La’Pasculitia Embalmed Girl Mannequin & My Story Synchronicity. 

ok, whaaaaaaat?? Im freakin wiggin out BIG TIME. First of all, the ending was KILLER! Absolutely INSANELY SCARY (and I LOVE SCARY)! How ironic is this (& these are true facts) 1. I look so much like her, in my younger years. 2. My biggest fear is spiders, which killed her and 3. my grandmother Eve-lyn died 2 days ago, was embalmed and 3 hours before I saw this vid I went to the funeral home where she now lays EMBALMED, to help my Mom do her hair, nails & makeup for the very last time. WTFUQ? This is most definitely a VERY MEMORABLE & IRONIC MOMENT! Synchronicity at its finest! Don’t believe me? Here’s the link to prove it…

Although most Chihuahua locals are convinced La Pacualita is actually a well preserved corpse, the Internet is full of explanations as to why that couldn’t possibly be true. The Museum of Hoaxes, for example, states that ” it would be impossible to embalm someone and have their flesh be preserved that perfectly. For some reason, people tend to think that it’s easier to preserve a body than it actually is”, while one commentator adds “Yeah, bodies really go bad pretty darned fast unless you take some rather heroic measures to keep them from doing so. Both Lenin and Mao have basically been renedered to a state much like rubber, and are kept under extrodinarily monitored conditions. Most of the stuff that undertakers and whatall do is with the aim of making the corpse look good until burial. Anything over a couple weeks, and things start going very, very bad. A taxidermist might manage something, but it ain’t gonna be pretty.” What do you think?


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