Tanya 8/6/1970 Caesars Palace & STARdust

Apparently sometime in 1970 Sandy Waterman had applied to be licensed at Caesars but withdrew his application.

In January of 1970, William S. Weinberger was the President of the resort. He started at the resort as Director of Food and Beverage. He was born on February 8, 1913 in Cleveland, and was married to Jean Zinner, with one daughter Ann, and two sons Kenneth, and William. Weinberger graduated from Western Reserve University in 1935, earned his letter in football and swam for the Cleveland Athletic Club. He worked with his father, Jules, in Kornman’s Restaurant in Cleveland. He was a Lieutenant JG of the Navy. He moved to Vegas in 1966. He belonged to the Bluecoats, the Variety Club, The Board of Directors for Temple Beth Sholom, and was chairman of the Israel Bond Committee, Chairman of combined Jewish Appeal in Vegas, and American Cancer Society.

In January of 1970, Equipment Manager of the Cleveland Browns was seen in the resort. He was with the team since 1946 when it started. Morris Jaeger was the Shift Boss having moved from the Stardust when Caesars opened.

Joel Snow, who was born on January 14, 1941, in New York City was the day shift boss in Baccarat at the resort. He was Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve, and graduated from the University of Miami in Florida where he belonged to the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity. He was named Athlete of the Year for his fraternity. He belonged to Temple Beth Sholom Men’s Club, the Masonic Lodge. He was named one of the best dressed men in Vegas.

It was also noted that John Joseph McNamara was a Captain in the Circus Maximus. Born on September 28, 1922, in Jefferson, Iowa, and he and his wife Donna had three children, Shawn, Ryan and Kelly. He attended Kentucky Military Institute for his high school and then Iowa State University. He also spent 6-1/2 years in the U.S. Maritime Commission as Chief Steward. The National Restaurant Association Royal 400 was one of his honors and he was also a Kentucky Colonel. Before Caesars, he managed the Golden Nugget and later was Assistant Maitre d’ at the Tropicana.

Sarno Family & friend at Ah So, Aug. 1970
Donated by Jay C. Sarno

Cleopatra’s Barge, which sits in its own miniature Mediterranean Sea opened in 1970. Harris and Sarno were trying to make use of a dry wash into the property to create Cleopatra’s Barge.

“We thought originally we would make the wash into a pond and float the bar on it. Once we understood this wasn’t feasible was thought the barge idea was too good to abandon, so we moved it indoor.” – Jo Harris, 1975

Gaming executive Ash Resnick, Caesars host Joe Louis, and former champion Max Schmeling

Rodney Dangerfield & Sarno Family

Sarno birthday party
Last 3 donated by Jay C. Sarno

In January of 1970, it was reported that Caesars Sound Engineer Dave Rogers was marrying Elba Cebollero on Valentine’s Day at the Little Church of the West. In 1944, the groom’s father David A. Rogers was presented a four carat ruby ring from the personal collection of the King of Arabia. That stone has been set in a special design for the bride.

Also in 1970, Merv Griffin arranged to have his show taped at Caesars but didn’t mention what they would need. When the Griffin entourage arrived they needed 60 rooms, which Caesars didn’t have. There was a slight delay while maids were sent to immediately accomodoate the entourage. Griffin announced that he would be taping 5 or 6 segments in the Maximus. Tickets were available to the general public at the showroom reservation desk.

In March of 1970, it was announced that the original opening date of June 25th for the new tower will probably be extended to July 1st, as the top floor of the new high rise was just under construction. Caesars stated that during April, the crew will put in the lower two floors that will join the addition to the original structure.

On April 4, 1970, retired Hughes Desert Inn employee George Stokes celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary to his wife Nancy at the Bacchanal Room.

Also in April of 1970, it was reported that Merv Griffin will do eight weeks of taping his TV show at one and two week intervals at Caesars during the next year since the shows he completed were such a success.

On April 22, 1970, Frank Sinatra appeared at Caesars, where all staff members were told to Keep It Quiet when Jackie and Ari Onassis appeared in the audience to catch the show.

In mid-April, 1970, Christian and Marcel Le Bon held their franchised Miss Nevada Universe Pageant in Caesars’ showroom. The Flamingo had a repeat beauty queen winner this year, with the crown going to their representative Sherri Schruhl. John Rowles who co-starred with Connie Stevens at the Flamingo presented Schruhl with roses and displayed her trophy to the audience.

Also during this year, singer Tom Jones ended his contract with Las Vegas Hilton, and moved over to Caesars in a three year contract. In addition, Jerry Lewis was signed for two year contract with the resort.

On May 11, 1970, patrons were asking why so many gaming tables weren’t open. Diahann Carroll was filming her special with Tom Jones as guest star and they didn’t want the tables occupied.

Also in May, the resort booked the Young Presidents Organization in their Convention Hall for March, 1971. To be a member, one must be under 49, heading a (minimum) $5 million a year corporation. A total of 600 Young Presidents were expected to attend with their wives.

After catching Jerry Lewis’ show at the resort, Jan Murray went backstage and saw the title of Jerry’s new picture “Which Way to the Front” bannered on the backstage wall. Security refuses to comment on the author of the added “starring Jan Murray”.

On June 15, 1970, Screen Gems hosted a party for TV editors at Caesars to unveil The Partridge Family which was filmed at the resort. Shirley Jones was the guest of honor.

In June of 1970, workers voted 96-11 against having a union with four of the votes challenged.

Donated by Jeff Cross

It was noted that during this time Grace Hayes’ was the only person who still had a home on the Strip. In June of 1970, Hayes was in the clinic undergoing tests. Her home would later become part of Caesars’ parking lot next to the Mirage.

On August 6, 1970, the 14 Centurion story tower containing 222 rooms was opened on the north side of the property. It was reported that the total amount spent on Cleopatra’s Barge, Ah So Japanese Restaurant and the tower was $4.2 million.

During this year Frank Sinatra and casino manager Sandy Waterman, had a disagreement after Sinatra demanded more credit than he was given. Sinatra accused Waterman of pulling a gun on him and quit Vegas vowing never to perform in the city again. Of course, Sinatra did perform again, especially when by 1973, he had received 30,000 letters asking him to return.

