears to the left and to the right of the globe, and 13 letters in the two words “Das UNO-Emblem”.

  • Total number of vertebrae of the spinal column of the human body, in which pass 33 pairs of nervous groups.

  • Among the abbreviations used in telegraphy and in telephony, and which are employed universally, we find the number 33 which has for meaning “fondest regards”. For example, the women radio hams use it sometimes to finish their conversation.


  • The number 33 is used 6 times in the Bible.

  • In the Bible, 33 numbers are multiple of 11 and 33 others are multiple of 18. Five books of the Bible use the number 33. In the NT, seven chapters have 33 verses and 33 numbers written in their form cardinal are multiple of 12. The sum of the occurrences of all numbers of the Bible multiple of 19 gives 33.

  • The word parable is found 48 times in the four Gospels. By deducting these texts the parallel passages, the total number of different employment is reduced to 33. The words cross and devil are used 33 times in the NT and the word sickness, 33 times in the OT. The words language, fast, tribulations, miracle and the verb to blaspheme are used 33 times in the Bible.


Last modification: December 19, 1998

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Number 33!

by Kevin – 7/09/13 8:58 PM

There is definitely something to this. I am a very educated, open minded, and very rational individual. I have been noticing the number 33 everywhere around me for quite some time. It is in my address and zip code. It was in my last address too. It is even in my social security number. It is almost comical at times when and where I notice it. Everyone in my family now notices it too. My day to day activities are closely tied to the 33 as well usually expressed in minutes. Sometimes I even know when the 33 is about to present itself. I sometimes tell people in my life right before it comes up so people know this is real. I will also mention I am psychic which is another whole issue. I strongly believe that noticing the 33 is a good thing. It almost seems like being blessed by God. Whenever I see it I say a short prayer. I am really used to it now but it is interesting to see that so many other people notice it too. God Bless Everyone!

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RE:Number 33!

by Anonymous – 3/16/17 4:08 PM

I see 11 on clocks several times a day,my deceased moms birthday.I see 22 also several times a day, the date my dad passed. I also see 33 now a lot.

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by Joe – 3/14/17 4:26 PM

Ham radio operators do not us 33 to end a QSO but rather 73 ( best regards ) because of the nice Morse Code rhythm. To send a romantic conclusion to a female it is 88 ( love and kisses )

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July 5th 1983 is this your birthday?

by Conrad – 1/24/17 2:15 AM

Looking for someone else with the same birthday numbers 33-6

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RE: July 5th 1983 is this your birthday?

by Anonymous – 2/20/17 4:45 PM

Mines is July 23rd 1983

Abilities / Ascension Support

by Marco – 1/09/17 3:43 PM

Waking Life Coaching – Human development

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hiw do I unleash my potential

by Rearabetswe – 12/06/16 2:49 PM

I am also a 33. I just realized now that I have been seeing the number 33. My date of birth 1996-11-15 adds up to 33. I now see the importance of this. Please help me with unleashing my abilities

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RE: hiw do I unleash my potential

by Anonymous – 12/18/16 10:57 AM

I am learning how to predict the future. I do it on occasions. Like I hear conversations in my head in then three days later I have that conversation. If you want to know how to do that KIk Carloni420

I often see number 33

by Sam – 12/12/16 12:16 AM

I often see the number 33 everywhere…i dont know what exactly it means…but its not the coincidence for sure…i think the number 33 means something to me…

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33 seen consistently – but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Steve Begin – 9/27/14 7:48 PM

I’ve seen 33 consistently – but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33 unlike many of you. However, I would get this all the time. My daughter (who is 12) even notices it happening to me. I was in USMC boot camp under platoon 3033 – and later in the Marines I was born again (though then I though that was fanatical until Chaplain showed me Jesus said it necessary in John chapter 3). As a Christian – that’s the most important event in anyone’s life – deciding to ask Jesus into your life and forgive your sins believing He paid for them on the Cross, and to then follow Him. I now see 33 in many of the same places you all do and it always catches my attention. However, I more often see it with other #s like “9.33” or “3033” or “733”, etc. I even make random fast-food orders and find my total ending in “33” and often “3.33” for the total or my change. Earlier this week I actually had a dream where “33” was branded (for lack of a better word) on my forehead! The second 3 began in the bottom of the first 3 – they…more…

