It’s difficult to remember the last time and last person I’ve had a “MEANINGFUL” discussion on REAL topics with substance with a normal, non-toxic human.  The most difficult medicine to swallow, speaking on behalf of those who are NOT narcissists, us the fact there is NO CURE for narcissism and even though there us so much hope a narc will change, the truth is they ONLY GET WORSE…so RUN…running as far as we can is the best end result, if you’re smart and want to remain sane ourselves.
ummmm, are these romper room children suppose to be the brilliant genius leaders of masses of people? REALLY? No wonder this planet is so sick and in need of serious healing. Throwing tantrums is NOT healing medicine in this Universal realm. This should be common sense and I can be sure the parents of children explain this, yet are hypocritically NOT following their own rules. No wonder we seem so peculiar and rebellious to the “NOT-SO-WISE” old people who refuse to change their ways. Sheeple in desperate need of a wake up call. Someone has to be the change necessary for healing. 



Omg.  its so painful and pointless to waste energy trying to wake a narcissist with a mirror expecting them to see the problem. Narcissists just don’t care about others, especially their own children. They see all beings as being subservient and it only gets worse with time. There are 3 things you can do to solve the problem (step 1. RUN. step 2.. RUN FASTER. step 3. REPEAT STEP 2)


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