In 1970, Circus Maximus showcased 5th Dimension; Edie Adams; Steve Alaimo; Woody Allen; The Amin Brothers; Paul Anka; Harry Belafonte; Louis Bellson; Tony Bennett; Milton Berle w/Jerry Collins; Leonard Sues Royal Quartet w/special guest star Phyllis McGuire; Harry Belafonte; The Blossoms; Nat Brandwynne Orchestra; Julie Budd; Carol Burnett; Godfrey Cambridge; Judy Carne; Petula Clark; Norm Crosby; Duke Ellington; The Establishment; Everly Brothers; The Golddiggers; Eydie Gorme & Steve Lawrence; Eloise Laws; Edwin Hawkins; Joey Heatherton; Pat Henry; Woody Herman; The International Set; George Kirby; Eloise Laws; Jerry Lewis w/Lou Brown at the Piano; Liberace; The Little Steps; Jim Nabors; The Name is the Same w/Jackie Coogan, Jr;/Gary Lewis & The Playboys/Ted Lewis/Peter Lorre; Jr./Meredith Macrae/Deana Martin/Maureen Regan/Mickey Rooney, Jr.; Anthony Newley; The Osmond Brothers; Della Reese; The Royal Quartet; Teri Rinaldi; Jimmie Rodgers; Mickey Rooney, Jr. & The Songs with Patti Grayson/Fracesca Gabor Hilton/Michel Marceau/Jackie Coogan; Jr./Ted Lewis Jr./Grey Mullavey/Meredith MacRae; Frank Sinatra; Nancy Sinatra; The Smothers Brothers (at $85,000 a week); Leslie Uggams; and Nancy Wilson. The Maitre d’ was Jess Kirk.

Steve & Edie w/Sarno & Sarno Blocks
Donated by Jay C. Sarno

During Nancy Sinatra’s first seven days of her show an estimated 14,000 people attended. Attending Nancy’s opening night were Dad, still suffering from a tendon ailment, Mom, sister Tina, and brother Frank, Jr.

During Nancy Wilson and Godfrey Cambridge’s opening night, the audience included Bill Cosby, Norm Crosby, and Thomas of Blood, Sweat & Tears).

Roman Theatre showcased Brothers Castro, Flesh ’70, Phil Flowers; Gaylord & Holiday; Impact of Brass, and Sisters Love.

Nero’s Nook showcased Bill Acosta; Blue Notes; Bottoms Up ’70; (which was signed for a $2 million three year contract); Brothers Castro; Marion Colby; Pat Collins; Glen Covington; Norm Crosby; Jack D’ Johns; Steve De Pass; Julie DeJohn; Don’t Make Me Laugh w/Buddy Lester; Frank D’Rone; Billy Falbo; Phil Flowers; Joe Frazier & The Knockouts; Gaylord & Holiday; Cornell Gunter & The Coasters; Horatio; Thelma Houston; Impact of Brass; Cook E. Jar & The Krums; B.B. King; Kole & Param; Micki Lynn; Mason & Dixon; Name’s the Same; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band; Oriental Mod Squad; World of Jilly Rizzo; Dan Rowan & Dick Martin; Mongo Santamaria; Grant Smith & The Power; O.C. Smith; The Peddlers; Summer Winds; Billy Talbo; Arthur Walsh; Jackie Winston; Woody Woodbury; World Of Jilly Rizzo; Patti York and the Love Train. Woodbury opened at Nero’s with publicity cards stating: “Once in a decade a truly great entertainer comes along . . . meanwhile, I recommend me.” On September 27, 1970, Caesars closed Nero’s Nook to transform it to a Keno parlor.

Bottoms Up
Donated by Riviera’s John Neeland

“As you know, comedienne Nancy Austin is rather hefty. She was appearing in bottoms Up and, as part of her act, she dressed in the scanty costume of a cocktail waitress. She would surprise members of the audience by asking them for drink order and so on, but she really surprised two gentlemen who saw her passing through the casino one evening. One gentleman remarked to the other: ‘now that’s juice!’ Later on, there was this one rather large lady who applied for a job as a cocktail waitress after seeing Austin in her costume. Usually, we politely refuse such applications, but before we could say anything, this lady remarked: ‘If you think I’m fat, then you should see this one cocktail waitress . . . ‘ We had to explain to her that Nancy was not one of our employees, but a performer.” – Gloria Brown, 1979 interview

When Carol Burnett suffered a bad case of bronchitis on June 10, 1970, she recommended her main showroom spot be filled by Steve De Pass, then appearing in Nero’s Nook. Pass went on and immediately became the talk of the Strip. What many people did not know was that Pass and Burnett worked together on the Garry Moore TV show and Burnett held the greatest respect for Pass’ art.

The Bacchanal Room showcased Jimmy Grippo.

In a 1970 bio, it stated that Grippo was born in Italy on January 25th. He and his wife Frances had one daughter Roslyn. He was a high school graduate and spent two years in Special Services in the armed forces. He belonged to the Society of American Magicians, International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Elks and attended the Catholic Church. His hobby was teaching people how to live to be 100, healthy and young all the time. Grippo mesmerized some of the world’s greatest figures including King George V, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the King of Siam (he always wore a priceless ring that the king gave him), President Franklin Roosevelt who gave him a special honor, and Sir Winston Churchill. Grippo’s hypnotic skills were so great that he was called upon often to lecture in medical schools around the world and he was almost a member of John Hopkins University. On the vaudeville stage he was a star for many years, and later he operated the Club 21 in Miami, FL, where he held classes for people who wanted to lose weight, for children who were shy and backward, and for smokers who wanted to stop – all through hypnotism.

Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Pupi Campo, The International Set, Il Millionaire, Joann & Tony Costa with the Town Pipers, and Jackie Vernon.

The Roman Theatre showcased Glen Covington, Norm Crosby, Joe Frazier, Gaylord & Holiday, The Knockouts, Magnificent Men, The Peddlers, and Mongo Santamaria.

Also in 1970, While Liberace was playing at Caesars he had a reunion with Frontier’s Mort Saiger back stage. The two were reading the Frontiersman newsletter.