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RE:33 seen consistently – but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Brolyn kemp 8 / 14 / 19 98. 2020 – 9/30/16 9:16 AM

We must awaken the brain washed there is smart persons that need our help. We must teach people that it don’t matter about winning arguments. It is the person that gets over it the fastest is the stronger person. We should be teaching people how to use our human brain to its full potential. The humans third eye is something I believe master numbers can master it best. Some people cannot handle the power of the third eye and go insane it is like a muscle that knows no weight limit. Some believe meditation and third eye crap is satanic but if there is a God that created us. Would he not want us to use our brains to our full potential? You might ask why some people cannot handle the power of the third eye/ spiritual realm. But you may as well ask our creator why he made zebras lower on the food chain than lions

RE:33 seen consistently – but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Neo – 11/24/16 11:40 AM


RE: 33 seen consistently – but in variations. My DOB adds to 31 not 33

by Fiona – 11/26/16 1:00 AM

If you continue to see the Number 33

If you have noticed lately that you are continuing to see the Number 33, you are being asked to listen to your inner guidance. A role that you have played with someone has now ended, and it is time to move on to greener pastures. Become aware of the animals and gentle souls that you are surrounding yourself with. Connect with nature again, for it is there you will find your balance. Keep an eye on your finances, and start saving for that ‘rainy day’, you’ll be so glad that did. Have faith that it all works out in the end. Give your strength and voice to a higher calling. Your energy and understanding is much needed. Phone a friend. Don’t be a stranger. The Universe is showing you the way. Trust it.

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Like like someone

by 33likeaboy – 11/01/16 2:50 PM

I see the # 33 everywhere and there is this guy i like his # is 33 when he plays in sports. I lnmow I have a long life ahead of me but for me to like him and to see this number at home and school is making me question is it a good thing. Along with that I am a Christian.

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333Krishna Call To Higher Order

by Krishna Devotee – 7/28/16 11:43 AM

Krishna transformed his earthly body at age 33 millions of years ago…. sanskrit for baby is zeezu… he was Zeezu Krishna…. the king was prophecized a baby would be born that would be King… he had the first 7 babies killed hoping to kill the King. Krishna was sequestered and his life was saved. He says ‘Maintain your mind steadfast unto me and you shall surely come to me.’ ‘Only those with the heart of a child can see me.’ I received The Bhagavad Gita at the age of 11 as well as bindi scar from chicken pox….. before I left for l.a. I posted a trip to l.a. $300 gas and got 2 replies… answered only one…. a 19 year old med student answers and sends me her picture and she has a bindi scar on her forehead from chicken pox at the age of 11!!!!!!!!! Einstein worked with a hindu physicist Bose , a polyglot, fully conscious being, died 1974, my birth year, he prophecised ‘if humans were not spiritually strong enough, the age of computers would

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RE: 333Krishna Call To Higher Order

by Ferdinand – 9/20/16 5:29 AM

Whaaat 😀 Ooh that scar story is amazing!! 🙂


by 333 – 7/29/16 6:42 AM

I feel something will be happening soon, four months ago I moved to the woods for safety as their is a high level of evil energy reaching a high pitch… a disaster man made or non man made is soon to be. God is lost in everyones heart, right now the Ego rules, religions kill and promise economic blessings such as christian churches do… money driven churches will burn in Gods radiant fire. These Christians spread hate, racism, and fear and influence politically in order to cause war. They attempt to envoke evil on earth. If Trump wins office….. all the evil that befell the enslavement, rape, denegration and murder of Africans to this nation by ‘christians’ will spark a war, Gods War. This ignorant demon named ‘Trump’ is the symbol of EVIL ignorance. Krishna was bronze skin with long pitch black wool like hair. He said ‘Keep the heart of a child and you shall surely see me.’ This man has darkness in his heart…. even the demons supporting him will suffer….. May God be with all of us at this time. I will…more…

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by The 33 – 8/16/16 2:00 AM

Krishna do you not see that you are already safe? The negativity that you are feeling is coming from within yourself for it is being kept there from being projected to you from what is happening in the world. Leave the world alone. It will be fine and so will you. Who is to say that living is any better than dying? 



