As these end times signs and prophecies coming to pass, I hope Americans who support Trump in building a wall says a prayer of thanks be to the Creator of ALL things Universal for the greatest honor of being the ONLY nation on Earth worthy of a second coming of the material worldly flesh god giant to acknowledge ONLY AMERICAN CHRISTIANS who are to be found within the high TRUMP AMERICAN WALLS in this entire planet. Screw those who’ve had any hope of being a part of the glorious festivities, RIGHT AMERICA? If u have relatives or friends any where else, they’ve not only been stupid in hoping for an eternity of bliss and love in a heaven but they were also screwed before being born because they werent born Americans and raised in a worldly American Christian Church family..RIGHT AMERICAN CHRISTIANS. Thank God I’m American, as Jesus must also be, according to Trump God worshipping American Christians. Id be pissed with everyone who had anything to do with my birth if I were misled as an African in Africa, an Indian in India or an Egyptian born in Egypt. Id be betrayed before even being born. Thank you God for these blessings for a very few qualifiers to enter your Holy tolerant non-egotistical/non-hypocritical,  narcissist free realm called HEAVEN


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