“This New Year’s Eve, we broke a precedent of long standing and joined the crowds ushering in 1971. It was worth being a companion to Jack Frost to see the many familiar faces. Among them, the beautiful Phyllis McGuire. The blonde singer looked captivating in a red, white and black gaucho outfit as we discussed the 80 some odd movie theatres sister Chris owns (primarily in Florida). Jerry Lewis is apparently interested in buying them from Chris to supplement his own chain. It was perfect – dancing to those two great band artisans Duke Ellington and Woody Herman in the CP Colosseum. It was beautiful to watch the executives on the dance floor, completely relaxed, forgetting the exhausting routine of work. Everyone enjoyed those hours of unadulterated music, forgetting the agony of deadlines and the persistence of computers, at least for that short period.” – Etta Cortez

In March of 1971, Vegas commended Sheriff Ralph Lamb who was under Sheriff Lloyd Bell and the entire department for the orderly manner in which they directed the welfare march. The demonstrators was with the state and county branches of the Welfare Organization. Although tempers were on the edge when the demonstrators strolled past the anti-demonstrators, and there was a conflict of intent, there was no violence and order was maintained. It was understood that the demonstrators would not enter any of the casinos but a change of plans led them to Caesars where the management cloaked the gaming tables and opened its doors. The line filed through and exited without any results.

When a Caesars porter watched one of the welfare marchers “praying” to a statue of Caesar to “give us our bread,” he rushed into the kitchen for a loaf but couldn’t locate the petitioner when he breathlessly returned.

Also in March of 1971, it was announced Goldie Hawn had to postpone her May opening due to her filming Butterflies Are Free.

Also during this month, Caesars advanced $45,000 for the closed circuit franchise for the Frazier/Clay fight. It was stated that they had enough ducats for the 6,000 seats at the Convention Center and 1,800 at the hotel’s Colosseum. They’ll break even with 5,200 seats old. It was predicted that New York’s Garden would gross $1,200,000 in seat sales, the fight would gross $20,000,000 on closed circuit franchising, with 2 and a half million for each of the contestants. It was stated the fighting great Joe Louis was touting everyone to bet on Frazier over Cassius Clay (later becoming Mohamad Ali).

On May 14, 1971, Caesars hosted a tribute to former heavy weight champ Joe Louis. Godfrey Cambridge was one of the individuals who gave a testimonial to the champ. The Fabulous Las Vegas magazine had a special collector’s calendar as its centerfold dedicated to Louis in March, 1971.

In 1971, Merv Griffin show taped from Caesars. His guests were Dick Clark, Dick Jensen, Larry Storch, and Louis Prima.

On July 23 & 24, 1971, the Les Brown/Freddy Martin bands played at Caesars’ Anniversary party.

Donated by Howard Klein

For a few years Caesars Palace, and Sage and Sands Motel stood side by side. Caesars then bought that property and demolished it, together with the Caesars gas station to expand their property.

During this year, Caesars went to Denver, Colorado and erected a very enticing sign with their trademark beautiful Roman beauty and a reclining Caesar. The largest sign in the city stated “Would you rather be in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace? The Denver Chamber of Commerce looked at that sign and draft a new ordinance. The new code now limits such signs to 32 feet in height, with modifications that necessitate adjustments by the sign company and Caesars.

On September 5-6, 1971, Caesars hosted the first of its eight Jerry Lewis telethons for Muscular Dystrophy. It was reported that this was Lewis’ sixth telethon which was televised nationally for the 2nd year. Local cutaways were handled by KLAS-TV 8, in the Colosseum of Caesars. Audiences were invited from 7:30pm Sunday to 3:30pm on Monday. Gus Giuffe was the M.C. Vegas celebrities who appeared included Jack Kogan, Bob Joyce, Hal Morelli, Red McIlvaine, Joe Delaney, Ralph Pearl, Forrest Duke, Fredors Montempi, Gerry Appleby and Dee Spencer.

It was noted that the telethon brought in over $8 million. Resorts were included with many of their celebrities including Bobby Stevens & The Checkmates (LV Hilton), Buddy Greco/Sammy Davis, Jr. (Sands), Juliet Prowse (DI), Joe Williams (Tropicana), Marty Allen/John Rowles (Flamingo), Brenda Lee (Fremont), Paul Anka/Joey Heatherton (Caesars), Bob Newhart (Frontier). Celebrities even jumped up and manned the phones so people could have breaks. Brenda Lee, Rip Taylor, Joe Williams, and Redd Foxx were the relief phone operators.

Paul Anka also introduced the Brown Bomber Joe Louis and Caesars Billy Weinberger was throwing thousands into pledges as through they were rolls of dimes. The telethon had a children’s section in the cutaway with Tanya The Elephant, Vegas Vampire Jim Parker, Peluza The Closen, Miss June, and ventriloquist Gene Marvin. Johnny Puleo & his Harmonica Gang entertained the studio audiences during commercials.

Also during this year comedian Freddie Prinze was married at the resort.

In November 1971, patrons hurried to play Baccarat when Harry Belafonte was seen sitting at one of the tables smoking a cigar.

Also during this month, Baccarat Chief Larry Snow had surgery at the Houston Medical Center. It was reported that he must’ve been a great patient as Dr. De Bakey’s staffers, including his nurses, all flew to Vegas to visit Snow.

In December of 1971, some employees listed included Larry Snow and Joel Snow; Al Faccinto – Casino Manager; and John Ashy/Nate Auerbach/Bill Barbour/Chris Becker/Bill Bostwick/Paul Brascia/Edward Buccieri/Frank Cuti/Rick Davis/Ed Dickerman/Lou Dezarn/Paul Ettinger/Bob Gans/Jerry Gengler/Johnny George/Chico Graxiola/Joe Houston/Wesley Kaebush/Jess Lenz/Jay Love/Al Marshall/Billy Maxwell/Jerry Mesrobian/Emmett Munley/Jack Newman/George Parisi/Ben Peters/Al Portugese/Kenny Reed/Samuel Sams/Pete Savage/Bill Schindler/John Tegano/Mike Velardo/Paul Vercheck/Nick Vuceta/Vic Wakeman/Billy Wilkinson/Bill Woofter/David Yick – Casino Personnel.