by Krishna – 7/28/16 6:08 AM

Einstein is quoted as saying ‘Nithing man made will ever compare to The Bhagavad Gita’… I am a self taught theologist, I have translated and studied evwry religion including long relationships with higher ups in the mormon church, this is the only cheistian church following jesus laws. A week ago finally not understanding what this 333 means decised to google it. 333 steps in pyramids and other ancient civilizations including 500,000 dated (it is over 3 million years old) book Bhagavad Gita!!!!!!!!! 33 plates and many 333 references in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna descends on earth in any form he may wish to elevate consciouness. Hare Krishna!!!!

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by Krishna – 7/28/16 5:57 AM

I am a Krishna devotee, havent owned a tv in 15 years, dettached from the material world, make enough to eat and survive on minimal economic resources (I am a licensed real estate agent)

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by Krishna – 7/28/16 5:55 AM

Four months ago I was finishing a 3 month meditation. A 10 day missing woman comes out of the sewer system. I had taken a picture with this woman ten years ago in an unrelatedevent and did not even apeak but she is in picture. Her fiance shows up and tells me if I feel I am connected to her that I should help her. I am freaked, go to a poker game to stop thinking about God. I ask ‘if I am ment to help her, you will show mw a sign. I win with a royal spade flush on my first hand against set of 333… I drive cross country and start noticing 33 or 333 every 10-30 minutes in anyway shape or form!!!! It doesnt stop… when I ask ‘God, I am too weak, please, how can I war for you’ , I avoid humans, I am a natural hermit, dont have facebook or friends to facebook anyway … but never feel lonely or need human contact… after her body showed up I moved to the woods and thats where I live now. I am at home awway from the killing, stealing and cheating…..

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333 Krishna Consciousnous

by Krishna333 – 7/28/16 5:24 AM

Hold steadfast and you surely come unto me. Hare Krishna!!!

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The Truth.

by Ryan Osborn – 7/24/16 1:57 AM

Believe Jesus Christ is your savior for your sins. Jesus Christ is God Almighty in the Flesh. This is the Gospel, believe Jesus Christ shed his blood and died for you and all of your sins on the cross, he was buried and he rose again from the dead three days later by God’s Power and you will be saved, you are a Born Again Christian and you will go to Heaven forever. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God for by we need a savior to save us for our sins forever. By receiving Jesus Christ’s blood sacrifice as full payment for your sins you will be saved forever. It matters not how much you have sinned in the past, present and future. Once you are saved you are saved forever. Good works will not ever save you and no one and nothing else will except Jesus Christ who is God Almighty. That is the Gospel and if you believe in the Gospel you are saved forever no matter what. (Ephesians 2:8-9,Romans 3:25,1 Corinthians 15:1-4) The King James Bible.

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I’m 33 right now.

by Anonymous – 7/21/16 2:47 AM

I read this , makes more sense to me than anyone else I try to show this to. My clocks read either, 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, and 3:33. I’ve seem to have gone full circle in my life, I had a premonition of an old work acquaintance moving into the building I live in 1 month before he Actually moved in. I had no prior knowledge of this, also later found out that he’s my landlords father in law. Go figure. Life is strange. I try not to believe in much, more of a what you see is what you get kind of deal, but life shows me otherwise. Whether I choose to accept it or not. Hmm.

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33 AGAIN (3rd comment)

by Anonymous – 6/27/16 3:02 PM

This is my 3rd post on this subject. I had a revalation/epiphany. Tgat the number 33 is relavant to EVERYONE! EeeeeverrrrryyyyyONE! I see ppl in my household stop microwave at 33, receipts that do not belong to md have 33, acct balances that arent mine have 33. Then i realized I see the number 32 33 & 34 along with 3:11 or 11:03 and 36 so much cuz the number 3 & 33 is relavant to EVERYONE! I was in a diffrent city on a beautiful well lit night and i see gas prices $3:33 over and over again at ever gas station, ofcourse I GOT IT! Im just the one that NOTICED! Thats the only difference between me & everyone behind me. I NOTICED! Something in YOUR LIFE made you notice that you were Seeing it, you always SAW it often ALWAYS everyone sees it often Everyone, only a select few of us NOTICE, and noticing it makes you SEE & REALIZE THAT YOU ARE SEEING IT, only ignorance of it would make you not see it and thats becuz you dont NOTICE you and EVERYONE else are seeing it so much. Something in yur life made you NOTICE you…more…

