​I’ve revisited this vid more than once for a deep reason but couldn’t figure out why. Now I realize its accepting reality of narcissistic sheeple’s lack of empathy for others, making humanity a rapidly deteriorating species headed towards extinction at a rapid pace. Remember the Mayans? Dinosaurs? Floods? Famine? Genocide? The Earth is alive enough to sustain the living flesh body of narcissists & being a living part of creation, she will heal itself by ridding the unsustainable, unhealthy species, diseased non-ascending unconscious plague that is humanity, from its skin through natural processes of mother nature.  There is a history of this cleansing process written in ancient texts, stones & designed into sacred architecture as Books in stone found all over this planet humanity calls home. Ignoring original truth, killing the messengers & repeating history is NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE during these end of days signs, revealing of evidence prepared for this generation over the course of human history, therefore it is the wise, awakened, conscious, empathic human that is seeking & finding answers to the deepest, most troubling questions humanity has been asking for thousands of years. The question is, who is focusing on the original truth in order to reach the hugher levels of conscious understanding? Thereby becoming ONE, unified with ALL of creation, with the intent to be a part of the VICTORIOUS as the result of leaving the sleeping, unconscious, narcissistic,   hypocritical, egotistical, soulless flesh zombie meat suits behind to continue suffering with liked minds on the lowest 3D matrix levels like themselves. Fear & ego vs love & peace..hmmm, what will the sovereign soul journey be like for those choosing the path most travelled vs the path we take, as awakened beings, less travelled? It’s becoming more & more of a comedy movie to those who see it the way it really is. We don’t care if most dinosaurs don’t like us. We’re here to wake sheeple up. Truth hurts, but fortunately it doesn’t care if you like it or not, it remains truth. Thank you JP for assisting creation, just by being your purpose of making sheeple  think. Patience is a work in progress for us who are the “black sheep” but we are rapidly growing into the AWAKENED MAJORITY. Thank you for sharing your powerful visions and dreams of a better world with all those of us who need support from like minds. You are appreciated! (Being thankful for the small things, this is how we are known from the sleepers. The homeless of Sidney Park, Columbia South Carolina USA thanks you too. Keep keepin it real:) We’re never alone, even though it may seem that way at times)

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