Your Top Three Spiritual Gifts

(1) Exhorter
The God-given ability to draw near to individuals in time of need, encouraging and counseling them accurately with the Word of God, and persuading them to take courage in the face of something they must do or assuring them to take comfort because of something that has occurred (E.g. Barnabas in Acts 4:36-37, 9:26-27, 11:19-26, and 15:36-41). 

Characteristics of an Exhorter 
1. Verbally encouraging 
2. Likes to apply the Word rather than investigate it 
3. Prefers practical application over theological truth 
4. Works best with others 
5. Verbally encourages others to excel in ministry 
6. Loves to do personal counseling 
7. Excels in communication 
8. Perceives trials as opportunities for personal growth 
9. Has a positive attitude 
10. Easily makes decisions 

Challenges for an Exhorter 
1. Frequently interrupts others 
2. Uses Scripture out of context 
3. Out spoken and opinionated 
4. Slightly overconfident 

(2) Prophet
The God-given ability to communicate the message of God in relation to the truth already revealed (Jude 3). It is not necessarily or even primarily a prediction. Rather, it is done for the purposes of encouraging, strengthening and comforting (1 Cor. 14:3). These have the ability to perceive the spiritual needs of others and meet those needs through Scripture. 

Characteristics of a Prophet 
1. Able to recognize good and bad and hates what is bad 
2. Sees clearly not dimly; no foggy or indefinite areas 
3. Recognizes character in people, whether good or bad 
4. Encourages repentance for the glory of God 
5. Sees the Bible as the foundation for truth 
6. Courageously holds to spiritual truths 
7. Powerful and persuasive speaker 
8. Distraught over the sins of others 
9. Sees their own shortcomings and those of others 

Challenges for a Prophet 
1. May be judgmental and upfront 
2. Delights in goal accomplishment not forward progress 
3. Forcefully pushes others toward spiritual growth 
4. Intolerant of other views 
5. Struggles with self image 

(3) Teacher
The God-given ability to study, research, explain and communicate truth (e.g. Paul and Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2). 

Characteristics of a Teacher 
1. Logical presenter of truth 
2. Confirms truth by examining facts 
3. Enjoys study and investigation 
4. Uses biblical illustrations 
5. Detests Scripture used out of context 
6. Establishes truth biblically 
7. Objective rather than subjective 
8. Accurate presenter of truth 
9. Tests the information of others 
10. Intellectual, disciplined, emotionally stable 

Challenges for a Teacher 
1. Can neglect application in exchange for information 
2. Slow to accept views of other 
3. Prideful due to knowledge 
4. May be legalistic and dogmatic 
5. Easily distracted by love of new interests 

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