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RE: 33 AGAIN (3rd comment)

by Anonymous – 7/05/16 4:07 AM

1.618 no God? Evil? Explain


by John – 7/03/16 7:57 PM

I look at the clock and notice it’s 9:11 all the time. It’s made me feel uneasy

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Word pf God

by James – 3/24/16 5:55 AM

Two Score says I am the Star that fell from Heaven 5\26\61 to full fill the Word of God. It is written upon the Star Holy Bible numbering the Stars date of birth and years numbered to live in this World. His is the life that was taken on the Cross and the Star is here to End this thing called Creation World I love my Father and I’m pleased to do this thing for my Father. Full fill his Word Two Score

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RE: Word pf God

by Anonymous – 6/19/16 2:52 PM

What is Two Score


by hamid – 6/15/16 2:02 AM

I’m not Christian I’m Muslim but I have same problem.I know this number is holly number for freemasones I dont know lot about bible but I believe jesuse.I think 33 has relation with end of world and jesuse rising as soon or world war 3 will start in. Next year’s.

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The MOST important #33 event the world has ever known!

by Melanie Bowman – 4/27/16 12:33 PM

When Jesus Christ (the Son of God-the ONE true God) died, he was 33 years old. There will never be another event with any type of correlation to the number 33 that will ever compare to the death of Christ. Because the world, the devil, and all his demons thought they killed the Savior of the world. HOWEVER (this is my favorite part) He arose on the 3rd day and conquered death! He has the keys to death, Hell, and the grave and He is the only One that’s able to forgive sins and allow those that are forgiven free access to Heaven.

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RE: The MOST important #33 event the world has ever known!

by Anonymous – 5/01/16 2:52 PM

And we thank Him for going the route.

33 again

by 1990 – 4/27/16 7:05 PM

Another way furthermore mathematically 33.33333333333333 Xs 3 = 100 or (1)one Whole. It could also mean the holy trinity or heaven earth hell. Or take 33 and put them together u get the infinity sigh. I started noticing the number 33 when my cousin (whom very religous & friendly) died of that age from a pregnacy complication in 2012.

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by 1990 – 4/27/16 6:58 PM

Just wanted to point out that if u divide the 1 as a whole number 100% by the number 3 you get nothing but the number 3 over and over again. The result will be 33.3333333333333333 to infinity.

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Behind the number

by Aqua Vitae – 4/11/16 11:54 AM

As someone here stated, 33 means you have a job to do. Another person said that his birthday 666 doesn’t mean that he is the antichrist, it means that he will battle the antichrist. Look at the one dollar bill, you’ll see a pyramid. On that pyramid there are 13 steps. You’ll see the words “Annuit Coeptis” and “Novus Ordo Seclorum”. If you make a hexagram within the circle it reveals the word “M A S O N”. A hexagram is symbolic of Lucifer (Satan). God to Masons is Lucifer, not God The Creator. They obtain power through pain, suffering, death, and carnage. Ordo Ab Chao. Their objective is world rule. Everyone else will be a slave. 33 is used by Masons as in 33 degrees of Masonry. It’s not a secret society but it is secretive. Satan is full of deceit. If numbers are a message from The Creator, the number 33 might be a message to turn your attention to this situation and help in any way you can because whether you believe in The Creator or not all are affected by those who follow Lucifer (Satan). If you are on…more…

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by tuyen – 6/16/15 3:41 AM

I keep seeing 711,1111,1212,733,933 so much i didn’t know what it mean until my friend to told me to look it up …i 
Was amazed of (all) this angel numbers

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RE: re:933……

by Anonymous – 3/31/16 1:32 PM

You have to dig deeper than the top Google results. Angel numbers are the first generic thing I went for, and it’s much more intricate than someone laying putt a chart of numbers and spoon feeding you magical meanings with no information out evidence of where they got this info.


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