JULY 4th, 2017 Where is YOUR Focus?


Comments under vid: “We aspired to TRUTH, “WE” didnt belittle it!”

Who else focused on the IMPORTANT things on this day of JULY 4, 2017? EXACTLY (not many!) ! Sheeple hypocrites with egos/fear of the REAL TRUTH/NEWS.. original truth sets you free! WAKE UP & celebrate THAT!





July 4, 1831, James Monroe died from heart failure and tuberculosis at his daughter’s house in New York City. The fifth U.S. president had attempted to write an autobiography, but was unable to complete it as his health slowly deteriorated after his wife died the year before.

Thousands of mourners crowded the narrow New York City streets to see the 73-year-old’s hearse make its way to the family vault in Marble Cemete

With his death came an eerie coincidence that many people couldn’t ignore: Monroe had become the third president and Founding Father to die on the Fourth of July.

Five years earlier, on the “ANNA”-i–vers-ar-y (anniversary) of the Declaration of Independence, longtime friends and occasional rivals Thomas Jefferson and John Adams also died.

JULY 4th, 2017 Where is UR focus? Roman Catholics & “FIGHTING” for “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM”= on Earth? No Surprise!  

TRUE “Freedom” begins WITHIN..signed (w/ Love) A Master #22 Pleiadian Nordic Starseed from Columbia South Carolina USA (We RISE!)


I love music. What type of music a person chooses says alot about them, their mood and ppl in their circles. Country music ppl tend to grow up in that “good ol boy” town w/ little outside culture awareness, even though music is a way of experiencing cultures around the world. This is sad bc they  miss the opportunity to explore outside the box. There’s so much to experience, liking & disliking a variety of so many flavors .My point is , music can be used to diagnose a person and quickly determine if they are a narcissist. Happy, positive, Inspirational & balancing/peaceful tones really piss em off. Meditation is an alien term for them. Frequencies in nature are also effected. The whale uses tones in water to survive. Its a known fact that they are also protected by humans using sounds/tones. Groups in helicopters equipped w/ loud powerful sounds deter poachers by blasting certain tones/frequencies at them. They lose hearing, causing an imbalance, and it also effects mechanical/communication equipment to become disabled. They must disengage the whale or suffer the consequences.  This is the same reason for meditation tones, to balance/peace. Narcs demand imbalance, confusion & a slave that wont figure this out. Meditation is not common practice for these soulless flesh meat suits. Try it, play a meditation vid & blast it throughout the house. Or try playing the song “clap along song” by Pharell. (Link below)  It will drive em up the wall. So I made this song my favorite, just to get under the skin of narcs surrounding me all the time. 



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