In 1971, Circus Maximus showcased 5th Dimension; Paul Anka/George Kirby; Paul Anka/Joey Heatherton; Harry Belafonte; Louis Bellson; Tony Bennett/Golddiggers; Ken Berry; The Blossoms; Nat Brandwynne Orchestra; Brasil ’77; Julie Budd; Pupi Campo; Petula Clark/Sergio Mendes/Guy Marks; Norm Crosby; Crosswinds; Ron Eliran; The Establishment; Jimmy Grippo; Andy Griffith; Joey Heatherton; St. James & Company; Tom Jones; Lee Kenniston; B.B. King; Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme/Ronnie Martin; Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme/Freddie Roman; Lennon Sisters; Jerry Lewis/Melba Moore; Liberace; The Little Steps; Micki Lynn; Guy Marks; Ronnie Martin; Johnny Mathis; Phyllis McGuire; Fay McKay; Bob Melvin; Ernie Menehune; Sergio Mendes; Melba Moore; Anthony Newley; Osmond Brothers; Scherri St. James & Company; Tommy Steele; The Surfers; Ike & Tina Turner; Unusual We; Jerry Van Dyke; Lovelace Watkins; Andy Williams/Lennon Sisters; Nancy Wilson. The Maitre d’ was Jess Kirk.

During one of Paul Anka’s shows he decided to create lyrics to introduce everyone he knew in the audience. He was handed a list of the people, stood stage front and introduced each of them in song including Bobbie Gentry; Arte Johnson; Sonny King; Dick Roman; John Rowles; Melba Moore; Johnny Puleo; Bob Carroll; Herb Eden; Ed Sullivan; David Front; Diahann Carroll; and Jan Murray. The greatest reaction was drawn by Sullivan who gave many of these stars their first break, and David Frost who continued to provide TV exposure to these performers.

After one of their shows Steve & Eydie met up with old friend Art Stanley formerly of the dancing Dunhills, who was working back stage at the resort. Noting he was not feeling too well, they immediately bought a round trip plane ticket for him and shipped him to their doctor in New York, where he was hospitalized for treatment.

This was the first year Tom Jones appeared at the resort. He was at the Flamingo since his Vegas debut in 1968.

Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Eileen Barton; Pupi Campo; The Crosswinds; Ron Eliran; The Four of Us; Vic Garcia; Gaylor & Holiday; Ruth Gillis; Lee Kenniston Set; The Keynotes; Micki Lynn; Ernie Menehune; Jana Mitchel & Vaccaro; Raul Perez; The Surfers; Jackie Vernon; and Bruce Westcott.

The Bacchanal Room showcased Jimmy Grippo.

For the holiday season, Caesars took out an ad in the Fabulous Las Vegas magazine. In addition, Larry Snow and Joel Snow took out an ad and the casino personnel took out another ad. In 1971, the casino personnel consisted of John Ashy, Nate Auerbach, Bill Barbour, Chris Becker, Bill Bostwick, Paul Brascia, Edward Buccieri, Frank Cuti, Ed Dickerman, Lou Dezarn, Paul Ettinger, Bob Gans, Jerry Gengler, Johnny George, Chico Graxiola, Joe Houston, Wesley Kaebush, Jess Lenz, Jay Love, Al Marshall, Billy Mazwell, Jerry Mesrobian, Emmett Munley, Jake Newman, George Parisi, Ben Peters, Al Portugese, Kenny Reed, Samuel Sams, Pete Savage, Bill Shindler, John Tegano, Mike Velardo, Paul Vuceta, Vic Wakeman, Billy Wilkinson, Bill Woofter, David Yick, and Casino Manager Al Faccinto.

Caesars hosted the first Alan King Tennis Classic May 1-7, 1972.

In 1972, Caesars bought the Thunderbird Hotel and Casino in the hopes of revising its sagging financial situation. This plan was a failure. During this year Caesars showcased Bill Acosta, Pupi Campo, Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence with the Mike Curb Congregation, Jimmy Grippo, and Bruce Westcott Trio.

S.O.U.P. took time off from the Hilton to appear for an hour at the charity of the Kidney Foundation Dinner/Dance at Caesars. While onstage, the group’s clothing, jewelry and cash disappeared from their makeshift dressing room. On top of that, they didn’t even receive a thank you for appearing.

In addition to 1,000 rooms/suites, Caesars contained the Bacchanal, The Piazza, Ah So Steak House, and Noshorium restaurants.

In addition to the Cleopatra Bar, other bars were the Galleria Lounge, Discus Lounge, and Ah So Bar.

Caesars Health Club contained tennis courts as well as whirlpool baths, saunas, steam rooms, exercise and relaxing rooms. On staff were also masseurs and masseuses. Also on the premises was a beauty salon and barber shop.

Also during this year, Caesars introduced the Strip’s first people mover, marking the entrance with a stylized temple.

Caesars security guard Tommy Thompson was a former cowboy and song writer. In November, 1972, Thompson turned down $10,000 for all of his songs.

A visitor at Caesars during this year was Muhammad Ali and Joe E. Louis.

In April of 1972, Ebony magazine took a picture of all the Blacks appearing on the Strip during this period of time in front of Caesars’ marquee. First row – George Kirby, Harry Belafonte, Nancy Wilson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Eckstine, and Joe Williams; 2nd row – Redd Foxx, Billy Daniels, conductor George Rhodes, Herb Mills/Donald Mills of the Mills Brothers, and Jimmy Randolph; 3rd row – Harry Mills, Sonny Charles, music conductors Bobby Tucker, Paul Curry, and Tommy Flannigan.

In June of 1972, it was reported that Caesars couldn’t wait for Andy Williams to return in September. During his last tenure, he topped Tom Jones’ previous high in attendance.

Caesars also contained a 2,000 seat convention hall.

Some food/drink prices in 1972 were: deep fried jumbo shrimp – $3.95; broiled chopped sirloin steak, mushroom sauce or smothered onions – $3.50, Caesars’ famous strawberry cheese cake – $1.00; and Almaden Brut Champagne – $10.00 for a 5th

On either side of the front doors were marble statutes of Medici Venus, Canova Venus, Venus de Milo, David, Heve, and Bacchus, imported from Italy at a cost of $100,000.

The Olympic swimming pool in the Garden of Gods copied the design of ancient Rome’s Pompeii baths. More than 8,000 pieces of marble quarried from Carrara, Italy, tile the pool.

Suspended from the ceiling in the Grand Promenade was one of the largest chandeliers ever built, costing $125,000, it measured 99 by 66 feet and contained more than 100,000 crystals.

The Emperor and Empress suites have spiral staircases leading to balconies that encircle the living rooms.

Caesars employed 1,500 individuals working around the clock.

