PLEIADES=Starseeds (Welcome Home…)

Has this been you? Have you grown up feeling like you took a WRONG turn and ended up on the WRONG planet? 

Have you often wondered why you don’t seem to “fit in” ANYWHERE? 

Well, there’s GREAT NEWS! You’re NOT alone, you’ve NEVER been alone and you’re A LOT more “NORMAL” to those of us who are NOT OF THIS WORLD of confusion, chaos, war & darkness! 

It’s becoming more obvious to the world that there are very ancient souls in human bodies walking among fear mongering sheeple. Most of us, “peculiar ones,” were created to be “NOTW (Not of THIS World)” and many ancient starseed souls are searching for those who are siblings, knowing our origins, understanding our purpose and standing up as wayseers for those who’ve felt lost and seek answers. 

You aren’t a mistake! You are merely WAKING UP! If you weren’t a starseed, you simply wouldn’t be reading this right now. You’re on the path of AWAKENING! There are many ancient souls here to help. Welcome Home dear one.