In 1972, The Circus Maximus showcased Woody Allen; Paul Anka/Joey Heatherton; Harry Belafonte/Letta Mblulu/Ella Mitchell; Nat Brandwynne Orchestra; Carol Burnett; Petula Clark; Mike Curb Congregation; Tony Bennett; Eydie Gorme/Steve Lawrence; Goldie Hawn; Pat Henry; Joey Heatherton/Ice Follies; Lena Horn; Ice Follies; Tom Jones; Alan King; Peggy Lee; Jerry Lewis; Liberace; The Little Steps; Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’77; Melba Moore; Jim Nabors; Anthony Newley; Osmond Brothers; Joan Rivers; Diana Ross; Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies; Nancy Sinatra; Andy Williams; and The Surfers. Every Saturday and Sunday a Champagne Brunch was served in the Maximus.

performers at CaesarsCleopatra’s Barge showcased Bill Acosta; Bobbe Brighton; Pupi Campo; Terri Rinaldi; Bruce Wescott; and Karen Young. The Bacchanal showcased Jimmy Grippo.

Venerable Heavyweight Boxing Champion Joe Louis “The Brown Bomber”, was the hotel’s greeter/host for many years during the late 60s and 70s. In a fitting tribute to the champ, a larger-than-life bronze statue was erected in his honor in one of the casino’s alcoves.

On February 8, 1973, Gene Cernan, Ron Evans and Jack Schmitt of Apollo 17 appeared at Caesars Palace and thrilled children in front of the resort. Their message was “Don’t cut back on funds for space exploration – we should go ahead with plans for a space shuttle.” When the astronauts asked their audience “Who wants to be an astronaut” kids’ hands shot up from all over.

The richest prize money in tennis history was offered May 14-20, 1973, when the world’s 32 leading players competed for $150,000 in the second annual Alan King Teenis Classic on the outdoor courts at the resort. This was an invitational event and first approved tournament by the newly-formed Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). It was also sanctioned by the International Lawn Tennis Federation (ILTF) and the United States Lawn Tennis Association (USLTA).

The tournament, a professional singles and doubles invitational championship, with a celebrity round-robin matching show business-sports luminaries paired with the pros in a two day round-robin. As of mid-April, Stan Smith, Ilie Nastase, Andres Gimemo, Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Arthur Ashe and defending champion John Newcome agreed to appear.

Another feature was a Tennis Hall of Fame event, pitting former world greats like Jack Kramer, Billy Talbert, Don Budge, Pancho Segura, Vic Seixas, Ted Schroeder, Frank Parker, Bobby Riggs and Dick savitt round-robin doubles. All of the 32 competing players had to be ATP members, with invitations going to major tournament champions plus those players ranking highest on a prize money or point basis, which was determined by ATP. The ATP was to determine the prize-money breakdown. Prize money would go to all 32 players entered in the tournament.

Celebrities who were invited to play included Alan King, Ed Ames, Rod Steiger, Bill Cosby, Steve Lawrence, Neil Simon, George Peppard, James Franciscus, Charlton Heston, George Plimpton, Merv Griffin, Oleg Cassini, Andy Williams, Sidney Poitier, Burt Bacharach, Lloyd Bridges, Beau Bridges, Anthony Quinn, Clint Eastwood, as well as Frank Gifford, Don Meredith and Howard Cosell. Ed Ames won last year, and James Franciscus was runner-up.

Actress Pamela Mason filed a $930,000 breach of contract suit against Caesars and Merv Griffin over cancellation of her radio show from the resort.

In 1973, Caesars contracted Del Webb Corporation to build a 16 story, 333 room high-rise tower to be completed September of 1974.

In 1973, Circus Maximus showcased Paul Anka,/Danny Kaleikini; Harry Belafonte; Nat Brandwyne Orchestra; Diahann Carroll; Don Cherry; Petula Clark/Joan Rivers; Tim Conway; Norm Crosby; Ding-A-Lings; Ella Fitzgerald; Freeman Sisters; Golddiggers; Ken Hamilton; Joey Heatherton; Tom Jones/Pat Henry; Ice Follies; Danny Kaleikini; Alan King/Anthony Newley; The Lennon Sisters; Rich Little; Phyllis McGuire; Osmond Brothers/George Kirby; Terri Rinaldi; Diana Ross/Ice Follies; Shipsstad & Johnson’s Ice Folies Vegas Style; David Steinberg; Steve & Eydie; Larry Storch; Sally Struthers; Jeff Sturges & The Universe; Jeannie Thomas Trio; Bruce Westcott Trio; Andy Williams. The Maitre d’ was Jess Kirk.

When Paul Anka starred at Caesars on June 21, 1973, Marty Pasetta shot parts of it to be used for a TV special.

It was reported that karate expert Chuck Norris worked on the choreography for the Osmond Brothers’ show.

Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Pupi Campo Don Cherry; Marc Christopher; Jan Evans & Hi-Voltage; Ken Hamilton; Sandra MacTavish & her Clan; Ernie Menehune; Red Norvo; Terri Rinaldi; Henri Rose; Jeannie Thomas Trio; Bruce Westcott Trio. The Bachanal showcased Jimmy Grippo.

1974 map of the resortDuring this year the Maximus showcased Sammy Davis, Jr., with special guest star Dyan Cannon. The Musical Director was George Rhodes with the Nat Brandwynne Orchestra. The Maitre d’ was Jess Kirk. Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Pupi Campo, and Ernie Menehune.

In 1974, gossip queen Rona Barrett published her autobiography. Irate, Frank Sinatra let everyone know how he felt towards Barrett when he told his audience during one of his shows about Rona – “so ugly that her mother had to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her. Congress should giver her husband a medal just for waking up and looking at her.” He also gave a shot to Barbara Walters calling her “the ugliest woman on television.”

In 1974, Maximus showcased Paul Anka, Harry Bellafonte, The Blossoms, Nat Brandwynne Orchestra, The Celebration, Petula Clark, Tim Conway, Ella Fitzgerald, Pat Henry, Tom Jones, Danny Kalukini, Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme, Phyllis McGuire, Anthony Newley, Pointer Sisters, and Frank Sinatra. Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Pupi Campo, Don Cherry, and Bruce Westcott.

It was reported that every time Tom Jones appeared at Caesars that they would lose a huge amount of napkins because lady patrons would threw the napkins up to Jones to wipe his face and he would throw them back. The ladies kept the napkins as souvenirs. It was speculated that the ladies would frame the napkins with the caption “This napkin is glorified with the sweat of Tom Jones!”

In 1975, Caesars opened its Caesars’ Palace Court Restaurant. The restaurant became known for its stained-glass dome, elegant appointments and exquisite food.

On July 4, 1975, a flash flood hit the Strip leaving two dead and over $1 million in damages. At Caesars, over 200 cars were swept away. At the north end of the parking lot, cars were stacked five deep at the entry to a drainage system.

In 1976, Maximus showcased Paul Anka/Odia Coates; Nat Brandwynne Orchestra; Sam Butera & the Witnesses; Johnny Carson; The Company’s Company; Sammy Davis, Jr.; Tom Jones; Alan King/Anthony Newley; Alan King/The Supremes, Steve Lawrence/Eydie Gorme/Morty Gunty; Peggy Lee, Shirley MacLaine; Diana Ross; Frank Sinatra/Pat Henry; Andy Williams. Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Bill Acosta. The Palace Court showcased Falcon, and Reg Wilson.

At that time she also appeared in the movie Electric Horseman starring Robert Redford.

Charles Monahan
Donated by Jay C. Sarno

“When Mr. Housemen contacted us regarding the availability of dates for the shooting of his film The Electric Horseman, he sent me a copy of the script. When I discovered that the story would center around a convention here at Caesars, I immediately set to work to accommodate him. I even had two lines in the picture with Robert Redford.” – Charles Monahan

In 1977, Circus Maximus showcased Sammy Davis, Jr./Keely Smith. Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Bill Acosta; and The Company’s Company. The Palace Court showcased Reg Wilson.

In 1978, Circus Maximus showcased Paul Anka; Lynda Carter; Tom Jones; Ann Margret; Diana Ross; and Andy Williams. The Lounge showcased Company’s Comopany; Bruce Westcott; and Reg Wilson.

By 1979, original employees Harry Wald was Executive Vice-President, and secretary Gloria Brown was Director of Personnel. A sign on Brown’s desk read “Unus Caput Broadae,” which was a corruption of the Latin phrase, “Number One Chief Broad.” This bit of humor indicated the type of relaxed atmosphere at Caesars, an atmosphere where employees work and feel close to even the highest management levels.

Donated by Jay C. Sarno

This hotel has always been very family-oriented. The management here has always taken a personal interest in their employees. It’s a very caring attitude.” – Gloria Brown, 1979 interview

“We feel that Caesars has a world-wide image that is synonymous with Las Vegas. Our foreign market is very big. Bjorn Borg, the number one tennis player in the world, is our touring pro who represents us around the globe. The ideas of Clifford Perlman have given us all the impetus to to these great heights. It was Mr. Perlman, who is a tennis player himself, who brought in Caesars’ first tennis tournament, the Virginia Slim’s Ladies Championship, and, in the future, we are planning to expand our sports capabilities by building another indoor pavilion. We may also host a Grand Prix racing event in the future as well.” – Harry Wald

Original employee Nat Hart was Food and Beverage Coordinator for Caesars World, he was in charge of food services at both Caesars and the new Boardwalk Regency Hotel in Atlantic City. During this time, Hart supervised a little over $2,500 employees at Caesars alone. He was also responsible for creating the Piazza which served Italian dishes (it was later removed to expand the casino), and the “Ah-So” Japanese restaurant.

“I trained the entire staff of the Ah-So in Japanese cooking; and in the nine and one-half years that it has been in operation, we haven’t lost a single member of that original staff.”Carol (Burnett) called me up one day and told me that she had a bad throat. So, I made her some chicken soup and five minutes before she was due to go on she called and said she was fine.

“This very good customer of the hotel called and asked me how much our caviar cost per ounce. I told him. He then hung up and called me back several minutes later to request a pound of it. Well, I asked him what kind of condiments he wanted with it and he replied in a manner like W.C. Fields, ‘Just send me a spoon, young man!'”

(Regarding the tribute to boxing great Joe Louis on November 9, 1978 – “We hosted every living boxing champion for that event. The dais was practically larger than the packed Circus Maximus audience. In my 48 years as a restaurateur I have never seen so many stars assembled in one place. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were the hosts)” – Nat Hart

The resort was going through some major changes including eliminating its lounge and instituting a Ticketron seating policy in its showroom. Caesars executive William McElnea also broke through the tight money market and obtained a major loan from New York’s Chemical Bank at a time when loads to casino properties had been hard to get.

Clifford Perlman
Donated by Jay C. SarnoIt was noted that the Palace Court complex, conceived by Perlman, offered the discriminating guest the best in cuisine mixed with an intimate and private gaming atmosphere.

“Anywhere in the world the name Caesars Palace is known. And, you must be able to deliver the goods when the guests get here. Integrity of design is the best way to get people to remember where they were. Furthermore, a hotel that develops an affluent clientele is absolutely essential to Las Vegas and Las Vegas’ world-wide reputation is essential to Caesars Palace.” – Clifford Perlman

Donated by Jay C. SarnoDuring this year Buddy Lester gave an interview regarding his appearance at Caesars.

“Wally Cox had been appearing at Caesars and had, frankly, not been doing so well. So, the management decided to put someone else in. But everyone was booked and panic set in. Money was no object. They decided to do ‘Odd Couple’ and cast Mickey Rooney as the untidy Oscar and Tony Randall as Felix. Other members of the cast included Sugar Ray Robinson, Arnold Stand, Gary Crosby, and myself. We rehearsed for five straight days, four in L.A. The opening was jammed. I remember that the audience began to anticipate a certain risque line every show and it would consequently get a giant response. In one scene, Rooney and I are together downstage arguing about Felix. I was trying to defend Felix’s clean habits while Mickey was yelling about how Felix drove him crazy. One night we got so involved in doing the scene that we actually forgot there was an audience out there. We had to stop for a brief moment and realize just what we were doing.” – Buddy Lester

During this year it was noted that the three largest conventions ever booked at Caesars was the Automobile Warehousing Association, Spirits Wholesaler’s Association, and the Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel.

“The Automobile Warehousing Association came here in 1971 after 18 consecutive years in Kansas City. They are a major convention for us who book 1,400 rooms annually, and they are booked with us up to 1989.” – Charles Monahan

During this year the Convention Department listed its employees as Charles Monahan, Bill Tobin, Lorin Scott, and Michael Monahan (Charles’ son).

“I sent Frank Sinatra a memo asking him to mention some of this group’s top executives, and, during the show, he came out onstage waving this memo, saying, ‘I got this memo from Charles Monahan telling me to mention these people.’ Well, the folks just loved it.” – Charles Monahan

In November of 1979, Caesars added a 22-story tower called Fantasy Tower, containing 600 rooms and over 40,000 square feet of new public areas. The tower featured special suites and other conveniences for the handicapped and several unique two-story suites built around different themes, such as Egyptian, Roman and futuristic. Each of these suites was equipped with its own sauna and jacuzzi. This $25 million expansion gave Caesars a total of 2,000 rooms.

During this year Sugar Ray Leonard took time to train at the resort.

Two quotes about the resort were also given during this year:

“Being at Caesars Palace is like being at home – a pleasure” – Tom Jones“I went into retirement in 1971 and I came out of retirement in 1973 with a few projects. My first live performance after the hiatus was in January, 1974. It was at Caesars. This rather short report really tells you how I feel about the hotel; the first time out of the box, the first time at bat, had to be at Caesars. I think that say it all.” – Frank Sinatra

On December 12, 1979, Caesars hosted Frank Sinatra’s 64th birthday/40th anniversary as a recording artist, with more than 1,200 personal friends and professionals attending. The event was taped by NBC and televised on January 3, 1980.

Cary Grant, Barbara Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, the back of Glenn Ford’s head, and Dean Martin, which was taken before going into the showroom for the birthday-anniversary party.

menu for the event and various business who took out ads giving their birthday wishesVegas columnist Forrest Duke reported that billboards advertising the event were placed in 15 foreign countries including Japan, France, Italy and Australia.

Los Angeles and New York offered to host the affair but Sinatra chose Las Vegas and in particular Caesars Palace. Sinatra’s choice of Vegas was made because he had repeatedly triumphed there as a performer. His return to show business after a brief retirement took place at Caesars. Sinatra also held an honorary doctorate at the University of Nevada.

On the outside, Caesars marquee announced “Sinatra – The First 40 Years.” Above the main entrance of the hotel hung two 80 by 45 foot oil paintings. One was a black and white portrait of a 1939ish Sinatra. The other was a full color present day likeness. The portraits were believed to be the largest every done in oil. Each consumed about eight gallons of paints. The faces were 30 feet high by eight feet wide with noses 6-7 feet in length. Artists David and Doug Brega worked about five weeks on the project. Click Here for a report of the event.

Credit for the successful party was given to Milton Rudin, Lee Solters, Sheldon Roskin, Caesars President Harry Wald, Caesars Director of Special Events Joe Bauer and Catering Manager Hans Strauss.

During this year, the Maximus showcased Frank Sinatra/Marlene Ricci. At each show Sinatra welcomed the audience with “Welcome to the Palace of the Caesars, wherein resides the noblest Roman of them all – me!” All of the concerts Sinatra conducted at Caesars ended with the same toast “May you all live to be 1,000 years old, and may the last voice you hear be mine.”

At the opening of his November, 1979 tenure, Sinatra introduced various members of the audience including tennis star Bjorn Borg, Joan Rivers, Shirley MacLaine, Robert Goulet, and Telly Savalas.

During this year, Maximus also showcased Ann-Margret; Burt Bacharach/Raquel Welch; Sammy Davis, Jr.; Wayne Flowers; George Gobel; Tom Jones; Willie Nelson; Frank Sinatra/Pat Henry/Marlene Ricci; and Andy Williams. The Maitre d’ was Angelo Giouzellis. Cocktails and Show were advertised at $30 and $35.

Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Bill Acosta; and Mark Callas & Energy. Palace court showcased Bill Traggessor.

Omnimax Theatre

In the spring of 1980, the giant-domed 98 speaker movie and sound attraction Omnimax Theatre premiered with the 44 minute Everest which was a family film containing information about how the mountain was formed and continues to evolve. It also outlined the dramatic true chronicle of the expedition’s journey to the summit, just days after the infamous May 1976 tragedy in which eight climbers lost their lives in a deadly storm.

David Breashears, a four-time Emmy Award winner was the producer, director, cinematographer and leader of the Everest expedition, was on hand for the premiere. Breashears spoke to the audience before the film, explaining that the challenge of climbing Mt. Everest had nothing to do with the risk, that you’re not trying to do something to kill yourself. Rather, the challenge is in wanting to stand on the top of the world and shout about what you have done, and you do it in spite of the element of danger as opposed to because of it. The cost of the expedition was over $1 million because of the cameras, the equipment, the film and the hiring of extra sherpas. Normally an expedition cost about $250,000.

Donated by cyclejumpers.comOn September 15, 1980, Gary Wells attempted to leap across the fountains at Caesars Palace. The sign outside the hotel stated “Today! Gary Wells jumps Caesars Palace Fountains.” Wells gunned his motorcycle up the ramp, sailed over the fountains, but crashed on his descent. He just missed the side of the landing ramp. This sent him straight into a cement wall that led into the parking structure. Gary suffered a ruptured aorta and fractures of the pelvis, thigh and lower leg.

In 1980, Circus Maximus showcased Ann-Margaret and Cher, Paul Anka, Sammy Davis, Jr., Tom Jones/Freddie Roman, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, and Frank Sinatra.

Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Mark Callas & Energy, and Perfect Circle. The Palace Court showcased Ray Coussins.

In October of 1981, an entire race track, complete with pit area and grandstands, was created for the first of four Caesars Palace Grand Prix races.

Caesars Palace Grand Prix took place. This picture depicts the late Gilles Villeneuve in a Ferrari 126/C leading Jacques Laffite in a Tablot Ligier JS 17. Notice the Frontier and Desert Inn signs in the background.

In 1981, Frank Sinatra was licensed as Vice President of Entertainment of the resort. Sinatra appeared before the Nevada Gaming Commission to be approved for the key employee position at the resort. Harry Reid was chairman of the Commission, and was acting in awe of Sinatra and Gregory Peck, who testified for Sinatra’s licensing. The hearing lasted five hours and Sinatra had to pay $500,000 for a background check.

Bill Willard was there to send a message to Sinatra. Sinatra’s friend Hank Henry, who had performed for years at the Silver Slipper, was dying of colon cancer. Willard scribbled a note: “Hank Henry is dying at Valley Hospital. Please go see him. Thanks. Bill Willard.” Willard handed the note to publicist Lee Solters, who waited for a rest period to put it in Sinatra’s hands. Sinatra read the message, jumped visibly, very startled, then looked into the seats to find Willard. He nodded to him and closed his eyes as his head nodded forward, seemingly in prayer for pal Henry.

In July of 1981, the poker room listed Charles McLemore as manager. It contained 12 tables with 7 card stud: $1-3, $1-5, $5-10.

In the early 1980’s, Frank Sinatra hosted the Annual Mrs. Nevada Beauty Pageant. Donated by Sam Melchionne

In 1982, the Maximus showcased Sammy Davis, Jr., Willie Nelson, Wayne Newton, Diana Ross, and Frank Sinatra. Alan Margulies was Vice-President – Entertainment.

It was noted that 1982 marked Newton’s first appearance at the resort.

It was noted that the fountains at the resort held 350,000 gallons of water, 10,000 of which was always shooting into the air over the reflecting pools.

In August of 1983, a flash flood had left two feet of water in Caesars’ parking lot leaving motorists scampering to find parking for the resort. During this year Wayne Newton and Diana Ross were showcased in Circus Maximus, with Giovanni Marradi showcasing in the Palace Court.

On February 5, 1984, Caesars erected the four-faced Brahma Shrine from Mr. and Mrs. Kamphol Vacharaphol and Mr. Yip Hon. The plaque on the shrine states:

“The Brahma Shrine is renowned throughout the Far East. To people of all faiths, as a place of prayer which in turn bestows prosperity and good fortune on those who come to visit and make their hopes and wishes known.The casting ceremonies for the four-faced eight-handed statue of the Brahma were held in Bangkok, Thailand on November 25, 1983 and many important religious authorities and international dignitaries participated.”

In 1984 and 1985, Caesars was awarded the Successful Meetings magazine’s Pinnacle Award. This award was considered a mark of excellence for hotels, resorts, and conference centers that book meeting by readers of the magazine.

In 1985, The Omnimax Theatre showcased Speed, which traced man’s fascination with motion from the ancient times to aerospace. Adults were $3, and children under 12 and seniors were $2.

During this year Caesars showcased Byron Allen, Bill Cosby, Sammy Davis, Jr., and the Pointer Sisters. The Maitre d’ was Angelo Giongelis. Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Mark Callus & Energy with Cindy Dyer, and Roger K. Sainte. The Olympic Lounge showcased Terry Richards, and Henry Shed.

Also during this year the resort had six tennis courts including one illuminated as well as outdoor courts. It also contained a racquetball court. It also contained locker rooms, pool, and usual facilities including a pro shop. It was opened from dawn to 11:00pm. World champion Pancho Gonzalez was the traveling pro and director of tennis. The pro was Sam Aparicio. All this was opened to the general public as well as guests, and lessons were available.

Caesars offered the Palatium Buffet. Brunch was $6.00, and dinner was $8.00.

The resort also held the Atari Adventure Center in the Olympic section. This 2,000 square foot area contained over 60 electronic and video games.

The casino held 14 poker tables with Charles McLemore as Manager, and sports book with Art Manteris and Eddie Clark as Managers.

During this year the Palace Court offered cuisine in both French and Nouvelle styles, served by attentive, gloved personnel. The restaurant had artful decor with trees, chandeliers and crystal. The average meal was $40.

The Bucchanal Room advertised seven course meals and special wines served in a Roman setting for $50 per person.

In 1986 and 1987, Caesars was again awarded the Successful Meetings magazine’s Pinnacle Award.

In 1987, one of the stars to appear was Peggy Lee.

“Peggy Lee is still in a wheelchair from injuries suffered when she strode into loudspeakers at the wings on opening show of her last appearance in the Circus Maximus room. The seated position in no way impedes her delivery and forceful presence, singing a mostly familiar catalog of Lee hits, also with some other composers’ works registering well. The dynamics are instinctual as she ranges from purrs to wails, expressed with her innate jazz sense.” – Variety, June 24, 1987

In 1988, Caesars once again was awarded the Successful Meetings magazine’s Pinnacle Award.

“They select the winning hotels based on overall service, meeting rooms and equipment, recreational facilities, quality of food and beverage, accessibility, and exhibit space.” – Charles Wrye, Successful Meetings publisher

Kalin & Ginger of the Magical empire were named Magicians of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts. Past recipients included David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Harry Blackstone, and Lance Burton.

On May 30, 1988, Ice skating greats Brian Boitano and Katarina Witt displayed their show-stopping style in an outdoor extravaganza at the resort.

In 1988, Caesars again joined the Hollywood acting force when she appeared in the Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. A production crew of more than 90 people were headquartered at Caesars for filming. Out of the 12 weeks shooting for the movie, three weeks were spent at Caesars. Blackjack tables were vacated to accommodate the filming of scenes where Hoffman’s character demonstrated his ability to count cards.

“They select the winning hotels based on overall service, meeting rooms and equipment, recreational facilities, quality of food and beverage, accessibility, and exhibit space.”

September 4-5, 1988, Jerry Lewis held his Muscular Dystrophy Telethon at the Palace Pavillion.

In 1988, Circus Maximus showcased The Pointer Sisters/Ellen DeGeneres/Chita Rivera/Radio City Music Hall Rockettes starring Can-Can/Julio Iglesias, Beach Boys, The Living Legends of Comedy – Milton Berle/Danny Thomas/Sid Caesar,George Burns & Charo, David Cooperfield, Jay Leno, Live from Saturday Night with Dana Carvey, Ann Margret/Scott Record, Reba McEntire/Bellamy Brothers, Dennis Miller & Richard Lewis, Willie Nelson & His Family, Oak Ridge Boys, Joan Rivers, Suzanne Somers, and Dionne Warwick/Natalie Cole.

The Outdoor Arena showcased William Nelson & Merle Haggard, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Steve Winwood, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Cleopatra’s Barge showcased Step-Up, Kristine & The Sting, and Roger K. Sainte.

The Olympic Lounge showcased Danny Gale, Jeneane Marie, Sylvester Smith III, The Imperials, Zaras, and Cindy Dyer.

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